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AFL clubs have received a memo: - Each club to play a practice match from March 2-5 - Clubs can opt to hold a match simulation/training with another club on weekend Feb 25-26 - AFL fixture to be released by the end of next week @7NewsMelbourne.

The AFL is on the verge of announcing a game to celebrate all cultures. Will be played between an Indigenous All-Stars v World line-up including players from multicultural backgrounds. February is the most likely slot on the eve of the season.

The only blemish on Nathan Cleary’s resume at age 25 is the Dally M Medal, finishing third in 2020 and second in 2021 🤔 Is he on track to become the GOAT? STORY: ✍ @Eamonn_Tiernan.

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Fantastic show last night by @FPWAsylum ! Great crew and a great show put on! 👀 on FPWA!.

@Beck_Sall @ClareCraigPath Cleary ethics is a forgotten aspect of science these.

The independent investigation into claims of racism at Hawthorn was meant to be complete by Christmas. Will now push into 2023.

Nicho Hynes: One year at halfback - 1 Dally M medal Nathan Cleary: Several years at halfback - 0 Dally M medals Debunked your GOAT discussion in one tweet..

15 strikeouts for @Cleary_11 In complete control. Sad to see the one hit given up in the 7th..

@AdamHux2 We need to push back and hate on Cleary because the media compares him to greats of the game. Great point, well made.

THIS RIGHT HERE is why it is necessary for anyone and everyone to do everything they can to hate on Cleary. This is what we need to push back against. This is fucked.

@buitengebieden Nathan Cleary a top of JT and or Joey….source Fox League *accurate portrayal.

Cleary about tickle these New Orleans keys. Gotsta know ⁦@jonclearymusic⁩.

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Cleary hockey wins their 4th straight, as they beat Eastern Michigan 10-3 Levi Herauf, Aden Michael, and Ben Gledhow each had 2 goals, while Liam Kocur picked up his 1st win of the season Cleary is back in action Saturday evening at 8:30 PM at 140 Ice Den.

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@suthodan Twitter: I am going to cry until my throat is sore to make sure everyone knows Cleary is Shit. Panthers Twitter: Why though?.

I feel like Bulldogs fans are NEVER happy with whoever we sign. “Why the fuck did we sign him for.” “Why are we paying so much.” We could go and sign Tedesco and Cleary and fans will still find a reason to be miserable. Like fuck..

Yall cleary missed the 1st 100 chapters of JJK of Kenjaku being scared of Gojo and needing a complex plan just to seal him. Kenjaku is no where near Gojo and Sukuna level.

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The whole thing with “Cleary becoming a GOAT” is a complete crop of shit. The bloke is in his mid 20’s and in the prime of his career. Don’t try and rile people against him. I’m not the biggest Nathan fan but I believe this form of ‘journalism’ is gutter and provokes outrage….

@cleary_mitch Of course it has. Will be continued to be push back and swept under the carpet, all while afl trying to fix image by having and holding gimmicks to show they genuinely care before the findings are released..

In the Last Post Ceremony for 3 December 2022, we remember and pay tribute to Lance Corporal Leo Stanley Thomas Cleary and his service in the Second World War. A recording of this ceremony is available:.

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@TheOfficerTatum Love the victimhood mentality of a LeChina James. You can cleary see the man is not even participating with mob. He all way in the back being a onlooker. Victimhood mentality is one hell of a mental illness..

Kinda disappointing Amazon didn’t run an @adamjones985 segment in the pre game video.

Waiting for the Patriots defense to force Josh Allen and the Bills to punt #TNF #BUFvsNE.

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@cleary_mitch @7NewsMelbourne The supercoach community knows it is Gawndy, always has been, always will be.

I just removed this tag bc I cleary failed my mission with last chapter lmaooo 💀.

Fried Frank and Cleary Gottlieb are the latest major law firms to announce year-end bonuses for associates, handing out extra pay ranging up to $115,000 for junior lawyers..

Charcoal siding with a Black roof and trim is a great color combination if you’re looking for your building to have a sleek, contemporary style. This storage building measures 36’ x 56’ x 14’. Check out other Cleary building styles at this link:.

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@Feather_Chelle Little House on the Prairie, Judy Blume’s books, Ramona books by Beverly Cleary, Disney books, and Little Golden books. 🥰🥰.

@3435mom @unbridledmd Exactly! That was my first thought as well. A DR recommended a shot she Cleary thought was dangerous for herself and family..

@smegglesdhdh @WestsLifePod It’s all well documented that Cleary told Moses he was not the priority and that led to him leaving..

SEN 1116
SEN 1116

An Indigenous All-Star side versus a World and multicultural line-up? Mitch Cleary says it could happen as a one-off in February! @SENSportsday | #AFL.

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