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Sky News host Chris Kenny says the issues plaguing the BBC, such as it being “out of touch with mainstream concerns,” mirror similar issues facing Australia’s ABC.

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ky News host Chris Kenny says it is essential for the Melbourne to Sydney railway “to be reliable at good speeds and be safe,” following a recent trail derailment which led to two tragic deaths.

Russell Hayward ()

@SkyNewsAust @GretaThunberg Oh dear, does Chris Kenny really think these women are talking to him?

Super Ace Gamer Brand Community ()

@TheEZRider I feel accomplished after meeting Monica Rial, SomecalledmeJohnny, and the Runaway Guys in real life. If I get a chance, I will love to meet Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho one day. :)

Rob tee ()

@SkyNewsAust @GretaThunberg Chris Kenny doesn’t like to think. Its tiring and dangerous. Imagine if he had independent thoughts. Maybe he’d realise that vomiting Murdochs bile is not what independent thinkers do.

Sky News Australia ()

Sky News host Chris Kenny says he doesn’t “want to be told what to think by a teenage @GretaThunberg, nor do I want to be lectured by a 19-year-old right-wing equivalent,” on climate issues.

💧 jessielange ()

Your voice is your own. You’re entitled to it. As is Chris Kenny. When you talk about diverse cultural respect, save some respect from the diverse whites: Italian, Danish. Dutch etc. even Aboriginals are diverse. They have their own countries

Isaacfloyd ()

@SkyNewsAust And Chris Kenny is pitching his message his program to middle aged ill-informed Australians.

Griptread ()

Chris Kenny watches The Project?* * for research 😉

Duchess Frida (aka Deb) ()

What a dilemma! Lyle Shelton asks us to believe an article in The Australian (behind a Murdoch pay-wall, of course) written by Chris Kenny. Pass! Waleed Aly and @theprojecttv are attempting to inform an audience that might not get ‘news’ from any other source. Well done!

Jo ()

@Peter_Fox59 @SkyNewsAust You do realize that Chris Kenny’s show is about the media don’t you ? It’s called Kenny On Media . Complaining about him attacking certain media is akin to complaining about Media Watch doing their job. 😳

Kenny Aldrich ()

@coL_AliasV My 12 yr old daughter is currently in her room SURROUNDED by boxes of cards forming jank decks that will only ever work against a dad who only cares about how happy it makes her. As a procreater, dear Chris, please, I beg you to never have kids. (Doubt it will be an issue)

Terry Sweetman ()

Chris Kenny appropriating the word *woke* is like me wearing skinny half-mast jeans and pointy shoes.


Top 10 Favorite Wrestlers of All Time: 1. Jeff Hardy 2. Kenny Omega 3. Kota Ibushi 4. Rob Van Dam 5. Shinsuke Nakamura 6. Tommy End/Aleister Black 7. AJ Styles 8. Chris Sabin 9. Low Ki 10. Taiji Ishimori

Anthony Egan ()

I trust Peta Credlin, Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Paul Murray, Chris Kenny etc will be given adequate packages David Speers departed to the ABC just in time 📺

Scott Matla ()

@MarcPDumont @AZadarski Chris Terry and Peter Holland can do it! Kenny Agostino and Michael Chaput can do it! Riley Barber and Phil Varone can do it! Charles Hudon and X can do it!

💧Denise Allen 🐨🐨🐨🐝🐝 ()

@SkyNewsAust Sky News host Chris Kenny is “unashamedly ignorant, pitching his program and what he calls news at the ill-informed, politically ignorant, RWNJs. There, I fixed it for you. #auspol #MSM

💧The Angry Goddess ()

LOLs Chris Kenny the dog f*cker has his knickers in a twist over the young not tuning in to him 😂😂

💧bashi hazard ()

@SkyNewsAust Wait a minute! I thought Chris Kenny was all for free speech? Or is it just freely stupid speech?

Trevor Smith ()

@grumpyMichael @SkyNewsAust Yep remember when Chris Kenny spent two whole days posting 94 tweets and retweets attacking charity worker Father Bob McGuire. He’s Australian media’s biggest hypocrite.

Johnson Von Trapp ()

Every now and then the name Chris Kenny pops up as trending in Australia. When I check to remind myself who he or she is it is really fucking disappointing. The media really like morons acting as experts. #auspol

Tony Lomas ()

Chris Kenny calls The Project “ill-informed then goes on to defend Bettina Arndt. He really is a knuckle

Allan Green ()

#auspol Was this Angus Taylor Scott Morrison or Josh Frydenberg in a past life??😄😄😄😄 Maybe Chris Kenny could tell us?? #Climatechange

Brian troy ()

@jackbollocks I doubt very much that Chris Kenny would ever have applied for a job at the ABC. ( Fortunately, because we are now able to have regular unbiased reports of their continuous left wing crap ).

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AEW News – Chris Jericho in New York City (Video), Kenny Omega to Japan

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Ivan Hecimovic ()

@Peter_Fox59 @SkyNewsAust You can smell the fear...the fear of the likes of Chris Kenny who is nothing but a muppet for keeping the conservative status quo, starts attacking news sources that do not conform to the same propaganda.

Marcellus Wallace ()

Chris Kenny is really not the best person to speak about obsessions. K9 love aside, he is totally obsessed with trying to make make the #ABC the boogey man, which would equate with trying to sell the notion that public holidays are bad. #auspol

Jayke Luland ()

@SkyNewsAust - I have no issue with Waleed Aly giving his opinion of what Australia needs to do to combat climate change. I do have an issue with Chris Kenny cheerleading US Foreign Policy from 2001 to the present. He attacks Obama from the Neocon right in this piece.

Sky News Australia ()

The push to strip men’s rights activist Bettina Arndt of her Order of Australia over comments she made about murdered mother Hannah Clarke and her three children has devolved “into a nasty pile on, says Sky News host Chris Kenny.

Sky News Australia ()

Sky News host Chris Kenny says the issues plaguing the BBC, such as it being “out of touch with mainstream concerns,” mirror similar issues facing Australia’s ABC.

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