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Ok, morning coffee is Q&A Who’s got a question? ☕️😁 #AskBruno

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Tovaro ()

DREAM ‼️ DREAM ‼️ Hello 😀👋🏻 do your shoes need shining? 🤔👟✨ Dream😳‼️Dream please 🥺☹️🙏 Do you need coffee? 👀☕️ Come back 😫 PLEASE my clout 😤🤑 Dont go away from me 🥺 Dream please 😍 [the fact that there are people in this fandom that dont know this baffles me]

Code of Vets ™
Code of Vets ™ ()

Drink coffee. Wear a tshirt. Help a veteran. We do not get paychecks. ALL proceeds go to our veterans in crisis/need. You are our advertising. Our budget is 2%.

Internet Nick Nuñez
Internet Nick Nuñez ()

I have to get confirmed by the Church, so I need to choose a name, and I’ve landed on St. Drogo, patron saint of the ugly, mentally ill, broken bones, and coffee. Cause who doesn’t like coffee?

𝓢𝓲𝓵V𝓲𝓪 𝓟𝓪𝓽R𝓲sa
𝓢𝓲𝓵V𝓲𝓪 𝓟𝓪𝓽R𝓲sa ()

I never asked U for nothing until U got me sick! Next time you mess with the wrong spirit be ready to pay MUCHO DINERO and be ready for a war! My kidney is still sick, is getting better but I still feel sick when I drink coffee! I want to feel in perfect conditions like before

🌼Кофеманьяк с надеждой | блятр🌼
🌼Кофеманьяк с надеждой | блятр🌼 ()

@_Rivlin_ Два долбаёба - один от природы ебанутый другой укурился Близнецы

We will not have “normal” - Prof. Sonia Sanchez 🌹
We will not have “normal” - Prof. Sonia Sanchez 🌹 ()

#dodoitsu over a much needed coffee listening to a friend discuss Voodoo and powerful herbs

Loafers ()

1 week to go before you can enjoy some vinyl, coffee, ale, cake, friends, culture and community 🤞 Take care and have a good Monday ❄️☀️ 🔝🎶☕️🍪✌️🍷🍺🙏💥

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Kumparan ()

Varian es kopi susu ala Kallula x Flash Coffee ini cocok buat kamu nikmati saat work from home. #kumparanFOOD

なゆた ()

ついに到着〜 ここでYOASOBIの群青を聴けるのがちょっとうれしい。笑

#coffee Photo,#coffee Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Astro Jeorge 🌠
Astro Jeorge 🌠 ()

#LoveYaVanilla! That’s why I can’t get enough of McCafé Iced Coffee Vanilla. It always makes my day!

Kirsty ()

@tobe_fr Thinking of you. You want some of my blood? It’s 70% coffee and sarcasm but it’s yours. Love you xx

Carol Cooney
Carol Cooney ()

@DrewLawDesign Walked the dog, 2 loads of laundry, made egg on toast for 2, lots of peanut butter on toast for a very hungry little, a salad for another little who wanted a healthy breakfast, cleaned 2 bathrooms now sat on my ass drinking coffee perusing twitter.

Hannah Woolmer
Hannah Woolmer ()

@AgeingLock68 Oh I wake up, put the coffee on, feed the pets, open the back door then go back to bed. I did that at 7am, no accidents and no interruptions 😂

Emily-Alex ()

Cal got an air fryer and a coffee machine for his birthday. He he he I can’t wait to use them

🧝🏼‍♀️ ()

Not me getting a scorpion bowl & finishing it off with a Starbucks iced coffee, happy Friday 🥴

violet ⚢
Violet ⚢ ()

i’m in this coffee shop trying to enjoy a nice drink and this man starts telling the barista how the lgbt community is ruining civilization i was shaking because i was so pissed i wanted to tell him off but that’s scary especially in downtown

コペン・マスター ()

アメブロを投稿しました。 『『さくら祭り』出店中止のお知らせ』 #アメブロ #さくら祭り

Ruth ()

Arrested development, m&s soft long sleeved tops, one good coffee a day

mitz @ diluc simping hours
Mitz @ diluc simping hours ()

IM I just need to upload it but I can do that when I wake up the coffee i drank is stronger than usual

Clare Wilde
Clare Wilde ()

I’m thinking if setting myself up as a ‘drinks and liquids consultant’ for tv and film. Teach actors how to hold cups as if they realistically contain hot coffee, teach props people how to make something that looks like actual wine

janayah⁷ HWA BIRTH
Janayah⁷ HWA BIRTH ()

@epiphanysjoon caramel iced coffee, double double with whipped cream and caramel drizzle 😩 fire asf

nico @ surgery
Nico @ surgery ()

@boingoalive_ idk people act like when you become a small business owner you are immediately jeff bezos exploiting everyone in the community around you. yeah a coffee shop might not pay people super wages but a safe space for lgbt people to seek paid work? that’s honest gold rn

Sarah (Ragan) Kelly ☕☘️🧙🏼‍♀️😷🏳️‍🌈
Sarah (Ragan) Kelly ☕☘️🧙🏼‍♀️😷🏳️‍🌈 ()

Due to my coffee obsession, I will mention @foundfamlindsay at @FoundFamiliar, who makes some good RPG-themed coffee.

Chileno Bay Resort, Auberge Resorts Collection
Chileno Bay Resort, Auberge Resorts Collection ()

Mornings at Chileno Bay are best taken slowly and luxuriously. When the time feels right to greet the day, enjoy an expertly-prepared morning coffee at COMAL and choose from a selection of menu offerings inspired by the flavors of the Baja coast. #ChilenoBayCabo #AlwaysAuberge

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ゆいめい ()

浅煎り仕立てコロンビアコーヒー甘酸っぱく仕上げたのでハニーと名付けました 100gx2袋メール便パチパチ元気よく爆ぜれば美味しさ最高メール便送料無料京都西陣UPS ストレートコーヒー コロンビアハニー コロンビアは世界第3位のコーヒー

sunny / lyds ☾
Sunny / lyds ☾ ()

no matter how many times i wash my hands and arms there are still coffee stains. sick new tattoos i guess

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Katz ()

@mikitii_berries そういう意図ですか、素敵ですね~ 私は冷めるまで待てずに飲みきることが多いので…コーヒーがおいしいせいです(^_^;)

Piers Young 💙
Piers Young 💙 ()

@MaryCatbells @BFutureDesign There’s something lovely about a long walk with someone (2 hours plus) The shoulder to shoulder chat often feels more honest and open than a face to face over a coffee or drink. And the time lets things bubble up naturally.

Mïku Smeets🥯🦝🚈
Mïku Smeets🥯🦝🚈 ()

@KadriSmith87 there’s a strong link between the amount of yoga and organic food in your life, and how quickly you die if your mouth and nose are covered by the equivalent of a coffee filter

Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes ()

Ok, morning coffee is Q&A Who’s got a question? ☕️😁 #AskBruno

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