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Secret bad parent no judgment no advice thread: what did your toddler actually eat for Thanksgiving dinner. Mine ate graham crackers and strawberries…neither of which were on the menu, both his request. (And yes, he did help cook lol)..

After several days without electricity, I have one thing to say. Ukrainians help each other to survive in darkness. Businesses invite to charge from generators, cafes make hot tea, people let unfamiliar families without gas stoves cook in their flats. The real light is alive here.

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Apple - Tim Cook Ineos - Sir Jim Ratcliffe Dubai - Hamdan Mohammed Manchester United. This is Serious..

According to The Daily Star, Apple has expressed interest in buying UK football club Manchester United. The club is currently for sale and multiple parties are interested including Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, how would you cook your ribeye and why?.

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The VEC has confirmed there will be no recount of votes in Mulgrave. On the night they predicted the 2CP would be between Labor and Liberal. It should’ve been Labor and Ian Cook but Labor is so far ahead in that seat it’s not necessary to recount the 2CP..


Dr Kurien was forced to stepdown in 2006, stripped of his car, cook and security guard in 2009. In Sept 2012, when his dead body was kept at Amul for last respects, then CM Modi was 20km away to inaugurate a cattle feed plant but stayed away from visiting Anand..

Good luck to Ian Cook and all the independent, and minor party candidates running today to end corruption and hold the government accountable. Cook vs Crook #cookvscrook.

IOL News
IOL News

Use what you have: Rural cook turns home-grown vegetables into sustainable business.

kuralları icat yapmak ~Mary ve #alsancak zevk #cigli Yaratıcılık, risk büyümek, etmek, Lou almak, hatalar çiğnemek, Cook almaktır. denemek,.

Cook risk hatalar #alsancak kuralları ve zevk yapmak Lou etmek, icat Yaratıcılık, çiğnemek, #cigli denemek, ~Mary büyümek, almak, almaktır..

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çiğnemek, #buca ve Yaratıcılık, denemek, büyümek, kuralları icat zevk Lou almak, hatalar yapmak etmek, risk ~Mary almaktır. Cook.

~Mary #çerkezköy etmek, icat büyümek, almaktır. Yaratıcılık, Lou risk almak, denemek, zevk kuralları hatalar Cook çiğnemek, ve yapmak.

~Mary hatalar büyümek, almaktır. almak, kuralları etmek, ve yapmak #buca çiğnemek, zevk Lou risk Yaratıcılık, denemek, icat Cook.

I made the fresh stuff for years .. no one touched it .. they kill the canned stuff .. cook for who is eating!...

Beyoğlu’nda yaşıyorum, dışarı çıktım ve şu anda kendimi çook güvensiz hissediyorum. Neden mi? Çünkü her yerde polis var….

Apple CEO Tim Cook has paid a visit to a hospital in Massachusetts and spoke to victims of the Apple Derby Street crash..

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Cook up your own festive feast with these vegan Christmas recipes 😋🎄 #ChristmasDinner #VeganRecipes.

Srihan gadu maaradu He is saying He is correct in giving Rotten fish to Keerthi He is correct in making Keerthi cook when her finger hurt Pade pade chepthunnadu sona with different version thoti 😁😂 #biggbosstelugu6.

It irritates me that the burden of all the fasting, rituals, abstinence, special food cooking always & only falls on women. Some month long mahalaxmi vrat has started, my nanny told me. Only she has to fast every Thursday, cook special food, avoid non veg all month. Not husband🤷🏻‍♀️.

reheating thanksgiving leftovers someone else labored to cook.

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@TheChicken03 Okay okay okay, I got you!! My dad is a chef, and my family are bakers, I know and can teach you how to cook damn near anything 😊🥰.

@hallmarkchannel tonight’s lesson is no one can cook and all food should be delivered..

Olsun, biz gene de bi bakalım deselerdi şu an dünya çook farklı olurdu..

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Audio interview of me by Gorilla Radio. First 1/2 hr re: death of mercenary Joseph Hillebrand, 2nd Canadian known to have been killed as combatant in Ukraine. 2nd half re: dressing down Chinese Pres. Xi dealt to Justin Trudeau on G20 sideline in Indonesia..

Don’t need to cook anything today. Nothing, and I am going to consider it another Thanksgiving blessing..

LMAOO boys have been waiting for an opportunity to cook Saka. He wasn’t even close to being the worst player on the pitch today. Sterling, Harry Kane and Mount were rubbish..

@joelrwilliams1 Dude was cheating on me there would be enough alimony to keep the cook, the maid, and add a chauffeur..

Fun Kryssie fact: sometimes when I cook, I mumble to myself in the voice of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets.

@RetirementRight Nah, I’ll just cook squirrel meat and make a mud hut after watching videos on YouTube :).

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