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Hearing rumors that COCAINE BEAR, in addition to being a fun movie you should go see in theaters, might also have a shiny brand new trailer for a certain Russia-bound plus-size binge-drinking action hero….

What the F?!? “Cocaine Bear” is an f’ing movie ? Some fucktards dropped cocaine and a bear ate it and it’s a movie? Fuck Hollywood..

extremely pleased a movie like cocaine bear is releasing, we have long needed a movie like this. 2023 is for being goofy.

@MissFit_ @blueyedgirl710 But the true story is that a black bear ate some cocaine and died of an overdose without hurting anyone…so…the “based on a true story” is a loose association..

Romo is so jacked up it sounds like he’s had more cocaine than that bear. #NFL #NFLPlayoffs.

@JeremyGlantz @CaseyMericle Bingo. Cocaine Bear II will just be a mash up of Wolf & the Revenant.

They just showed a trailer ad during the AFC championship game for a movie titled Cocaine Bear. Cocaine bear?? We have truly run out of plots, and I’ll be there premiere night front row I promise you that..

@ShawnPorterJr @jackm0429 Technically. They basically said “hey remember that time a bear did cocaine? What if we lied about literally everything that happened”.

Some sequels to Cocaine Bear - LSD Dragon, Adrenalin Anaconda, Psilocybin Python and Serotonin Shark..

@krismeetsworld Just imagine the Cocaine Bear/Coke polar bears promotional tie-in opportunities..

@Reflog_18 He’s so jacked up he sounds like he’s had more cocaine than that bear..

@Jon_2vcps You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. ‘Cocaine Bear’ will have you up and cheering from the aisle!.

We live in a society where they are trying to sell a product called Cocaine Bear as a movie. At least Sharknado was on basic cable. 4th turning shit..

Writer: I got so high, decided to write this movie about a bear that does a bunch of blow, and call it Cocaine Bear. Probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. Should probably just delete. Studio: genius idea, we are in. How much you need?.

I can’t believe I just watched a commercial for a movie called Cocaine Bear WTF 🤬 and why just why..


Encountering commercials for Cocaine Bear for the first time watching the NFL playoffs here, and that movie looks worse than I could have imagined. How many times can you cram “a bear did cocaine” into the dialogue before everyone realizes this should have been a 6 min WKUK vid.

Did I just see a movie preview called Cocaine Bear during the KC/Cinci playoff game? WTH!.

@jackm0429 Movies have been so bad for the last three years that cocaine bear looks like high cinema.

Did I actually just see a commercial for a movie called “cocaine bear” or am I schizophrenic.

@_MadeInDuval2 You never heard the story of the bear that ate like 15 million in cocaine?.

.@chantaladasilva was the first tell me about “Cocaine Bear” and I was convinced she was joking..

I want to go ahead and nominate “Cocaine Bear” for all of the Academy Awards next year. Looks like it could top the new Avatar movie in revenue..

Did I really just watch a commercial for some movie called Cocaine Bear? This is a real movie that they actually made? 😂.

Hear me out… a bear that does cocaine and reeks havoc on a town. We’ll call it Cocaine Bear..

Cocaine Bear Photo,Cocaine Bear Photo by Belle ,Belle  on twitter tweets Cocaine Bear Photo

The fact that we live in a world that COCAINE BEAR trailer has ran multiple times during the AFC Championship broadcast gives me hope for our society..

Cocaine Bear Photo,Cocaine Bear Photo by TodClark,TodClark on twitter tweets Cocaine Bear Photo

How many times do you think cocaine bear was pitched before the studios finally said ok why not.

And it’s literally about a bear addicted to cocaine. Like are we seriously out of ideas..

I wish Cocaine Bear would break into twitter to take out all these bots, man.

Cocaine Bear Photo,Cocaine Bear Photo by Colin,Colin on twitter tweets Cocaine Bear Photo

@courtney883 No sh*t! but I would’ve loved to have heard the pitch for Cocaine Bear.

@MayoIsSpicyy Cocaine Bear vs. Meth Mouth would be a good PPV fight; I guess we know who your money is on?.

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