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Trent Cotchin challenged his misconduct charge from the Brisbane match via written submission at the AFL Tribunal last night. The charge was dismissed..

Cotchin Photo,Cotchin Photo by Richmond FC 🐯,Richmond FC 🐯 on twitter tweets Cotchin Photo

The concept of Cotchin retiring after this season looks so silly after a quarter like this #AFLPowerTigers.

@CarltonFC Go to births deaths and marriages change his name to Cotchin. Problem solved..


never wanna see any carlton flops crying again over cotchin getting off lmao 💀💀🤡 #cripps.


Trent Cotchin can play on in 2023 ✅ The team at @AFLcomau share their thoughts from round 21 👇.

patrick cripps should change his name trent cotchin. not because it would mean he’d get off the ban, but it would mean the closest he’ll ever be to being a successful footballer.

@FOXFOOTY It’s Cotchin so everyone who follows your page is well aware nothing will be looked at, anyone else and it’s probably a week.

Top 🔟 scorers in R21 so far Max Gawn 152 Luke Ryan 151 Clayton Oliver 139 Toby Nankervis 137 David Swallow 131 Brad Crouch 123 Trent Cotchin 121 Christian Petracca 120 Rowan Marshall 118 Elijah Hollands 118 #AFLFantasy.

SEN 1116
SEN 1116

MRO doesn’t sanction Cotchin as four handed fines | | #AFL.

Cotchin Photo,Cotchin Photo by SEN 1116,SEN 1116 on twitter tweets Cotchin Photo

@RalphyHeraldSun Where is this energy with Cotchin tackle on Wines Jon? Same as Will Hayes, yet Hayes copped 2 weeks!! AFL media is truely pathetic.

@RalphyHeraldSun Thanks Jon You did your job again… not a word about your beloved cotchin dirty player he is.

@AFL Correct decision to suspend Cripps, 100% correct but suspending Kelly and letting Cotchin off just reeks of bias, Cotchin gets off everything from dangerous tackles to kicking!!.


Rozee having his knee assessed, probably from when Cotchin took his legs out below the knee….the AFL should bring a rule in to combat that #aflpowertigers.

Cripps decision ripple effect 1. Brayshaw odds of winning the Brownlow perhaps lengthen 2. Rioli decision was probably right in law 3. Trent Cotchin decision looking good too 4. Blues finals hopes looking much brighter 5. Northampton celebrating tonight.

@FOXFOOTY That’s textbook sling tackle but It’s poster boy Cotchin yet again so he will get off.

Would very much like Cotchin to get a contract for next year, he’s been one of our best so far tonight.

Tonight’s treatment of Trent Cotchin by the umpires is reminiscent of my eldest daughter’s first Christmas. Anytime anyone goes near him he’s presented with another gift. #aflpowertigers #weareportadelaide.

UPDATE: The MRO has cleared Trent Cotchin for this tackle on Ollie Wines. Is it the right call? #9WWOS #AFL.

@DK8309J @AFL This from a guy whose captain took a bloke out in a prelim with concussion and I bet never stood on a hill demanding Cotchin be rubbed or.

Swings him, arm pinned, Wines can’t protect himself and head hits ground. But it’s Cotchin so nothing to see here.

@1116sen 🤣 Trent Cotchin doesn’t get suspended for things he should miss games for let alone a perfectly fine tackle.

Babahahah. Of course Trent Cotchin is free to play. Get absolutely fucked you corrupt crap..

@FOXFOOTY If it was Toby doing the tackling it would be 2 or 3 weeks. Cotchin will get an apology..

My top 5 v Port 5. Prestia 4. Cotchin 3. Nankervis 2. Bolton 1. D. Rioli Honourable mentions: Lynch Sonsie Ross McIntosh Tarrant.

Top 🔟 (+1) scorers - R21 Max Gawn 152 Luke Ryan 151 Clayton Oliver 139 Toby Nankervis 137 David Swallow 131 Rory Laird 127 Brad Crouch 123 Trent Cotchin 121 Christian Petracca 120 Josh Kennedy 120 Jy Simpkin 120 FORM WATCH 👇 #AFLFantasy.

@FOXFOOTY Patrick Cripps must of changed his name to Trent Cotchin overnight 🤷‍♂️.

This was given 1 week only a month ago…I see little difference between this tackle and the tackle of Cotchin’s Unfortunately, without any explanation from the MRO, we are none the wiser…but I certainly see why fans are frustrated with this….

@RalphyHeraldSun Has the Match Review Officer tried to explain why Kelly gets a week and Cotchin’s identical looking sling tackle apparently wasn’t even looked at?.

@1116sen You see tackles exactly like this countless times a week. Because it’s Cotchin, all the salty oppo supporters get on there high horse and berate him. There is one motion. Wines plays the whole game and has over 30 possessions. Time to move on..

@RationalPies @FootyonNine Obvious. De Goey plays for Collingwood and Cotchin plays for Richmond. This is the only difference..

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