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What agreement did @GregHuntMP reach with Clive Palmer to take 32m doses of hydroxychloroquine?When is use by date? Is there a cost? #auspol

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CliveMullings ()

My best friend who is recovering from Covid19 in a New York hospital sent me the link for #VERZUZ Bounty vs Beenie. The power and reach of the music must never be underestimated. Thank you @verzuz.

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사퍼 어제만 해도 적팀 추악하고 너무 힘들어서 절대 접어 마블 끝나면 이라고 생각했지만 또 하고싶어

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me and my good friend clive davis, not talking, but enjoying one another’s presence.

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티모시 생일 이브인데 자기 생일이랑 크리스마스 선물 겹쳐받지는 못할망정 생일선물 조차 못받기

Tim Lyons ()

Cool that Ch9 papers make room for another anti-China rant from wet-brained Boomer Clive Hamilton.

@GrahamCKing ()

Wonderful to see our Past PGM propose the toast to absent brethren tonight. RW Bro Rodney Clive Smallwood good to see you are safe and well, I look forward to being able to be in your company as soon as it is safe to do so.

Mark Gatiss ()

Ah, Verity! I was lucky enough to know her a little. A force of nature and a wonderfully loyal friend to Who. It was vision mixer Clive Doig who gave me that lovely detail about her ‘red wine kiss’. It became clear that Verity, Waris, Sydney and 1/2 #London1963

Clive Cussler AUTHOR ()

A new Clive Cussler novel to be released this next week. Check out today for an exciting virtual event. #novel #clivecussler

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님.. 이라는 표현은 근데 나 어렸을때 아 님아~!! 이런식으로 장난 치는거 봤는데 그렇게 듣기 이상한 표현인가?? 샘은. . . 좀.. 오타쿠 같을지도 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Laurie Clifton ()

Congrats to Clayton Harmey stable Group 1 with Clive lobster and champagne coming up 😆😆😆😆 your shout boss👍

CAFC Facts & Stats ()

23/5/1997 Charlton Athletic sign striker Clive Mendonca from Grimsby Town for a club record fee of £700,000. #cafc #GTFC

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TheTombOfAnubis.Com ()

Flesh peeling. Nice. This movie went from zero to Clive Barker real quick! #Exorcist3 #TheLastDriveIn @kinky_horror @SetDarcyFree

The David Bowie Albums Podcast ()

All I myself can do is issue a threat: if some upstairs nitwit even contemplates signing the cancellation papers, I will return from the netherworld in a chariot of atomic fire, leap out, and point my bottom at him #BBC4 Thank you for your service, Clive x

The David Bowie Albums Podcast ()

Clive James, 2016: There is always the chance, alas, that BBC4 will get cancelled, because the BBC is cursed with the superfluous presence of at least one layer of managers so dense that they don’t realise what is valuable about the institution they infest. (1/2)

Berty leaf 💔 ()

bae behavior from miss p and clive coulson at da bath festival in exactly what i been saying all along

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Tony Koch ()

Heard the real reason that Clive is so shitty on the environmentalists - not his coal mines at all. He was sunbathing on a northern beach last week and woke to find Greenpeace members trying to push him back into the ocean. #auspol

Garrick Dion ()

My Clive Barker collection (which Barb helpfully keeps watch over)

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Bertil Hörberg ()

Oh and Mechstermination Force and Gunman Clive is now out on PS4

Jeremy Bearimy ()

@BrandyLJensen My partner’s dad devours Clive Cussler books. As far as I can tell they’re all one book with some details changed every year.

Thrasher Magazine ()

Jaws, Clive, Cookie, Kirby, Gravette, Gartland, Wallin, Pedro and the Pabich bros careen through the Northwest, smashing spots with the head of the hammer. These sessions will have you shook.

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Kindiki: my accusers are not senators or the head of state. Its Raila 😂😂😂 #KindikiOuster

Bertil Hörberg ()

also, hello new followers, please buy my old games

Keabetswe🌬 ()

@Clive_Dlxmini I’m so sorry for your loss.🥺 My sincere condolences to you and your family🙏🏾💔

클라이브 오스틴 ()

확실히 하늘은 아름답네요.(잠시 고개를 들고 하늘을 바라보다, 이대로 있어도 뭘 더 할 수는 없을 것 같아 바닥에 쭈그려 앉는다)

Just call me Eva ()

@IngridHunt14 I have a garbage can (that used to have motion sensor for the lid, snazzy right?? but I broke it one day). His name is Clive.

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...일단 전 아니네요. 평범한 학생인걸요. 다른 분들은요?(두리번)

ShiannonCorcoran ()

it’s “unconstitutional” 4 McGowan to keep the borders closed, denying profitability to Palmer, but so far the activities of Palmer throughout the election & preceding years have not been unconstitutional Ppl with money think they can do as they pls

Akari Therapeutics ()

“Bullous Pemphigoid is an exciting therapeutic target for our drug candidate, Designation is an important step in the development of this program and as a gateway into other dermatological conditions. said Clive Richardson, CEO of Akari

Dr Lizzie Skinner ()

As in when we say baseless, we mean Clive Palmer is a liar. #COVID19 #sciencenotsnakeoil

Christine Milne AO ()

What agreement did @GregHuntMP reach with Clive Palmer to take 32m doses of hydroxychloroquine?When is use by date? Is there a cost? #auspol

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