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The best bit has to be when she says she’s been too busy focusing on the people of Chisholm to think about whether Xi Jinping is a dictator.

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Nahhhh we need to have a dialogue about the nigga who sold you them Shirley Chisholm glasses and lined that bum ass beard up..

Instrux update: Learning continues for four #Marlins prospects Details on Chisholm, Diaz, Harrison, Sanchez.

ARIEL PINK✨AP TBT, 2011✨We’ll be catching AP perform live along with Jennfier Herrema in Pioneertown (Pappy and Harriet’s) September 21✨📸:Angus Chisholm.

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My best friend changes her name from Chisholm to Chadderton on Saturday and as happy as I am, I wanted something to show how much she means to me forever. I know people say things like this all the time but I would be know where without my sister @JadeChisholmx.

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@GladysLiuMP Gladys, there is a lot of falsehoods being made by your opponents. They are doing it because you won Chisholm. Be strong. Be resolute. We are behind you fully!.

So - what’s everyone thoughts on outcomes if we see a by-election in Chisholm? #auspol.

Watch Question Time live from Canberra, where the Prime Minister has stood by under-fire Gladys Liu after the Member for Chisholm is questioned over alleged ties to a Chinese Government-linked organisation #auspol.

Shirley Chisholm was not just a member of Congress and a presidential contender. She was a brilliant political organizer who played a critical role in building coalitions that reshaped New York City politics. Reactionaries feared her, while reformers counted on her support..

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There have been some low points for the Blue Jays’ offence of late, writes Gregor Chisholm. Far too much swing and miss. Wednesday night was not one of those games..

I bet the people who supported Shirley Chisholm in 1972 didn’t regret supporting her even though she ultimately didn’t win..

Strewth: Gladys Liu is scheduled to give a speech called How the Coalition Won Chisholm to the Sydney Institute on Sep 25. We’re counting down the minutes until the Prime Minister’s office steps in and she suddenly becomes “unavailable” to attend..

Gladys Liu Says She Can’t Recall If She Is The Member For Chisholm.

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@murpharoo So when Is he sacking the Member for Chisholm Suppose his so excited showing off the plane To Donald does that come first Unnecessary plane we the tax payer paid for the name ,give. No indication it aus Government plane How embarrassing.

@smh 廖今天承认曾是广东对外交流协会的一员,但仍然强硬说 “我是一名自豪的澳大利亚人,致力于为奇瑟姆(Chisholm)选区人民热忱服务。任何与此截然相反的猜测都是[对我]深深的冒犯。”.

Community Manager Chanté is joined by special guest, Programmer Rob Chisholm for a fantastic Workshop Wonderland at 6PM UTC on !.

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The Melbourne seat of Chisholm should not be held by a CCP-affiliated politician. It must be held by someone with loyalty only to Aus. Labor is no use: it will put up a clone of Gladys Liu. Wanted: Community leader to win back Chisholm for Aus. EOI to.

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To think ASIO warned Turnbull about an event to be hosted by Liu yet after that Libs nominated Liu as candidate for Chisholm.

LNP @GladysLiuMP won Chisholm by the most slender of margins. If a by-election were to be held, likely Labor would win by running with Jennifer Yang again. #auspol.

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PM Scott Morrison is asked about the member for Chisholm Gladys Liu after reports about her ties to bodies linked to the Communist party #qt.

@abcnews So now she will stand aside for a new election in Chisholm? @GladysLiuMP.

I’m tired of the lying from Gladys Liu. We’re entitled to strong and honest representation in my electorate of Chisholm. When will this government of inaction announce the by-election that we deserve? Enough. #Auspol.

The best bit has to be when she says she’s been too busy focusing on the people of Chisholm to think about whether Xi Jinping is a dictator.

#Marlins prospects Jazz Chisholm and Ian Lewis on helping raise money for the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian..

Marlins Prospects Jazz Chisholm & Ian Lewis are at Marlins Park tonight helping with the club’s efforts in supporting the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian’s destruction. Both players are from there..

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#Marlins prospects and Bahamas natives Ian Lewis and Jazz Chisholm at Marlins Park. They’re raising money for Hurricane Dorian relief for the Bahamas..

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