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2 million infected; 85,000 dead - Lumpy Virus is wreaking havoc for our cows. Worse, foreign pox vaccines are only partially effective. Dear @narendramodi. Our indigenous ICAR anti Lumpy vaccine ProVac is 100% effective in trials. Pl sanction EUA at once..

Men who eat organ meat (HEART, ADRENAL, KIDNEY, TESTES, BONE MARROW) from BULLS are NOT like men who eat meat from castrated bulls and abused cows in the supermarket. This is why rich people reserve hunting FOR THEMSELVES and never eat what the masses are being made to eat..

○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ANIMAL SOUNDS اصوات الحيوانات 🦁lion اسد - roar زئير الاسد 🐕dog كلب - bark نباح الكلب 🐄cows بقر- moo خوار البقر 🐝bees نحل- buzz ازيز النحل 🐑sheep الغنم- bleat ثغاء الغنم 🐔chicken دجاج - cluck قرقرة الدجاج ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

Serious question to all my sharkies fans… are the cows the new manly? 🤪 Gotta love to see that result.

@SlazzerPL @DeadByBHVR It’s hilarious that they released this vague as fuck roadmap three days after multiple streamers (cash cows) stated their great disappointment in bhvr’s anti cheat.

@opensea @Pocket_Cows is minting now and scaling in a bear market to be the #bitcoin of #NFT’s.

Maybe not such a bad thing for the Cows to happen so early in. Ref will be looking to square it up all night.

What do cows and bulls of India need? their needs are simple,they need little food, protection from cruelty & need protection because they are way too simple and so pleasing to see them relaxing & eating peacefully Nachiket rescued from veal industry.

Cows Photo,Cows Photo by Dakshin Vrindavan,Dakshin Vrindavan on twitter tweets Cows Photo

Eco-fanatic anti-industrialists like me have seen cows & put our hands in the dirt. We oppose wind turbines, which power the modern industrial system & its development. We need to bring down the system in the name of nature and all that is good!.

I love this path because it peaks into the farmers field and I get to see cows, sheep and horses..

#NRLCowboysEels I don’t care if that pass was an inch or a mile forward - I don’t even care if the ball didn’t travel forward - if that pass isn’t “forward out the hands” then I don’t know what is. Blatant. If I were a Cows fan I’d be rioting right now.

@Conigman @spannaforce Yep Cows lost that. Glory plays and awful kicking and game management..

@Kidcowboy2 @TheParraEels Unlucky kid. Sharks cows game was still a better game to watch to me but that was pretty impressive..

We are ready for tomorrow! Cross your fingers everything is working and ready…. Hoping all is well in the am! 933 head - calves 246, yearlings 412, protocol 104, bulls 26, 145 cows! See ya all tomorrow. Join us DLMS network! #rainyriverraised.

Sarvapitri Amavasya is a golden opportunity to facilitate wellbeing #ForAllAncestors. Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu shares, those who are unable to perform all rituals of Shraddh for various reasons, can alternatively offer fodder to cows on this day between 11:36am to 12:24 pm..

@jordorsomething Like the Cravendale ad but WAY more sinister. Like, some of the cows are crying..

@goochypie I’d be so scared, imagine I did and then loads of cows just appeared at my window staring me down.

Though I owe you no explanation whatsoever but since I consider you a friend (if I may) I would rather say things to your face like I have done in the past. I have no issues with cows. Why will I? I was talking about something completely unrelated to you @Himanshi1223..

Cows Photo,Cows Photo by PS ⚡️,PS ⚡️ on twitter tweets Cows Photo

@JasonNRL Held the ball for 40 minutes and the cows just had a really horrible goal line defence. Those two Reg tries will be tough watches for a couple of them.

@JewishResister Wow…a spaceship and some cows in this “Tucker Carlson Original”!! Riveting (not)!.


@spannaforce I thought the Cows bottled it. Horrible game management. Up 8 with 20 to go and they went for a hero play 40 out from there own line. Cleary would have kicked them to death..

With time to reflect the Cows will realise the forward pass didn’t lose it. It was the 2x soft RCG tries in the middle. Still, brilliant season. #NRLCowboysEels.

Most of the cricketers care for dogs during Diwali & Holi but only few care for cows. #SaveCows.

U live in Dubai only to come to your business entity Nigeria to contest election every 4years. You invested more in Dubai than in Nigeria with your stolen funds only to say you want to solve Nigeria economic problem who hell do you cows think u are trying to convince?.

Maybe @ModocNF and the @CAFarmBureau (specifically Modoc) could fill in the blanks here and let us know how many cows will take the horse’s place on land designated for them, NOT livestock..

Cows Photo,Cows Photo by Blue Equus 💫🌎🌲🐾 🐝🐴🌱😷🇺🇦🌻,Blue Equus 💫🌎🌲🐾 🐝🐴🌱😷🇺🇦🌻 on twitter tweets Cows Photo

@KunBased @smashbaals This👆 Typical American conservatives have a terminal case of Fat Cows of Basham Syndrome, their life choices and overall behavior shows greater love for material wealth than Our Lord and Savior..

Happy Cows Make Happy Farmers | Dairy Farmers of Canada.

Cows Photo,Cows Photo by KowAbundant,KowAbundant on twitter tweets Cows Photo

@nameshiv By the way, there are some great youtubers who are in Ireland and Scotland who put out videos where they are trimming the hooves of cows. I think you might like them..

My baby cows need a new home If you are interested let me know.

Cows Photo,Cows Photo by JOrgan,JOrgan on twitter tweets Cows Photo

@0x_minifridge these cows are selling like hotcakes! missed the mint, but scooped a couple up!.

Cows Photo,Cows Photo by Stog Chog🔺,Stog Chog🔺 on twitter tweets Cows Photo
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