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What horribly unattractive people Ciarran and Timm turned out to be. Wow. #BachelorInParadiseAU

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ElizabethR ()

If there’s one positive that’s come from the second wave, it’s knowing that TimM and #Ciarran ghosted their ‘loved ones’, packed up, moved to Melbourne and now have a curfew 😂😂😂 #BachelorInParadiseAU

Maxibon ()

My favourite thing about #BachelorInParadiseAU is that Timm & Ciarran clearly went on to build their brands but their toxic personalities destroyed them 😌

🌏 Rhiannon Smith
🌏 Rhiannon Smith ()

The story Channel 10 decided to tell tonight, that Ciarran can lie, gaslight, and demonstrate worryingly abusive behaviours without any onscreen consequences, demonstrates just how far Aust has to go in representations of men, and how they treat women. #BachelorInParadiseAU


This season of #BachelorInParadiseAU has made me physically ill but I’m glad it’s over. @oshergunsberg please never put another Ciarran on TV ever again. Please.

Kirsty Webeck
Kirsty Webeck ()

Rumour has it Ciarran lives in my suburb. If I pass him during our government sanctioned exercise, I promise I’ll furrow my brow at him over my mask. #BachelorInParadiseAU

Aliza ()

Things were simpler at the beginning of this season. Ciarran was a good guy, the bro code was something of fantasy and the phrase ‘cleanskin’ didn’t exist #BachelorInParadiseAU

Lisa Lemon 🍋💛
Lisa Lemon 🍋💛 ()

Geez if Ciarran went on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ to improve his image I think it completely backfired on him. 101 of marketing mate, have a product worth marketing first! Just made himself look like a total douchebag! #BachelorInParadiseAU

Thesinglemillennial ()

@BachParadiseAU How embarrassed would Kiki be if she was actually still with Ciarran though?! Girlfriend, you dodged a feral British bullet! #BachelorInParadiseAU #BIP

Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown ()

Suddenly Ciarran and Timmmm’s mysogynistic behaviour makes Jamie seem half-normal 😆#BachelorInParadiseAU

Get Ur Mask On
Get Ur Mask On ()

I wish they’d just ended the whole series by yeeting Ciarran into the sea. #BachelorInParadiseAU

Andrew Masters
Andrew Masters ()

Matt and Renee finished their perfect day in the perfect way: by stringing Ciarran up in a tree and beating him like a piñata #BachelorInParadiseAU

Drazmemes ()

These speeches are scripted for sure otherwise Ciarran would’ve just said “yeah i reckon we could shag once more innit before i move onto me next bird” #BachelorInParadiseAU

Rosie Waterland
Rosie Waterland ()

I dated a guy like Ciarran when I was 21. At a party once, I waited in my room for him to finish making out with his girlfriend just outside my door. He cheated on me too, but still convinced me to give him head the last time I saw him. Every woman has a #CiarranSurvivalStory

Kira ()

So ciarran and timm both ghosted the women they were with weeks after they convinced them to leave with them? What a coincidence #BachelorInParadiseAU

Georg ()

Ciarran wanted to avoid public humiliation by leaving with Kiki early, but sadly, he then dyed his hair neon pink #BachelorInParadiseAU

Sharna ()

Ciarran is a toxic gaslighter. Women need to stay away from d*ckheads like him! This was the perfect opportunity to highlight DV #BachelorInParadiseAU

anna spargo-ryan stays inside
Anna spargo-ryan stays inside ()

Maybe Ciarran broke up with Kiki to pursue a relationship with his new haircut #BachelorInParadiseAU

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Drazmemes ()

Yeah no shit. Now @Channel10AU can we please stop trying to normalise toxic pieces of shit like Ciarran? #BachelorInParadiseAU

Bachiegurlbachieworld ()

Another narcissist tidbit: Ciarran truly believes that he’s in the right because he only thinks of himself. He’s truly incapable at the moment of thinking of anyone else. Often narcissists have a hard time recovering as they never see their own faults #bachelorinparadiseau

Bachiegurlbachieworld ()

Anyone who didn’t understand why Renee was so traumatized talking to Ciarran in paradise initially should understand it tonight. She probably didn’t want to have to deal with any more of the gaslighting or the bullshit that we are away at her sense of self. #BachelorInParadiseAU

Kaz ()

Ciarran: “I don’t know how to use instagram” Also ciarran: “yeah I was speaking with Kiki on Instagram before the show” #BachelorInParadiseAU

Kristie Muses
Kristie Muses ()

Can we take a moment to acknowledge Renee and Ciarran agreed to be on #bachelorinparadiseau while they were still together

Channel 10
Channel 10 ()

Ciarran chasing after that ring #BachelorInParadiseAU

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Disgruntled Pelican
Disgruntled Pelican ()

How much do you bet producers told Ciarran & Kiki to do the Baywatch run & model poses seriously & told them they looked amazing but actually when the production team looked at the rushes later that night they were all pissing themselves #BachelorInParadiseAU

Nicole A
Nicole A ()

I really enjoyed my dinner tonight but I almost saw it again seeing that footage of Ciarran running in slow motion while wearing those yellow swimmers 🤢 #BachelorInParadiseAU

𝐃𝐲𝐥𝐚𝐧 𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐰𝐬
𝐃𝐲𝐥𝐚𝐧 𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐰𝐬 ()

Instead of saying “will you accept this rose?” I want Ciarran to ask Keke “do you love #BachelorInParadiseAU

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Patrick Lenton
Patrick Lenton ()

Ciarran sucks so hard he is basically a tattooed Dyson @Brocklesnitch is in a very manic and excellent form this recap lol

Georgia Love
Georgia Love ()

What horribly unattractive people Ciarran and Timm turned out to be. Wow. #BachelorInParadiseAU

Rosie Waterland
Rosie Waterland ()

Omg so last night it was funny that Ciarran was the worst and a fucboi but he is toxic and terrible and this is a great lesson for all women watching: you are not any man’s property. Ever. #BachelorInParadiseAU

Rosie Waterland
Rosie Waterland ()

We have all been collectively fucboi’d by Ciarran. A mass fucboi-ing. Let’s all drink some wine, get tested and do it all again because we learned nothing. #BachelorInParadiseAU

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