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Wolverine’s healing ability can’t save me from COVID. But the vaccine can. Get it!

Covid Photo,Covid Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

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Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman ()

Wolverine’s healing ability can’t save me from COVID. But the vaccine can. Get it!

Covid Photo,Covid Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Dr. Tom Frieden
Dr. Tom Frieden ()

Vaccines teach your immune system to find and fight Covid, then they disappear. They don’t change you, they just give your system the instructions it needs to stay safe from Covid.

Patton Oswalt
Patton Oswalt ()

When the polio vaccine dropped in 1955 people lined up to get it, & we were 2 years away from artificial satellites. Now in 2021 we carry external world-brains in our pockets & there’s robots on Mars and idiots think the COVID vaccine is full of wizard poison.

Scott Dworkin
Scott Dworkin ()

Two great ways to honor those who have died of Covid are by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask.

Lokesh Kanagaraj
Lokesh Kanagaraj ()

Recovered from covid, tested negative! Thank you for all your wishes and prayers 🙏 Please vote 😄

Covid Photo,Covid Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Nate Silver
Nate Silver ()

Just 222 COVID deaths reported in the US yesterday, which is the fewest since March 23, 2020.

Covid Photo,Covid Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Carlos Bolsonaro
Carlos Bolsonaro ()

Há algo estranho: pessoas não falecem mais de tuberculose como antes, os casos de pneumonia caíram drasticamente, infarto despencaram, assassinatos seguem a mesma linha, câncer não se registra mais os lamentáveis casos. No Brasil só se morre covid! É triste, contudo é fato!

Chumel Torres
Chumel Torres ()

“Es de que el covid provoca falta de oxígeno entonces por eso es bueno que les inyecten aire a los viejitos”. —La Jornada, mañana.

Shefali Vaidya.
Shefali Vaidya. ()

Disturbed by this story in today’s newspaper. A Covid +ve man spent the entire night moving from hospital to hospital in Pune looking for a bed for his Covid +ve mother. Couldn’t get one, in a govt hosp or a pvt one. His mom died in front of him after 11 hrs! Pls take care people

Atila Iamarino
Atila Iamarino ()

O governo: Não testa Não dá auxílio Dispensa vacinas Promove aglomeração Promove tratamento precoce Não faz lockdown e diz que não funciona Ah, mas a COVID tá assim porque o brasileiro não sossega.

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis ()

Today I issued an executive order prohibiting the use of so-called COVID-19 vaccine passports. The Legislature is working on making permanent these protections for Floridians and I look forward to signing them into law soon. Read my EO here –

Karen Davila
Karen Davila ()

Hospitals are full. Sharing with all of you INFO on how to access care if you are COVID positive. Please help share the word 🙏🏻

Covid Photo,Covid Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Atila Iamarino
Atila Iamarino ()

A pessoa querida que você perdeu por COVID nos últimos meses poderia ser um dos 65 milhões de vacinados. Seu comércio fechado poderia estar aberto. Seu filho poderia estar em aula.

Oliver Darcy
Oliver Darcy ()

Reminder that to get into Fox’s studios for their socially distanced tapings, one must: wear a mask; take a Covid test; submit to a health screening and provide proof of passing. Do those restrictions put the Murdochs in the “COVID CRAZIES” camp?

Mariana Varella
Mariana Varella ()

nenhum país do mundo tem quase 4 mil mortes por covid em 24h neste momento. Isso não o faz ao menos desconfiar de que há algo errado na forma como temos enfrentado a pandemia?

Dr. David Samadi, MD
Dr. David Samadi, MD ()

Please stop giving death stares to everyone who sneezes or coughs. It’s the end of March and more than likely they have allergies, not COVID.

Artur Stelmasiak #BabyLivesMatter
Artur Stelmasiak #BabyLivesMatter ()

A można było żyć normalnie! #Tajwan wyszedł z pandemii koronawirusa bez szwanku, podczas gdy UK została okaleczona gospodarczo i zdrowotnym. Śmierć, choroby i kryzysy zdrowia psychicznego spowodowały ogromne straty. Na TW zakaziło się tylko 77 osób.

Jonesy79 ()

Who cares what the lying Chinese say, here is the cause of Covid. Not 5G. Filthy animals. 🤢

Covid Photo,Covid Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
#IndyScot 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇵🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🌱
#IndyScot 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇵🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🌱 ()

@Coireruadh I think a lot of folk have gone for postal votes, due to COVID. I would think that if you’ve gone to the bother of applying for one that they’ll use them. So long as WM doesn’t get their grubby hands on them it should be fine.

Joe Briben aka The Big Guy
Joe Briben aka The Big Guy ()

@ChuckCallesto So, illegals aliens can cross into the US while being Covid positive and go wherever they please, but I need a proof of vaccination to shop for groceries? #VaccinePassports #EqualityForAll

Mark A. Gattozzi
Mark A. Gattozzi ()

Pre covid I always knew where I placed my keys and wallet. Now, finding them is an adventure every time

🇮🇹 La Voce del Patriota 🇮🇹
🇮🇹 La Voce del Patriota 🇮🇹 ()

Covid, Meloni: su contratti Ue per vaccini FdI chiede piena trasparenza e presenterà interrogazione

David Erik
David Erik ()

@CBS8 And the entire place is a COVID hive because biden lied that they are following CDC guidelines

Olivier_Paris07 🇸🇪
Olivier_Paris07 🇸🇪 ()

@franceinter Notre grand gourou épidémiologiste de l’Elysée kisétou-katoulu sur le Covid va imposer ses mains sur les patients qui se lèveront de leur brancard parfaitement guéris.

John kane
John kane ()

Just commented on @thejournal_ie: Construction, 5km limit, and outdoors activities: Cabinet to sign off on Covid-1 -

matthew chin
Matthew chin ()

Is WHO still struggling with this theory ! God bless d world ! 🤮🤮🤯🤯🤔🤔🧐🧐🤣🤣🙄🙃😂🤕🤫😔😫🤭WHO says COVID likely passed from bats to humans through another animal - AP

🇹🇳🇮🇹 ()

@BeaujourLois Hahh enfaite il a rendu visite à la cpam du val de Marne et je taff la bas du coup comme je taff pour la vaccination et le Covid jai parler avec lui et Olivier veran

⚡️BanG!⚡️ ()

Une intéressante analyse de Mr. Si vous avez eu la CoVid, une 2e dose serait -Horacio Arruda

R.Daniel Perez Lopez
R.Daniel Perez Lopez ()

@AETESYS_TES Lo que no se ve es que los TES sean el servicio de emergencias con mas carga horaria. Jubilacion a los 65. Evaluaciones de PRL y contratos en muchas partes deplorables y Sin derecho de huelga efectiva. Lo otro una manada de ignorantes del covid y su tragedia.

James Melville 🌸
James Melville 🌸 ()

23 Covid deaths in the past 24 hours. 450 Cancer deaths (daily average) in the past 24 hours. Guess which one gets the most news coverage?

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