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Don’t believe ClubsNSW spin. Every $1 lost to pokies costs $ in social costs. Pokies cost our communities far more than what clubs can ever give. #4Corners.

This is why we must ban political donations from industries profiting from social harm - signed agreements not to implement reforms! ⁦@MRowlandMP⁩ prove you are not influenced by your own $19k donation from Sportsbet. #gamblingreform #auspol.

Just a wild story about regulatory capture. The NSW Minerals Council could learn a thing or two from the criminal psychos that are the NSW gambling lobby.

ClubsNSW Photo,ClubsNSW Photo by Ketan Joshi,Ketan Joshi on twitter tweets ClubsNSW Photo

Interesting: employees and executives of ClubsNSW have actually committed a criminal offence, if this reporting is accurate. Section 249K of the Crimes Act, otherwise known as “blackmail”. Sentence is up to 14 years..

@Aaronsmith333 @friendlyjordies Because the opposition is also apalling and completely in pocket of ClubsNSW? Just a guess. But yes this is explosive and sickening..

Do not underestimate the political power of the gambling lobby..

So good to see at least ⁦@4corners⁩ isn’t cowering under the partisan Board & Senior Management of ⁦⁦@ABCaustralia⁩ Can’t wait to see this one tonight. Gambling Lobby is like big tobacco & possibly worse than fossil fuel industry. Bad.

OK. The coast is clear. Every one has seen 4 Corners. If not, go directly to iView. Those of you who held back filling out your postal vote, now is the time to put number 1 next to an Independent or Green who is not in the pocket of ClubsNSW. Likewise everyone on the 25th.

@4corners tonight showed how industrial scale money laundering at @ClubsNSW pokies now seriously at risk from politicians stooping so low as to reflect strong community demand. Help protect money laundering & crime by stopping pokie reform.

@TammyWolffs @lovinglimbo Does anyone know if Minns once dressed as a nazi???? What do #clubsnsw have on him..

@JGademski But the politician targeted by ClubsNSW in the story was Liberal. Who says you need branch stacking..

@abcnews how is it you cover this story a year after @friendlyjordies then make zero mention that this story was broken by FJ a year ago?! Disgraceful!.

Agreed @ChrisMinnsMP doing #alp no favours by supporting @ClubsNSW.

Australia’s gambling regulators have no teeth, allowing criminal enterprises such as @TheStarSydney to flourish..

Isn’t it time ClubsNSW was put in its place. They seem to own NSW..

ClubsNSW Photo,ClubsNSW Photo by James Jenkins,James Jenkins on twitter tweets ClubsNSW Photo

Just ONE eg of Au corporatocracy running our country and undermining our democracy. Govt always ignores the cost of succumbing to the demands of lobbyists from gambling, mining, banking etc. Some fear an indigenous Voice yet welcome corporate influence..

The absolutely malevolent influence the gambling lobby has over governments in Australia is one of the most obvious differences between IE/UK culture and Australia..

@jjjove Wasn’t it reported recently that he head hunted himself for the top job @ClubsNSW ? I’m such a numpty as I thought he only got 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴 horses’ heads in his bed, NOT headhunted! By bad, waaay bad 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Its obvious that someone from #clubsNSW grabbed a copy of Grays Sports Almanac from the dashboard of a Delorean and we are living the dystopian future that wasnt supposed to happen! #auspol.

ClubsNSW Photo,ClubsNSW Photo by pgpete,pgpete on twitter tweets ClubsNSW Photo

And the NT is in bed with ClubsNSW on self-exclusion! Ridiculous 🤦‍♀️.

See through the “mirage” of trust & fun. Profiteering from a family destroying addiction. ClubsNSW whistleblower Troy Stolz recorded video on gambling industry secrets via @ABCaustralia.

@TroyStolz Making this a fight against Chris Minns just gives Libs a win and assures nothing will change. Is ClubsNSW funding your campaign?.

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