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Pat Turner, the chief executive of the @NACCHOAustralia said that she expected Australia would “fail again to meet the targets” due to a lack of targeted resources #FirstPeoples #ClosingTheGap.

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MEDIA RELEASE - Download the IAHA Media Release via our website link above. #ClosingTheGap @NACCHOAustralia @closethegapOZ.

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Some great photos from #Labor yesterday and the importance of #ClosingtheGap..

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#ClosingTheGap thread by sis @drcbond is on point! 💯‼️.

But #ClosingTheGap is more than a functional task of reporting on targets. Its the gift of regulation & surveillance & while theres been increased investment in health & education initiatives many have as markers of ‘success’ the compliance of black.

I take full responsibility (for today’s #ClosingtheGap)… There are so many areas that we are doing really well in. The challenge is the way the targets are designed, they’re very poorly designed, I think everybody acknowledges that, Nigel Scullion tells @PatsKarvelas #auspol.

Up in the senate next to make my contribution to the 2019 Closing the Gap Report. As @Malarndirri19 says it’s not the targets which have failed, we have failed the targets #ClosingTheGap #auspol.

I wonder if anyone could count the minutes dedicated on the nightly news to the Ashby and Burston redneckorama, compared to the #closingthegap report. I think I already know the answer..

#CloseTheGap #ClosingTheGap 😡 Decolonising 😡 Not killing rivers 😡 Eliminating racism 😡 Giving me my fucking country back.

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My #ClosingTheGap chat with leading Indigenous voices John Paterson and Muriel Bamblett. #auspol.

These are programs that have been proven to work in increasing school attendance - dramatically so, in some cases. Why, then, when we know what works, are we not rolling these out in more remote towns and communities? #ClosingtheGap.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told Parliament he does not know when Indigenous children will have the same opportunities as non-Indigenous Australians. #closingthegap.

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#ClosingTheGap if we spend $30B/year on Indigenous Australians, then in the last ten years we’ve spent at least $300B. No success to really make a difference. I weep. people die. govts need to give us the money and we can run our own programs..

#ClosingtheGap Strong work from Aboriginal peak bodies demanding that we lead the way, Australian Government committing to work in true partnership as equals..

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Thank you to @billshortenmp for recognising the work of Change The Record in the #ClosingtheGap speech today. We are excited to hear #JusticeReinvestment is a national priority for ALP. It’s time for JR across Australia & a national body to lead the way. @JustReinvest.

Us LGBTIQ+ mob get a mention in the #ClosingTheGap refresh. Folks, this is a 1ST TIME EVER! “These will be taken into account as cross system priorities for all policy areas of the Closing the Gap agenda. Cross system priorities require action across multiple targets.” #auspol.

Significant. “....governments recognise the need to address intergenerational change, racism, discrimination and social inclusion (including in relation to disability, gender and LGBTIQ+)... Cross system priorities require action across multiple target.” #ClosingTheGap #auspol.

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Pat Turner, the chief executive of the @NACCHOAustralia said that she expected Australia would “fail again to meet the targets” due to a lack of targeted resources #FirstPeoples #ClosingTheGap.

Nothing shows the failure of the Aus political class more graphically than the annual #ClosingtheGap report. Despite dismal failure year after year, they persist with the same agenda of passive welfare, provider-centred waste & dysfunction & denial of self-determination..

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I knew @ScottMorrisonMP #ClosingTheGap sermon would suck. My goodness man, who writes your speeches? @billshortenmp nailed it. #auspol.

Truly inspiring #closingthegap response from @billshortenmp in the lower house just now. Well worth looking up Hansard tomorrow to check it out..

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Bill Shorten foreshadows union-business push to boost trades training in Indigenous communities if elected #ClosingtheGap.

The PM and indigenous affairs minister have released their official response to the latest #ClosingTheGap report. Read more here:.

“If we can’t admit racism exists we’re wasting First People’s time” @billshortenmp #ClosingTheGap.

Only two of the seven Closing the Gap targets are on track to being met @ScottMorrisonMP #ClosingTheGap #auspol.

That is one evaluation out of many Nigel Scullion on findings that the Community Development Program led to an increase in survival crime, sleep deprivation and mental illness #Auspol #Closingthegap.

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