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Deacon. James. Collis. Williams. Judd. Patrick Cripps. #Brownlow.

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THE moment. THAT moment. Patrick Cripps is a Brownlow Medallist..


Three votes in the final match! 📊 Well done Patrick Cripps 👏👏.

New profile pic of two 19 year old kids who have played in more finals than Patrick Cripps? Sick burn brother 😂.

Patrick Cripps: “I thought I was a lock for the 3 votes in Round 1 & only got one so I started having a few. I knew if I was close with 5 rounds to go I would be a chance & Harry McKay’s mum was next to me so she started filling my water glass up. She saved my night.” (Triple M).

Massive big ups to Patrick Cripps for being the most visibly hungover Brownlow Medallist ever.

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Patrick Cripps has polled Brownlow votes in 55 games The 37th of those (2020 R09) was the first time he ever polled votes versus a club that was sitting lower on the ladder @CarltonFC @AFL #Brownlow.

Patrick Cripps response to Gil McLachlan’s comments on his tribunal case: He called my name for the last three votes, so I’ll just leave it at that.” 3️⃣🏅.

- Surely, a first for Sam Docherty 3️⃣ - Patrick Cripps and Sam Walsh both on the brink of milestones 🤝 - Who could break their voting duck? 🦆 Brownlow Medal content, coming in hot..

Hi @sirswampthing I can now say I had 6 Brownlow medalists as teammates during my career (Voss, Akermanis, Black, Swan, Judd & Cripps). What’s the most ever? My old teammate Lachie Henderson would also have 6 (Black, Judd, Cripps, Bartel, Dangerfield & Ablett). Thanks in advance!.

“Harry McKay’s mum was next to me, so she started filling my water glass up… she probably saved my night I think.”.

Gil McLachlan: “He is an incredible, worthy Brownlow Medal winner. [The appeals board] has nothing to do with Patrick Cripps. He is entirely eligible, he was cleared & he’s a fabulous footballer, person & worthy brownlow medallist.”.


Jeremy Cameron being 10 points behind Patrick Cripps in the brownlow as a key foward is not being talked about enough! #GeelongStrong.

If Cripps wins a premiership in his time will he be Carlton’s greatest ever player? Considering the hardship he has endured and not walking into a successful club like our past greats.

Fair play to Patrick Cripps not only for the Brownlow but for getting through all those interviews today while clearly being absolutely munted.

Leigh Matthews on Patrick Cripps, June 2021: “I can’t believe how badly he’s He’s never had much of a leap, he looks like he’s lost his mobility & agility. He’s still probably got his he’s become like a he’s just aged so badly.” 🫠 @LeighRMatthews..

Carlton All-Australians: 6x , 5x 4x , 3x PATRICK CRIPPS, Carlton John Nicholls Medal: 5x 4x 3x , , , , , PATRICK CRIPPS Will Crippa join TFD on September 30?.

Sheedy joins Mark Tainton, Alan Pearn, Dave Sorrell, Alan Morley, Gordon Cripps & Simon Hogg in the 1⃣k club 🤝 Last Bristol player to get a full house was @Adrianjarvis83 🆚 London Welsh 🎯 Last Bristol to do so in @premrugby was Henry Honiball 🆚 Bath in 2000 🇿🇦.

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Fox Footy
Fox Footy

‘I was fried’: Patrick Cripps opens up on brutal career low and the moment that triggered his rise to #Brownlow glory 📝.

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Gil McLachlan shouldn’t be the target of abuse. The media has been the problem since the quotes were published because they’ve been spun as Patrick Cripps criticism - which they never were. It was entirely about the appeals board. Shameful reporting all around by so many outlets..

Gerard Whateley: “And then as soon as Carlton were a winning team [Patrick Cripps] was freed up physically & mentally & he was superb through the year.” Mark Robinson: “Sitting here last year, Sam Walsh had polled 30 votes & we said ‘how many Brownlows will he pick up?’”.

I think I’ve watched Cripps winning the Brownlow 10 times over and it’s still not enough.

already robbed and it’s 37 seconds into the count 😂 ahhh dear #BrownlowMedal.

Carlton has done its best to ease an overwhelming reliance on Patrick Cripps. And yet it was still striking to see his Brownlow Medal victory hang on mass votes in big defeats, where he remained the only Blue to stand up and be counted. @AFLcomau.

Chris Judd on Patrick Cripps coming to the club in 2014 & being wowed by his size: “Which for a mid is quite he was a massive, key-position type. Back then he was such a great kid who’s turned out into an equally great leader.”.

Patrick Cripps: RD1 - 1 vote RD2 - 3 votes RD3 - 3 votes RD6 - 3 votes RD7 - 3 votes RD8 - 3 votes RD11 - 1 vote RD13 - 1 vote RD14 - 2 votes RD17 - 1 vote RD19 - 2 votes RD20 - 3 votes RD23 - 3 votes.

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Great count. One of the best for years. Patrick Cripps a deserved and popular winner. Well done @essendonfc Zach Merrett for finishing in the top 10.

Gerard Whateley: “In Patrick Cripps’ third season he polled 18 votes … as a 45-gamer I remember sitting at the 360 desk and pondering not when he would win his first Brownlow but how many he might finish up with.”.

Patrick Cripps: “One thing I’m really confident about is we’ve got the coaches, the list and the environment to - in the next five, six or seven years when I’m still around - have a good chance to make history.”.

30 disposals. 3 goals. 1 vote. Will Round 1 be the game which costs Patrick Cripps the #BrownlowMedal? LATEST:.

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