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Someone needs to remind Chris Uhlmann that the research is showing that the problem with coronavirus isn’t just that it kills people - it also permanently MAIMS people, leaving sufferers with long term health problems. Either we control it or it controls us, love. #auspol

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TwoEyeHead👀 ()

If you want to know why Chris Uhlmann comes across as such an obnoxious pr!ck

🇦🇺Marth from Victoriastan🇦🇺🌺🌷🌺 🇦🇺
🇦🇺Marth from Victoriastan🇦🇺🌺🌷🌺 🇦🇺 ()

@RMurtgh Chris Uhlmann’s article was published in the Sydney Morning Herald which is definitely not owned by Murdoch and is in fact left leaning … also Chris leans left and he’s married to Gai Brodtmann, a former Labor MP… hardly RWNJ’s

🇦🇺Marth from Victoriastan🇦🇺🌺🌷🌺 🇦🇺
🇦🇺Marth from Victoriastan🇦🇺🌺🌷🌺 🇦🇺 ()

If they are decent Labor MP’s, they wld join the Libs and they wld rid us of this lying megalomaniac now … as Chris Uhlmann put it: “Dan Andrews has destroyed the village to save it”

Mobs ()

@noplaceforsheep Watching @CUhlmann revelling in the sheer majestic joy of being Chris Uhlmann,is one of life’s funniest moments for it keeps delivering

🐨🦇🎀💧Angry Granny
🐨🦇🎀💧Angry Granny ()

@rachelbaxendale @CUhlmann Hi Rachel, this is a FAR better still applies today.

Lord - Sir Thomas Wynn
Lord - Sir Thomas Wynn ()

#auspol Virginia Trioli says: A #covid study has revealed long term, chronic health problems in otherwise healthy, young patients, with more yet to be revealed - all of which is a massive, long-term drain on the economy and the workforce. Model that, Chris Uhlmann!

Keith Fernanndez
Keith Fernanndez ()

@smh Chris Uhlmann a morally bankrupt commentator who lost his relevance years ago and his opinion amounts to nothing these days.

Lesley Steedman
Lesley Steedman ()

@JmarrMarr Found this quote from a Crickey article on Chris Uhlmann from it’s appropriate for @ABC now ‘State-run public broadcaster can always fall into being: an arm of the state, with sycophantic staffers seeing their mission as nothing other than PR for the government of the day’

Punt Road’s Scholar
Punt Road’s Scholar ()

‘Of the 816 Australian deaths the vast majority, 606, were in residential aged care. So if you are going to throw a ring of steel around anything it should be around aged care homes, not Melbourne.’ — Chris Uhlmann, SMH

David Milner
David Milner ()

I reckon given that Chris Uhlmann is getting savagely owned for his words on the same day people are being really nice to me about my words we should swap salaries for the day

Jan lefty-thug
Jan lefty-thug ()

Just accidentally started reading a Chris Uhlmann article that Apple news put up. I know we already know this, but I just have to a fvcking C Untmann

Bernie Davis
Bernie Davis ()

@LaTrioli If we take the “let it rip” track that Uhlmann and the conservative and religious elites in OZ advocate can I, as someone over 65, at least get to choose my time to go? I would rather go under my terms than die Chris’s excruciating Covid death, sacrificed for the economic good.

💧Elizabeth Marr
💧Elizabeth Marr ()

Rundle: the ABC should dump political editor Chris Uhlmann Written in 2017 this excellent article from Crikey tells us what the problem with Uhlmann really is

James One
James One ()

This article by Chris Uhlmann is total bullshit and he knows it. Unlike some other RWNJ commentators, Chris should know better than this, to blatantly trick stupid people with numbers comparing to the Spanish Flu, that had no lockdown and very crude PPE!

Ben ()

@vanbadham Not a fan of Chris he is going off like Mark Latham. He will probably get worse over the years and end up running for One Nation.

Termy Cornall
Termy Cornall ()

STEMLORD to Chris Uhlmann: fuck off with both your garbage analysis & your garbage brain

ann schofield
Ann schofield ()

@CUhlmann Be quiet Chris Uhlmann because this is partisan point scoring #ThisIsNotJournalism

Robbie ()

@3AW693 tom, are you. neil mitchell and Chris Uhlmann fighting over who gets to make out with your boss peter costellos arse, the amount of liberal party arse kissing you 3 do is pathetic

Constitutional Nobody
Constitutional Nobody ()

Chris Uhlmann’s MSM Broadside Into Victoria’s Totalitarianism Vindicates Discerning Citizens

Ella Lee
Ella Lee ()

Hopefully there’ll soon be a reckoning for mediocre, dishonest MSM hacks like Chris Uhlmann and his ilk, who only exist to serve the LNP and their unethical employers. Coronavirus Australia: Has COVID-19 made us complacent with authoritarianism? h

💧🌱 📑🏭GΛDGΣƬ #StayAtHome 🌊🏳️‍🌈
💧🌱 📑🏭GΛDGΣƬ #StayAtHome 🌊🏳️‍🌈 ()

@smh Chris Uhlmann, Right to life, also Chris Uhlmann, Grandma should die for the economy.

Bad Media AU
Bad Media AU ()

Ad hominem attack of a public figure masquerading as informed opinion by Chris Uhlmann. #auspol #thisisnotjournalism

Matthew Toohey
Matthew Toohey ()

@JoshBBornstein Excuse me while I go and bleach my eyeballs to rid them of that image ... Also, Chris Uhlmann as the love child of Paul Kelly and Adam Creighton is both temporally and biologically impossible. #smallmercies

Basic Income
Basic Income ()

Weirdo with a weird conception of destruction. Chris Uhlmann #9news

QueerRevolution ()

@cioccolanti In time we will look back and think WOW Chris Uhlmann really was a selfish twat!

💧Hilary Cadman
💧Hilary Cadman ()

@TonyKoc69285191 @BelindaJones68 Chris Uhlmann is a commentator, not a reporter, and is rabidly anti-renewables. He should go back to just playing songs on morning radio where he can do less harm

Michael Thomson
Michael Thomson ()

Good article expressing views that I share. Many are villifying Chris Uhlmann for writing it. Victoria is responsible for the biggest failure in Public Administration in Australian history yet there are many who defend Dan Andrews to the bitter end. We are a very divided society.

Van Badham
Van Badham ()

Someone needs to remind Chris Uhlmann that the research is showing that the problem with coronavirus isn’t just that it kills people - it also permanently MAIMS people, leaving sufferers with long term health problems. Either we control it or it controls us, love. #auspol

Richard Cooke
Richard Cooke ()

Why is it right-to-life types who are so invested in the duty of death? Chris Uhlmann previously ran as an anti-euthanasia candidate.

The Sydney Morning Herald
The Sydney Morning Herald ()

This disease has revealed the character of our leaders and hammered home some uncomfortable truths about us as a people, writes Chris Uhlmann

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