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Nancy Pelosi just released her radical climate change agenda—written by Democrats and for China. · It punishes the American economy · Gives China a free pass to pollute · Wasn’t debated once by Members of Congress

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Neekhil Neetij Prasad🇫🇯
Neekhil Neetij Prasad🇫🇯 ()

The assemblage of Science and Research in finding climate change solutions with adaptation and mitigation strategies is so important!

Sustainably Focused 🌱
Sustainably Focused 🌱 ()

Curious about the impact of climate change on your hometown? is a great resource to visualize #ClimateChange #showyourstripes

Saskia Bricmont 🇪🇺
Saskia Bricmont 🇪🇺 ()

2 July / 4:15 - 5:30PM / Webinar🔴 Roundtable discussion on the impact of climate change on vulnerable populations in developing countries & children as agents of change 📝Registration:

Lionel Dabbadie
Lionel Dabbadie ()

Rumaitha Abdulaziz Alshehhi, Aquaculture research assistant, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, @MoCCaEUAE presents the situation in UAE @UN_FAO_GFCM

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sally garland
Sally garland ()

@planetdebra Cummings got on the turn with people criticising his I understand without permission ? Is that why developers are now going to be given an easy ride to destroy the environment and when it’s importance to the climate change debate has been

Brenda Walsh
Brenda Walsh ()

On behalf of environmentalists everywhere, I’d like to formally apologise for the climate scare we created.🤯

Todd Steele
Todd Steele () bad as this pandemic is, it’s just training wheels for the big, irreversible atmospheric pandemic: climate change. Thomas Friedman NY Times

Pam 🌱🌳🏳️‍🌈
Pam 🌱🌳🏳️‍🌈 ()

House Democrats just put out the most detailed climate plan in US political history via @voxdotcom

🗳🏳️‍🌈😷 Temasek Kambing Tribune
🗳🏳️‍🌈😷 Temasek Kambing Tribune ()

Climate Change ✅ An entire policy paper in itself ✅ Use electric vehicles and renewables ✅ Amend carbon tax ❌ Aggressive reduction of carbon emissions to meet targets ... 11/ #GE2020SG

Federica5🌟 ()

ministry of environment forest and climate change : cutting of trees should govt recently clear many projects which will damage forest - Firma la petizione! via @ChangeItalia

Marília P Gaiarsa
Marília P Gaiarsa ()

Day 1 of my new position o/ Super excited to be a Marie Curie Fellow and work with Jordi Bascompte & the Bascompte lab @UZH_en on the response of species interaction to climate change. Gorgeous day here! Already in love with Zürich (and its fuzzy pollinators) @MSCActions

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Charlie Spedding
Charlie Spedding ()

I admire people with the courage to admit they were wrong. I look forward to hearing from Neil Ferguson, Patrick Vallance, George Monbiot and everybody involved in the National Dietary Guidelines

The_Hatter ()

@SophNar0747 Climate change? I looks more like that white guilt make us slaves thing or about vegans protesting meat eating

mikeo Ⓥ
Mikeo Ⓥ ()

Sorry, but I cried wolf on climate change ive been saying it for ever!!! another left wing scam all bullshit to make the sheep follow the dumb herd over the cliff

😎BAD CAT®️🌎™️
😎BAD CAT®️🌎™️ ()

😎can read the future or edits from the cover of the do you understand from this cover? Protest gas,swine-related virus,isolation,psmdemi meteor volcano eruption,climate change,global warming,rising waters smoke crucifix helmeted children in war,parents in masks!🤔

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Tina McKay
Tina McKay ()

@gavaps9027 Over population is falsely stated as being the biggest factor in climate change. George Monbiot has written some great pieces on this

Poolmax Energy EA
Poolmax Energy EA ()

In the coming years, technology improvements will ensure that solar becomes cheaper. It could be by 2030, solar will have become the most important source of energy. This will also have a positive impact on the environment and climate change.

LuLe Green
LuLe Green ()

Has the pandemic helped individuals and leaders get any closer to tackling the environmental crisis? Find out here: #ShowNarureLove

Poissonrouge ()

@redhead_matthew A walk in nature really does help, unless you see climate change evidence or litter; I have to pick my locations carefully

Frida ()

“It’s really a call to action, a chance to leave the past behind, and make real progress that benefits everyone. Questioning the status quo will always be confrontational, but that was our purpose from the start.” #MotorismSoFragile

Calmness allows objective thought
Calmness allows objective thought ()

@HuXijin_GT War, pestilence & climatic shifts have all been predicted by various seers Any one of these individually could be a reset event, but combined almost a certainty. Trump needs to be gone & calm heads need to talk & shake hands; climate change first above all

John Trew
John Trew ()

@unherd @ianbirrell Yes why not indeed,we never let facts get in the way of public bile do we & while we are at it let’s blame him too for climate change. I don’t like the conceited little shit either but we waste so much energy on him that could be better spent on forward looking constructive ideas

Cheryl Fielew
Cheryl Fielew ()

@GOPLeader @RepTomGraves C’mon. Covid has “helped.” Technology can help, but not if your turn back regulations. Climate change is real.

Latitudes Network
Latitudes Network ()

Coronavirus and climate change: Collective action is the only way forward


世界に蔓延る気候変動に関する不公平の多さには、圧倒されてしまう。だが、地球は誰かのためのものではなく、私たち全員の唯一の住みかであり、私たちとその未来のすべては地球にかかっている。✊🌏 ニュースが報じない気候危機と人種差別の関係。

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Alastair M Smith
Alastair M Smith ()

The Covid economic crisis is starting to hit. Lack of meaningful resilience will spell poverty and deprivation for thousands at least. But if you think this is bad, you’re going to hate the impact of Climate Change. We need an inclusive New Green Deal now.

#FreePalestine #BDS #FreeAssange
#FreePalestine #BDS #FreeAssange ()

.. what Labour’s about the economy, climate change, public services and racialised policing is unclear. . Labour. unsure of what they. want and stand for. Successful politicians need convictions, especially in moments of crisis. What are Keir Starmer’s? A Bastani

Attractions Mgmt
Attractions Mgmt ()

Are the tourism and attractions industries doing enough to tackle climate change?

Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy ()

Nancy Pelosi just released her radical climate change agenda—written by Democrats and for China. · It punishes the American economy · Gives China a free pass to pollute · Wasn’t debated once by Members of Congress

The New York Times
The New York Times ()

The flood risk across much of the is far greater than government estimates show, new maps suggest, exposing millions of people to a hidden threat — and one that will only grow as climate change worsens

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