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On the dissonance between current attitude to COVID (casual/over it/head-in-the-sand) & devastating reality (August the worst month of the entire pandemic). Needs debate because we can stop the carnage if we want to. @PatsKarvelas and @PhillipCoorey.

People, don’t buy into Phil Coorey’s bullshit that Albo will cave in & make a deal with Dutton for a weaker ICAC. It won’t happen..

Question of the day: Does/Has Phill Coorey #CostelloShitStain been talking to too many SCARED DODGY #LeftOverLiberals ❓ 🤔🤣🤣.

If Coorey says Dutton is cutting a deal with Labor over its ...and both Coorey AND Dutton have no specifics (NONE whatsoever).. ..then not only is it bs, but it confirms just how much they both fear that Indies, Greens and Labor will cement a strong NACC deal #auspol.

@bugwannostra Please, stop reading Coorey, this is tiresome. Could we wait to comment when the legislation is put to Parliament?.

@Ballyurra @AlboMP You aren’t going by that rubbish Phil Coorey article I hope 🙄he’s just stirring for the opposition.

@RuncibleH When was coorey ever right about anything to do with @AustralianLabor. The article is typical #lnp #propaganda.

@JonesHowdareyou I don’t believe it! Labor doesn’t need them to get the bill through, just Phil Coorey letting his mind wander, delusional! Out to cause trouble for Labor!.

@MediaAnalystOz @timdunlop The article seems a bit light on for detail. And continues the side diversion that ‘unions’ are responsible for some kind of ‘corruption’ if they lobby the ALP. Coorey still a bit sniffy all round at the election outcome & his hot line to the PMs office now disconnected..

@Hellharbour ALP do not even need the LNP to get it through, sill Coorey writing stories for his new beloved Dutton.

@philmupp1 @bigshowfoz A demigod phil coorey seeking immortality As Australias worst journalist.

@PRGuy17 I want Peter Dutton to stay as LOP. The longer the better. I’m going to enjoy seeing Coorey, Probyn, Jennet, Millar and many more going their hardest to make him look , but then I have to watch them and that is so painful..

@JonesHowdareyou Coorey wrote this he is throwing dust in readers eyes. He is a Liberal shill..

@JonesHowdareyou Oh Ffs! Is this another one of Coorey’s ‘the woman who saved Australia’ pieces?!.

@FixatedUnits Coorey just throwing hand grenades, that’s what he does. No factual evidence, just speculation on his behalf. Anything to undermine Labor..

@RonniSalt The false impression photo & Phil Coorey was all you needed to see the bs, without reading a paywalled article - but thanks for sharing. So patently obvious, never changing #MurdochGutterMedia MO..

@DavidShoebridge We all know that the existential threat that Coorey talks of in vague terms (no named source) is to corrupt politicians They want to remain unaccountable and Coorey is doing their bidding LNP (MSM too) will publicly advocate for an ICAC and quietly attempt to water it down.

@zdaniel Supposition by Coorey, you know he does not promote a Labor agenda, just publishing for clicks never mind the substance..

@spenderallegra You can’t believe a word reported by Coorey . Total mouthpiece of LNP.

@RonniSalt @SusanLa69642683 Puff pieces and hatchet jobs disguised as journalism? Must be Phil Coorey..

@jaquix173 I didn’t know that but Coorey is pathetic and I’d never take anything he says as gospel.

Taking Coorey seriously is like taking Dr Neeeek seriously. Both just mouthpieces for hire..

@lesstenny All of her answers were gobbledygook & why does the insiders interview her ( a member of the leftovers team) supported by two Murdoch hacks? ALP won govt & ABC or sky lite as I like to call it claim this is balanced. 👇🏻& creeping Jesus mentions his mate Coorey 1st up..

Coorey Photo,Coorey Photo by Ray Wilton 💧,Ray Wilton 💧 on twitter tweets Coorey Photo

@SquizzSTK @normboy562 How anyone can take anything Coorey says seriously is one of life’s mysteries….

@timdunlop Based on my read of this, all Coorey has done is talk to the Coalition (again), who might want to be involved. There is no indication from Labor that would be welcomed and there are strategic reasons why Labor would be better to deal with the independents..

@rebaillieu And how do you know that’s going to happen. Are you just megaphoning Phil Coorey’s cut & paste from Liberal Party talking points. #auspol.

#DixerCoorey flapping his Coalition gums again @helenhainesindi is workig closley with @MarkDreyfusKCMP so Coorey runs out the bumfluff the Coalition prepared for him earlier!.

@RuncibleH It’s based on a Phil Coorey article. I hope we know better than to beleive one word that comes out of his mouth!.

@PhillipCoorey @PCKJ3627 Labor doesn’t need them, why would they cut a deal? You’re full of shit Coorey..

@RonniSalt How could anyone believe a word Coorey has to say?.

Coorey Photo,Coorey Photo by WE Screwed Morrison,WE Screwed Morrison on twitter tweets Coorey Photo
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