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Fingers Morrison how good? The miracle of the 500k, billion contribution to French culture, the 30,000 pelicans on the job at Lake Brewster, discovery of box jelly fish in Cronulla or the lack of corruption in Canberra. It’s got the lot! We live incredible times #auspol.

If Cronulla can’t beat Canberra with 3 separate Canberra sin bins that is astonishingly bad (also funny).

I just want anyone anyone and everyone to know that The Cronulla Sharks are weak little bitches. Fact not my opinion..

The dangerous tackles are not something to be proud of but this performance from Cronulla has been outstanding. The determination, guts and grind to win this will 11 men is a performance I’ll never forget. Well done boys 👏🏻 #UpUp #NRLSharksWarriors.

An at times 11 & 12 man Cronulla team out score a 13 man NZ side last week and this week a 13 man Cronulla side struggle to a loss against an at times 11 & 12 man Canberra side. Welcome to NRL coaching Craig Fitzgibbon lol..

If the score stays at 29-24 to the Roosters - then Cronulla and the Roosters will have an identical record for wins, losses, points scored and points conceded. #NRLMagicRound #NRLRoostersEels.

Valid reasons Cronulla struggled: 1. They were over-dependent on Will Kennedy and they didn’t know it 2. They lost their best forward and were utterly beaten in the middle Invalid reasons Cronulla struggled: 1. It was hot 2. It was sunny 3. They had no chances 4. That jersey.

What’s more embarrassing losing 70-10 to the Storm or losing to a 12man Cronulla side😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️.

Cronulla’s best win of the season. The Warriors’ most disappointing loss. Incredible game that is likely to define the season of both teams. #NRLSharksWarriors.

Yo @cronullasharks. You ain’t allowed to use my last name anymore. You will now forever be the The Cronulla Sutherland Sharts. Peace ✌🏽.

@PatsKarvelas Today the Cronulla Sharks were thrashed by Canberra. How prophetic. Next weekend Morrison and the liberals will be wiped out as well. #auspol..

An incredible performance from the Sharks and an implosion from the Warriors after Cronulla had one player sent off and another sin-binned 😮 #NRLSharksWarriors.

Cronulla Photo,Cronulla Photo by ESPN Australia & NZ,ESPN Australia & NZ on twitter tweets Cronulla Photo

The @NZWarriors have fallen to a shocking 29-10 #NRL defeat to the Cronulla Sharks, despite playing just 12 men for 63 minutes, and 11 for ten minutes..

Yesterday: 3-1 + Today: 3-1 + Record: 13-6 + 👧🏀: Connecticut Sun -110, risk to win 4u 💰 🏉: Roosters vs Eels: (Either team by 1-12) -150, risk to win 1u 💰 Roosters ML +115, risk 2u to win 💰 Cronulla Sharks -110, risk 1u to win 1u💩.

Always softens the blow just a smidge with Cronulla losing…but Dragons you still suck balls..

🚨NRL WEEK 9 RECAP NRL YTD: (22-12) (65%) (+) 3-2 Canberra ML (2u)✅ Penrith -12 (2u)❌ Sydney (2u)✅ Newcastle + (2u)❌ Cronulla (2u)✅.

Cronulla could be against 5 and they still wouldn’t know how to score. #MagicRound #NRLSharksRaiders.


#ScottyTheCompletePsycho I hope the thrashing scummos Cronulla are getting from Canberra is a sign for the election..

Well done Cronulla, one of the bravest wins I’ve ever seen 👏🏻 #NRLSharksWarriors.

Canberra winning, nothing against the Raiders but no angry Ricky. Cronulla losing is never bad #NRLSharksRaiders.

@JonesHowdareyou 🤮🤮🤮Ha, ha! The Canberra Raiders beat the Cronulla Sharks today. Woohoo!.

The Raiders overcame three sin bins, and at one point being two men down, to upset the Cronulla Sharks in their Magic Round clash on Sunday, via @MelanieDinjaski.

@FOXNRL Embarrassing from NZ Warriors playing with a man advantage and it looked like Cronulla had the extra player.

That is probably the guttiest win I have seen for a long long time. Cronulla should be proud of their win, and their supporters should be proud of their team. #NRLSharksWarriors.


Great game by Cronulla. Under all sorts of pressure at various stages. #nrlsharkswarriors.

#NRLSharksWarriors Warriors have had a two man advantage for 10 minutes and 1 man advantage for most of the game and.

@Kemparelli Cronulla and Warriors were reffed back into it. Multiple sin bins, overwhelming penalty counts and freedom to do what they like in the ruck. Happens all the time. last times was Manly/Cronulla and GC/Raiders.

@NannanBay Notice Scummo is NEVER in his seat of COOK, you never see him at Cronulla..

SMH Sport
SMH Sport

SHARKS 10 RAIDERS 30: Dale Finucane suffered a fourth head knock in ten months as Cronulla lost to a brave Canberra who had three players binned and a debutant shine | @mrchrisnico.

Tragically ScoMo’s beloved Cronulla Sharks were soundly beaten 30-10 today by the Canberra Raiders. Taxpayers win too as ScoMo definitely won’t take a VIP flight back to Sydney to smirk all over the ‘Sharkies’ dressing room. Cronulla players will no doubt be relieved too….

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