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BREAKING: Christopher Pyne on @10NewsFirst says Tony Abbott has more than likely lost his seat with primary vote too low Right now, Zali Steggall leads 2PP vote by 62-38 #warringahvotes #10yourvote.

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Former Liberal MP Christopher Pyne said if there was one policy that cost labor the election it was definitely their retirees tax on #QandA. #UJELP19.

Christopher Pyne, not all of us care only about our hip pockets and vote accordingly #qanda.

Lets enjoy the LAST TIME we have to deal with Christopher Pyne! His slime trail will live on forever. #qanda.

Christopher Pyne looks and sounds like he’s had a big bender of a weekend. #QandA.

Christopher Pyne and Alan Jones are dipshits and they shoulde be removed from the panel. #QandA.

On tonights episode of #qanda Jim Chalmers: Shadow Minister for Finance Christopher Pyne: Former Liberal MP Alice Workman: Political reporter, The Australian Ming Long: Business leader Alan Jones: Radio Broadcaster #UJELP19.

Can’t do #QandA this week. Can’t stomach the smugness of Christopher Pyne and Allan Jones. I’m read a book instead.

@JeremyPoxon Christopher Pyne unhinged and free to comment is gonna be interesting.

Thank you Christopher Pyne for your service to this great country 🇦🇺.

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@riktheozfrog @abcnews Getup spent $28m for her JOB. Now she delusions or grandeur. 🤣🤣. (3 years x $6 Payroll for a few, plus $10m this year. ) >Christopher Pyne admits asking GetUp! to help stave off Tony Abbott >Also slime bag Fotios NSW LNP rumoured donated Getup to rid Abbott b/cs of Malcolm..

After a shock win on Saturday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison will need to decide who will serve in his cabinet after a string of high-profile resignations including Julie Bishop, Christopher Pyne and Kelly O’Dwyer..

GOOD News Rob Oakeshott RS, Kerryn Phelps-Julia banks- Brian Burston & Derryn Hinch gone. Julie Bishop -Christopher Pyne- Craig Laundy. Gone, Thank God for that Bad news Greens Sarah Hanson Young gets back in. Fair Dinkum Stupidity has no bounds.

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Christopher Pyne just asked “is it time for a wine?” and I’m done. #10YourVote #ausvotes.

We are aspirational [ie, greedy], not redistributive [ie, fair]. Christopher Pyne.

“I would like to particularly thank Christopher Pyne. Those are enormous shoes to fill.”.

On channel 10 Christopher Pyne makes a strong point that the Libs are heading for majority government..

@MartiHawks Well; Ch7 has Michaeliar Cash 🤮 Ch9 has Julie Bishop🤮 Ch10 has Christopher Pyne 🤮 Ch2 has Penny Wong.😺 So ABC it is ✅.

Christopher Pyne on TEN says we will not have a clear result tonight. #AusVotes2019 #10YourVote.

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Christopher Pyne on our special election coverage panel: “Tony Abbott appears to have lost his seat. Unless there’s a very significant turnaround.” #10YourVote.

Christopher Pyne says that Abbott is a 'conviction based politician and Waleed Aly retorts except his convictions keep changing, especially on climate change lol #auspol.

BREAKING: Christopher Pyne on @10NewsFirst says Tony Abbott has more than likely lost his seat with primary vote too low Right now, Zali Steggall leads 2PP vote by 62-38 #warringahvotes #10yourvote.

Christopher Pyne is on Channel 10 signing and dancing so that’s wonderful #ausvotes.

A highly enjoyable piece by the great @cpyne #ausvotes #democracysausage.

If you’d like a cheeky insight on the role of superstitions & crazy rituals in political campaigns that will make you laugh and think seriously, @cpyne hasn’t held back in a delightful little op-ed for @10Daily this morning..

@RhondaForbes Depending on electorate? But Christopher Pyne known to printout liberal Membership & give to Getaway. Know he & Tony had a fallout about it. & wouldn’t put it past .,...

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