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BREAKING: A woman has been rescued by a member of the public after her car went into the River Clyde at Renfrew. The 52-year-old is being checked over by paramedics at the scene and @therenfrewferry is currently off. (pic credit @BARRA72 )

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Jayne ()

3hrs ko kausap mga tropa tapos 5 hrs ko binantayan matulog sina clyde at gabeee hahahahahahaha

El Scottie Pippen ()

Años 1990-91 hasta 1992-93 , el Primer 3-Peat: 90-91: contra los Lakers de Magic Johnson ( 4-1 ) 91-92: contra los Blazers de Clyde Drexler ( 4-2 ) 92-93: contra los Suns de Charles Barkley ( 4-2 )

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InTheMiddleWithYou ()

@realDonaldTrump @LouDobbs Soup and sandwich. Bonnie and Clyde. Lois Lane and Superman. Lou Dobbs and lobotomy.

Ty V. ()

@Tanksley_Clyde @sweetprinceval I concur. And no room at my place to place a gym

🙌🏽 ()

Wait a minute, I could’ve sworn the media narrative was that MJs Bulls won this series because Magic’s Lakers were old & that this matchup was 1 sided? 🤔

ãlyce 🦋 🐝 ()

I want a sugar daddy if daddy the word is scary then we can’t b bonnie or Clyde I need a ride or die a man to not fear if he uncomfortable over nothin be fearless with me b free n wild 🥴😈😊😛

Alex Mulholland ()

This is one of those situations (1966) where auld Niall MacDhùghaill from Carradale, East Kintyre, is giving incredibly valuable info about #Gàidhlig placenames around the Clyde & specifically Ayrshire, but he clearly has a pipe in his mouth & you can hear him puffing on

TTC Service Alerts ()

96 Wilson: Detour via Clyde Ave, Joicey Blvd, Esgore Dr and Yonge Blvd due to a collision.

BD Clyde ()

@JasonKent_ Feliz cumpleaños compa. No recuerdo si estoy diciendo la palabra correcto Turca. ;)

Ivor Thomas ()

Gorgeous weather today. Hardly a soul out and about down by the Clyde in Govan.

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Mitch Gartenberg ()

@StephenKing Goodfellas, Bonnie and Clyde, Casino, Fargo, French connection, on the waterfront, Boyz in the hood, pulp fiction

Ekaterina ~ WTS KPOP ✨ ()

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No. ()

@DrRobertZands @gapesology Every Which Way But Loose? Right turn Clyde! (Clint Eastwood instructs an Orang-u-tan to punch a motor bike gang member)

Serial lover🖤 ()

@__Estrellaaaa Moi j’aurais dit -uprade u - bonnie & clyde - deja vu - crazy in love

Daila🤔😳😃✌🏾 ()

@Kat_Baybay Girl if that had been me and my hubby playing Bonnie and Clyde we wouldn’t had made it to

C Ferryman 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺🐟 ()

@MrLouisB22 2 (HMS Glasgow and Cardiff) are currently being built with another 6 (Belfast, Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Edinburgh and London) on order. The other 5 are going to Rosyth. 5 new Offshore Patrol Vessels (Forth, Medway, Trent, Tanar, Spey) have been built on the Clyde too.

Antisocial media ()

This is the younger cat meow meow (clyde) found outside our house meowing loudly at around 8 weeks old

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クライド FFBE幻影戦争 ()

@oru_tako_sk2 たぶんチェイン数だけではないと思います! これは18チェインなんですけど、3少ないぐらいだと大きく変わらないんですよね…w 僕の感覚では、最大ダメージに届かない分が減らされてるのかな、と。 なので、攻撃力を落としてチェイン稼ぎしようとすると、ポイントが減ってしまう印象です!

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Nicola Partridge ()

@_D0UBLE_H @JHSocialClub I’m celibate so count me out. Clyde isn’t interested after the Mabel debacle. Jazzhands and a B&M catalogue bride?

🙌🏽 ()

This is exactly what I have been saying, most of you including Matt Barnes have Kobe ranked as high as you do because you are confusing Kobe’s career with MJs. Listen to what Matt Barnes

Reno311 ()

@StephenKing A Bronx Tale, Dinner Rush, Casino, White Heat, Public Enemy, Bonnie and Clyde, Road to Perdition.

Jules ()

@ClydeHusky Gorgeous Clyde, always living his best life. Always looks so happy too. 🐶🐾❤️


—No podía decir que no estuviese a gusto con el beso, las caricias y la tranquilidad que le transmitía le hicieron sentir en paz. Clyde no era de los que corrían, aunque todo dependía siempre del momento y la situación. Con Bebe a veces fue rápido. Al separarse tardó unos +

Clari Clyde ()

Dear restaurants: Stuffed teddy bears and stuffed capybaras in empty chairs = cozy place for the whole family. Mannequins in empty chairs = the “eccentric” place the teens who will die find in the first reel of a horror movie.

The divine Miss Mollymop ()

@ClydeHusky Clyde, you are beautiful, marvellous and a joy!!! Take care of yourself, my friend!! Love and hugs 🐶😍❤💤 xxx

☠️𝕷𝖚𝖈𝖎𝖋𝖊𝖗 ()

Lucifer tapped on Clyde’s shoulder, before hugging him. He also gave him a kiss on his forehead, to make the femboy flustered and happy. “Hey Cupcake, missed me?” He asked, smiling and looking down, so his eyes locked onto the other’s.

Guy_Gadbois ()

...but Clyde loves his ees me in anothair life ween eye haid shorte hair.

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🌸Show A Nigga LOVE Nigga🌸 ()

I hate how Clyde is the only ghost in Pac-Man whose name doesn’t rhyme with the others

Ron Borsh ()

but nobody will put the money in a brown paper I’m starting to get you sure Clyde started this way?

Radio Clyde News ()

BREAKING: A woman has been rescued by a member of the public after her car went into the River Clyde at Renfrew. The 52-year-old is being checked over by paramedics at the scene and @therenfrewferry is currently off. (pic credit @BARRA72 )

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