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One small correction/update to this story: Trump and his allies have now lost 33 cases, not 32 as reported in the story.

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@GolaBoySam @YoungSport92 Correction fat al had features with them . And be honest none of them songs are on your playlist screenshot if I’m lying.

Franky four fingers
Franky four fingers ()

@Riic14 @sewyash Depends on your timeframe. I believe we see .05 before new year. I think at .10 we see a huge correction down towards .04 area. Then we climb out and go for .25

Freddie Gumbie Mr fix it
Freddie Gumbie Mr fix it ()

@M_Jay94 @bbmhlanga Point of correction ku parliament kuya vanenge vasingabvunze zvechokwadi asi kuti vanenge vachida kuona kuti ndevapi vava kuda kuona zvakanyanya vavaputire musaga #ZanupfMustGo #Zimbabweanslivesmatter

Keshaw ()

@nishkumar1977 mastek is ripped for a correction . exact opposition is some by itc can u check sir?

Ariel CRF ₿
Ariel CRF ₿ ()

@Rekt_Tekashi right?! 😆😆😆 I remember when we used to have 30, 40% correction and not recovering that fast

Renner Barsella
Renner Barsella ()

Most historians agree that Nero actually played a cithara. I feel like I wouldn’t be a proper suburban dad if I didn’t point out a correction in Roman history unprompted.

Engnr. Quan ISIOKPUKPU the real #CoconutHead
Engnr. Quan ISIOKPUKPU the real #CoconutHead ()

Correction our people don’t like shortcuts, the Yoruba loves shortcuts. It happened during Awolowo which triggered a genocide and now the chief coward @AsiwajuTinubu the crook. I wonder what going on through his mind now that APC is fronting @GEJonathan. I just pity Goodluck

Ka Malaika 💋💘💕👅
Ka Malaika 💋💘💕👅 ()

Someone correcting the grammar on your tweet is not an insult to your intelligence. It’s just a correction and there is no need to be angry🤗. We all make mistakes here and there. Just say thanks and move on.

Forever Fan
Forever Fan ()

@IpsitaD26898627 @Aleezayy12 Actually. Correction! KUCH LOG HI ACCHE NAHI HAIN. BAAKI SAB ACCHE HAIN. Dukh ki baat ye hai ki bas bure waale hi highlight hote hain. Positivity koi dekhta kaha hain.

Bantudem ()

5. But correction and praise are opposite sides of the same coin. When we receive adequate encouragement, we will be more receptive to correction when given🙏🏾

Moneytrigz (For All Mankind)
Moneytrigz (For All Mankind) ()

@Dennahz @Diditaihuttu average population doesnt trade. or doesnt even know about trading. they want asset that slowly goes up. so mainstream will use the big correction as scare-tactics to stay away.

Se7e 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴
Se7e 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 ()

@Yodaskk My only doubt about 19k being the top is that I would expect a hard pull off from the top level considering the 90% run with only 10% correction during it

Christian Monggaard
Christian Monggaard ()

Hello @wittertainment. Just a little correction to one of your listeners on Friday. Yes, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland are the Nordic countries. BUT Scandinavia is three countries: Denmark, Norway and Sweden. From a LTL and fellow filmcritic in Denmark.

onyema okerenta
Onyema okerenta ()

@DrOkaforEmmanu1 @atiku Point of correction: He did not build wealth, he stole wealth.

Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah ()

@MarkRoubicek @eagle_xrp I’m a TA guy, as I mentioned above XRP has done clear 5 waves up on the chart, next is an abc correction of the entire move up since March 13 Making it hard for XRP to actually go back again at 20 ’d say we would be lucky if it went down to 25 cents even 25 is outta reach

Bantudem ()

4. Praise creates the desire to Keep up the good work or to scale better heights✊🏿. The inevitableness of praise does not however do away with the need for timely correction. Growing up we learned the kind of conduct and thoughts that were undesirable(Individually)


Danone - Daily #CAC40 Short, Medium and Long Term: €50 / €54. Multiple resistance €54 must be conquered to prevent correction to €51, €50 and €47.

Chris ()

OMG ARON* spend so long time correction sanggyuns name i didn’t notice arons got corrected as well

Bird Yellow
Bird Yellow ()

@MartinDaubney Boris was elected *only* to get Brexit done. Correction: Boris was elected *only* because he would bring with him Dom to get a proper Brexit done.

Ash Doyle
Ash Doyle ()

Listening to a political call-in show this morning and it is absolutely INFURIATING hearing people claim COVID-19 is not real and is a Democrat scam. Equally infuriating that the people on the show let the people say this without any pushback or correction.

Kyle *BLM* @UprightNeedlework
Kyle *BLM* @UprightNeedlework ()

@confusatron Honestly, Chris, would it even have been a return tweet if you were happy with everything and didn’t have to * something? 🤣 I pinned a tweet with a grammatical error and just left it there for a while. No correction. It bugged me but it also felt good

James Cox
James Cox ()

@PaulNuki Hmm, a quick dictionary check suggests it actually is now a word, albeit as a result of corrupting “fine-toothed comb”... apologies for the apparently erroneous correction

🐝 ()

😆 there are a lot of them on these streets 😩... correction fluid! 🙄

ICOSuccess ()

Watch these two levels if Bitcoin price sees a major correction before $20K via @cointelegraph

Anju ()

@Apple_Pie85 @ShashwatRaiG Hey girl for your not them it was darkest character of the show🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Yuri Litvinenko
Yuri Litvinenko ()

Every one of us had some major I hope Bloomberg will issue the correction ASAP.

Rukevwe Eterhere
Rukevwe Eterhere ()

First correction is over!!! Congratulations if you took advantage of the dip to add to your portfolio.

Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee ()

Correction: not Rosedale, sorry Queens, Riverdale in the Bronx. Those in Riverdale were decent people however, these Hispanics dragged them in this characterization of being stalkers.

Geri v2.0
Geri v2.0 ()

@deeontwt Bukan lebih mantep sama aja tapi lebih gampang soalnya pake node bisa color correction tapi premiere pake ajustment layer dan itu full 1 frame

Marc E. Elias
Marc E. Elias ()

One small correction/update to this story: Trump and his allies have now lost 33 cases, not 32 as reported in the story.

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