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Well GA “christian conservatives,” you can vote for a congenital liar who had 4 kids from 4 different women, raised none of them, put a gun to the head of the woman he was cheating on, then a knife to her throat, paid for 2 abortions, denied both; or vote for a christian pastor..

I’ve been trying to tell y’all for a very long time that the Christian right is a well-funded, highly organized movement with deep connections to the highest echelons of power.

If you’re the type of person who is relieved your son is just a mass murderer and not a homosexual, you’re not the Christian you think you are..

@WorstSamaritan @Bringlydingle I’m a Christian myself & its gotten so bad that seeing someone with Christian in their bio is now a red flag to me..


As the World Cup is now underway, a Christian charity is encouraging churches to host creative outreach events throughout the tournament. @CIS_UK says churches can use match screenings as an opportunity to reach their communities..

@FROzenLiberal If she’s also a Republican Christian make this into a Christmas card for her! 😊.

Christian Photo,Christian Photo by Ghost of VeraC 👻,Ghost of VeraC 👻 on twitter tweets Christian Photo

Remember, good things come to those who wait. 11. 23. 22. Stay tuned! #ForTheREPVBLIC ❤️ Caption: Christian Barrameda | Research & Publication Publicity Material: Dave Gabrielle de Leon | Publicity & Creatives (4/4).

@JRD0000 #Sweden Iman of Muslim council of Ireland-When majority Islamic population is reached,Sharia law, becomes the dominant law,under these terms Christian & Jews in the country,may still conduct religious business. Community takeover,never cede,act of Jihad expected each muslim..

@RandallSPQR @EsotericCD The hilarity of reading tweets of a bunch of Christians saying they are Stoics is too painful. These people are pretty clearly illiterate. Thank you for the link to De Rerum Natura. Stoicism is utterly opposed metaphysically to Christian transcendentalism..

@Profdilipmandal Bhai saab humare pita kothe pe nhi gye par aap ke pita jarur wha sarangi bajate hoge, 1000 saal ke muslim aur christian ke sasan mein aap kya kr rhe the?.

@delilahluv19 @scr1blez Yes. I only know Johnny Sins (my biological father). I am a TRUEBLOOD Christian, and would never ever sin.

@elonmusk @SamHarrisOrg Peak decadence of larping as a Christian while wearing a devil-worshiper armor. Also, you are not Andrew Torba.

@tolepainter56 @OwlGoddess2 Well If it isn’t the Christian calling others judgemental. Sit down Cheryl.

Ashley and Christian are such supportive friends lmaoo no matter wtf I do them bitches always make sure I know its a go from them😭😭😂.

@Ogrepilled Christian crying about the caste system which was even praised by the Christian missionaries themselves..

Significant portion of Sarawakian are Christians ,PNs boss has openly mocked them claiming Christian’s to be allied with Jews to control Malaysia such a silly baseless allegation,insane xenophobia,GPS leaders can be that foolish to think such a man is gonna help them ..

@KazeemA70699797 Yeah in Nigeria churches for him been the only christian presidential candidate..

@priest_rebel Happy to hear it, but I wonder what percentage of the Scottish population follow traditional Christian teaching. 1%? My guess is rather less than that..

@LilaGraceRose As a strait women who loves my husband, there’s also nothing wrong with supporting other people in love regardless of gender. Being hateful because your Christian is still being hateful..

@yongkyhartanto_ @vip_siskaeee mampus dahhh, maemnya pangsit sama bakso doang ga suka kulineran maapkan ak mb siska 😂.

@PhunkRoyaI Oh verdammt, das muss ich unbedingt noch nachschauen :D Demnächst muss ich mich wohl wegen akuter Pokemon-Sucht krankmelden :D.

@Qdpaper2 Preserve your cry till 2023. By the way, where is your MURIC and why has he been quiet. Is it because Tinubu got APC ticket and not PYO. Let’s see if any Yoruba Christian will vote BAT.

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Christian Minnie #北京 Christ Galbraith #临沂 Barret Hughes.

Christian Photo,Christian Photo by 实 体 门 店 南京/重庆/济南/保定/淄博/福州/太原/天津/南通/上海/深圳/北京,实 体 门 店 南京/重庆/济南/保定/淄博/福州/太原/天津/南通/上海/深圳/北京 on twitter tweets Christian Photo

@tkdylan It’s like limiting the worship of Muslims in Christian lands. We then lose the freeness of speech when Muslims limit Christian worship in their own lands..

Four decades of Leftist-Feminazi propaganda has turned the mangalasutra into a manacle. The bindi has morphed into a bullet. Kumkum has been equated with cancer. Bangles invite the Biblical wrath in Christian schools and colleges. -- My latest piece. 🛕🕉️.

Misguided by Dravidian Leaders & Christian Missionaries. This is their ploy to divide North Indians & South Indians. Hope @narendramodi ji succeeds in his ambition of uniting all 150 crore Indians. I request everyone to kick out these divisive elements from any & every gathering..

Heeresgeschichtliches Museum: Direktor Christian Ortner mit Mobbing_Vorwürfen konfrontiert:.

I’m off to bed but 🕊🦌M♥A♥R♥A♥N♥A♥T♥H♥A.

@kloppfc24 Are you allowed to practice Islam, despite it leading to terrorism ? Perhaps all the mosques should be closed and you made to go to christian churches.

@ChrisLillebjorn @BihlWinum Hvad kalder jeg dig for, helt præcis? Peg det lige ud for mig. Jeg har holdninger til din adfærd, jeg tillægger dig ikke egenskaber på samme måde, som du tillægger Christin og mig. “Dobbeltmoral” er simpelt hen for dovent og dumt, Christian. Tag dig sammen..

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