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First Daft Punk, now Craig Kelly and the Liberals. When will these break ups end. #auspol

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Rick ()

HELLO MEDIA!!! Hello!!! Craig Kelly SOLD HIS HOME LAST WEEKEND!!! Quits Liberals THREE DAYS LATER??? No story here?? I know I’m only a dumb bell, I’ve never been a journalist, but doesn’t this make anybody in the media search for questions, WHY? Is this just pure coincidence?

#WeWantClimateAction ()

Craig Kelly is the worst back bench politician in current parliament. Nothing he stands for is worthy of a seat. It’s a wasted national vote.

💧margo69 🦠😷💉
💧margo69 🦠😷💉 ()

@LesStonehouse Asking him about his new party with a few other national MPs and Craig Kelly. Of course @BarnabyJoyceLNP was too pissed to answer.

Rick ()

Craig Kelly sold the family home on the why do I have this feeling that Morrison and Kelly planned this? Take #BrittanyHiggins off the headlines. Kelly maybe quietly leaving politics thank god. Things are starting to add After Dark 💤💤💤

Andrew Clennell
Andrew Clennell ()

From the archives courtesy of Greg Brown. Craig Kelly to cause trouble if Libs dump him

John Hewson
John Hewson ()

Craig Kelly demonstrates just how ridiculous you can become when you believe your own media

Antony Green
Antony Green ()

First Daft Punk, now Craig Kelly and the Liberals. When will these break ups end. #auspol

Adam Bandt
Adam Bandt ()

Craig Kelly’s dangerous crusade means the Liberals have just lost control of the Parliament. This makes the crossbench much more powerful, but unfortunately, it also means Craig Kelly as a crossbencher will have even more power over Scott Morrison.

ABC The Drum
ABC The Drum ()

#BREAKING Controversial backbencher Craig Kelly quits Liberal Party to sit on the crossbench | @abcnews

ABC News
ABC News ()

#BREAKING: Federal government backbencher Craig Kelly has quit the Liberal Party, and will take up a seat on the crossbench

Andrew P Street
Andrew P Street ()

So, who wants to bet that Craig Kelly’s defection to the cross bench happened riiiiiiiiight after a conversation that contained the phrase “well, obviously you’re not getting preselection, you barking mad loon”?

Samantha Maiden
Samantha Maiden ()

BREAKING Liberal MP Craig Kelly is quitting the Liberal Party and will now sit on the cross bench @newscomauHQ

Matty ()

@SkyNewsAust @ScottMorrisonMP I’ve got no problem with the PM getting immunised first, and it’s important that he’s seen to encourage others to do so. But why all the jingoistic, patriotic symbolism? It just looks like a political PR stunt. If he was serious, he’d shut down Craig Kelly and his disinformation.

Lel ()

@SenatorWong Penny can we have a look at why nothing was done about Kate Johnson’s complaints too, despite 2 PM’s knowing, as Karen Middleton spoke about on #Insiders this morn. Also the sexual harassment that’s been going on for years in Craig Kelly’s office.

Paul Kidd
Paul Kidd ()

Reality TV concept: Pete Evans and Craig Kelly enter the arena, each armed with a COVID-19 vaccine syringe. Winner gets to post whatever they like on Facebook for twenty-four (24) hours, and a year’s supply of cosmetics from Anastacia of Beverly Hills.

Titus Banks
Titus Banks ()

Kelly Marie Tran Elijah Wood (because we need a blindingly blue eye stare-down between him and Daniel Craig) Kathryn Hahn(!!) And honestly, Laurence Fishburne would be lit

The Sydney Morning Herald
The Sydney Morning Herald ()

Doctors of the House say: ‘Listen to us, not Craig Kelly’ | @michaelkoziol

Judith Nunn
Judith Nunn ()

@ChrisReason7 Disgraceful that a young PM would push in. If he wants to inspire confidence shut down the Antivax Craig Kelly. Just another PR stunt from the rapists protector Prime Minister

Karen Rook
Karen Rook ()

More proof that @ScottMorrisonMP NEVER remembers rhetoric that leaves his mouth. Lucky the States took Covid seriously, took control early, cancelled things like Grand Prix, AFL, in 2020. Herd Immunity 🙀....BIG FAIL If Craig Kelly MP gets a priority jab👹...#auspol #COVID

Neil Jeram
Neil Jeram ()

@ChrisReason7 Sure project confidence. Why not also admonish Craig Kelly and this time not with a feather duster

Phil Hazell
Phil Hazell ()

@erstkate Extreme condom for PM to avoid any unwanted sexual encounters from Craig Kelly. Bugger, broke the 6 word rule, cheers Phil

💧 😷 DebbieN Credible Woman
💧 😷 DebbieN Credible Woman ()

@RJH1951 @lel0601 It would have been good to send Craig Kelly 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

Chris “if your’re ‘Q’ you’re dead to me
Chris “if your’re ‘Q’ you’re dead to me" Finch ()

Why wasn’t the broader point brought up about the obviously toxic sex-pest culture inside the LNP? A perfect segue into that would be the AVO that Sutherland police issued against Craig Kelly’s CoS. Oops, I forgot - he’s a protected species inside the party. #insiders

Craig Johns
Craig Johns ()

Great scrap that. Gutted for Josh Kelly. Credit where it’s due, that Avanesyan pressure and pace just seemed to overwhelm him. No shame in losing to a fighter like Avanesyan. Have to go back to the drawing board now.

Kate Nancarrow
Kate Nancarrow ()

It IS important the PM gets the vaccine early. Reining in Craig Kelly early and hard would have been even more useful.

Eliza Barr
Eliza Barr ()

There’s a few people tweeting me about my exclusive reporting in @stgeorgeshire on allegations of misconduct against Hughes MP Craig Kelly’s advisor Frank Zumbo. (Brief thread.)

Stephen ()

It’s interesting that coalition politicians seem to get their power by violent behaviour to women, Scott Morrison, now Craig kelly his office has been brought into the public scrutiny , and old man inappropriate behaviour to school girls

Swan_Lake ()

@BernardKeane Louise Milligan says her phone in meltdown from Liberal females but too fearfully go public #MeToo moment happening . Craig Kelly protection racket of Frank Zumba. Enough is Enough

Larissa Waters
Larissa Waters ()

Yet more sexual assault revelations. Well and truly parliament’s #metoo moment. The PM must act. Craig Kelly’s staffer must immediately be sacked, and ONCE AGAIN the PM must explain when & what he knew about this and why he hasn’t acted before. #auspol

Tim Watts MP
Tim Watts MP ()

Craig Kelly just came into the Parliament and quoted himself about free speech. It’s been one of those kinds of days in this building.

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