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James Sicily was the ranked Hawk after moving back to defence (53 points). Put the magnets away Clarko. #SuperCoach #AFLHawksDons.

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@superfooty @chriscavanagh1 Being a Hawk supporter, I - and many of my fellow members - weren’t happy with Stratt’s actions. But reading the comments, I think his only problem is a lack of perspective in the community. Suspension? GTFOH. $2k fine, and Clarko telling him to cut the shit, that’ll do..

@TomBrowne7 Clarko is hardly a credible barometer of good behaviour Tom. This is not a one-off for Stratton yet no one at the club thought to educate the imbecile that his behaviour was unacceptable? What you walk past you condone!.

Clarko has cited a disconnect between his side’s midfield and forward line as a key reason for its loss on Friday night. 😓 📝:.

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Hawthorn’s ball use going inside-50 against Essendon was something coach Alastair Clarkson had an issue with..

Footy’s meant to be fun. We’re seeing hyper outrage week after week. Stratton’s situations pretty straight forward? Good guy, overstepped modern mark, will cop a fine, and clarko - who is a highly credible barometer - will quietly counsel him this weekend. Fairly straight forward.

This is why I love Clarko. We as fans get easily frustrated week in and week out about small things. He doesn’t. His eyes are always on the long game..

Clarko: It’ll be tough to make the finals from here. But it’s not necessarily about that for us. It’s about silverware for us - that can happen either very quickly for us or it might take some time..

Clarko: We’re in an exploration phase at the moment in a sense. We need to work out what the shape and structure in our front end looks like..

@HawthornFC Will Clarko finally admit throwing club legends on the scrape heap whilst persisting with a game plan which doesn’t respect contested ball is having an affect on our once great club!.

Clarko: We’ve been finding it difficult to kick a score. We tried something different putting Sis forward. We want him at both ends obviously but we couldn’t really give him a good look tonight..

😂 @AFL media’s first question to Clarko focussed on a positive. Wouldn’t have been that theme to Woosha if Essendon lost, eh, @TomBrowne7?.... #AFLDonsHawks.

Clarko: They have two All Australian defenders. That’s a difficult thing for any side to have to cope with but to score at the efficiency we did tonight just wasn’t good enough..

Clarko: I think we played into their hands going forward, especially early. That meant we weren’t able to put the scoreboard pressure on that we probably should have..

Clarko: I’m glad we fought it out but we just lacked a bit of composure at key times tonight..

Clarko: It was a really even game between two sides for the most part. But unfortunately we couldn’t match them in the third to make it a really competitive game..

Childish and a really bad look. Quite disgusting really. See his bruising? Just ridiculous- Clarko should stand him down as captain for a week..

@FOXFOOTY Appalling role modelling from the captain to his team. Clarko letting it happen, disappointing..

@HawthornFC I’d like a comment from Clarko on Stratts this is the root of what we’re not focused on! Feel sorry for Poppy flying the flag for a group that doesn’t believe. Essendon only lived off our mistakes and that’s what’s really disappointing! Bruest, Sicily playing like third rate?.

Enjoy the rebuild ya flogs. What club great gets traded next? Gunston, Breust or Clarko? #pinchypinchy.

@HawthornFC Yes. Does Clarko think it is appropriate for our captain to be pinching opposition players when we need his leadership on the field.

James Sicily was the ranked Hawk after moving back to defence (53 points). Put the magnets away Clarko. #SuperCoach #AFLHawksDons.

Watched half an hour of tonight’s game. Hawks are a shadow of their former selves. Should be able to prize Clarko out of there. No worries..

Clarko is one of the best coaches of all time. BUT why play you best intercept mark as the deepest forward?!?! Sicily had 3-4 intercept marks and went from the 3rd lowest to 4th highest #supercoach point scorer for Hawks in half a agree? Or disagree? #AFLDonsHawks.

Clarko V BombsAway tonight me thinks Clarko has a surprise up his sleeve to put the Bombers away for good this season he’s been very confident all week time will tell.

@s_chambo O’Brien forward, I reckon, but obviously you never know what Clarko will do. Bombers would be thrilled if Sicily went forward!.

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