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Collingwood is saddened to hear of the passing of Olivia Newton-John. 💖.

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Not only should the Hawthorn-Bulldogs game be moved to the same time as Carlton-Collingwood, it should be moved to the MCG and be played simultaneously on the same field but with the goals on the wings..

So you queue for 30 minutes outside the Sydney terminal only to be greeted with this once you’re inside. And Collingwood lost. Might give up on interstate games..

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Reckon the AFL might have been cheering that last goal from Pickett home? Carlton v Collingwood will be the biggest game between the two clubs since they met in the 1988 qualifying final, absolutely massive. #AFLDeesBlues.

#VPDNews: High-risk offender Tony Okanase has been re-arrested by Vancouver Police, after a community policing volunteer spotted him in the city’s Joyce-Collingwood neighbourhood this afternoon. Media Release:.

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Cycled into Verona today and decide to celebrate ⁦@sydneyswans⁩ great win over Collingwood. Not sure Aperol Spritz qualifies as re-hydration..

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Paul Collingwood is coaching the Lions, but Brendon McCullum is here, decked out in white jeans.

Has the feel of a Collingwood game this. Been out played. Only 15 down at the half. We can win this #gopies.

4 Collingwood players making the 22UNDER22 squad of 40 AND we’re a game clear in the top 2? 😍.

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ugh. this is so bloody petty. i’ve seen a lot of petty things in my life but this is the pettiest, collingwood. and you know what? i absolutely love it.

less talk about shitty trade rumours and more talk about collingwood winning the flag.

Collingwood’s Isaac Quaynor discusses his bromance with Jack Ginnivan and why he is convinced the Magpies can win the flag. They are two of four Pies in the AFLPA’s 22 Under 22 squad. Check out the 40 players who made it below 👇🏻.

Collingwood down by just under three goals at halftime against a fellow top-four contender?! No way they win this one by a kick..

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

“They are coming with a rush the Tigers … I think there’s going to be heartbreak for whichever team finishes sixth at the end of this round. 👀.

Good morning from beautiful Blue Mountain, Collingwood ❤️ No nonsense will steal this joy that I feel 💃🏾💃🏾.

The stage is officially set. Carlton fighting for Top 8; Collingwood fighting for Top 4. The biggest game between Carlton and Collingwood in decades. Excited, nervous and more excited and nervous. Yes I’m excited and nervous. Bring on next Sunday. CARN BLUES. #UptheBaggers.

It would’ve been so much more fun if Cripps’ suspension got downgraded to one and he got to play against Collingwood in the last round.

@FOXFOOTY The irony is absolute Gold. Collingwood player calling opposition supporters grubs. lol..

Foxy was an absolute rock down back on Sunday! 19 disposals and 10 marks in our 27-point win over Collingwood. #Bloods.

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Special scenes at halftime celebrating Josh Kennedy ❤️ 📺 Watch #AFLSwansPies LIVE on ch. 503 or stream on Kayo: ✍️ BLOG 🔢 MATCH CENTRE.

Watched the Swans-Collingwood replay. My god, Brian Taylor could’ve at least tried to hide his bias. The dude went deathly silent for about two minutes after the incredible Heeney-Buddy goal which was essentially the sealer. Ch7 need professionals, not cheerleaders.

@FOXFOOTY Geez talk about calling Carlton’s fate early … very capable of beating Collingwood..

boring normies: HMS Royal Sovereign, the flagship of Admiral Collingwood at Trafalgar?? me (cool, discerning): HMS Royal Sovereign at Trafalgar, the ship of James Le Vesconte, second lieutenant Royal Marines and uncle of Henry TD Le Vesconte??.

I find it amusing that the Collingwood fans and players have issues about booing only when it happens to one of their own! #buggeroff #doublestandards.

@AFL The most overhyped team of all Shouldn’t be anywhere near the But enough about Carlton - Collingwood’s also a.

So most likely for Collingwood now. Beat Finish fourth, vs Cats first week of finals. Lose to Finish 6th, vs Richmond week one. #gopies.

Glenn McFarlane: “Blues fans are now back in a nervous, sickening waiting game. Carlton must now take on Collingwood in a make-or-break final round clash. In a season of amazing swings & roundabouts, it was a cruel end to what was one of the gutsiest performances of the season.”.

The bubble has finally burst. Sydney end Collingwood’s hot streak! 🦢.

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@FOXFOOTY They booed him because he dives, not because he was injured. But wouldn’t expect a Collingwood person to understand the difference. Non story.

@taylor_adams13 Imagine booing a player for a solid 2 years because of the colour of his skin and that he called out a racist 13 year old Collingwood fan.

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