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Yes, Foakesy! 🙌 He joins Sam Curran & Ollie Pope in the Test squad for the tour of Sri Lanka.

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Steve Curran 💙💛 ()

@lufcvlogger They’ve done that multi coloured seat thing to create the illusion of it being full when it’s not 😂

Emily DeFeciani ()

UPDATE: ​Colonie PD say Inv. Brian Curran was released from Albany Med. He’s recovering from a concussion, neck sprain, large contusions to his head, & significant bruising. They say Inv. Curran is thankful to all the well wishes from the public, police & fire departments.

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#OTDirecto12F jesus y bruno un poco cuadro el baile, pero aunque me duela (basicamente por jesus) se lo curran y lo van sacar vocalmente no ha estado TAN mal, no creo que jesus salga nominado :_____

Carl Dunnington ()

Spot on @turpinmodernist Denly and T Curran out. Malan and Woakes in Buttler back to 6

David Eaves ()

@ncol38 Very poor in all aspects of the batting. Buttler, Roy, Morgan and Stokes gave their wickets away. Curran looked poor and as for Ali - his time has been and gone

Glasstire ()

Winter exhibitions are NOW OPEN at HCCC! Stop by to see “Escaping Earth: The Kinetic Work of Casey Curran” and “Drawn to the Work: Illustration and Craft in Conversation” before they close on March 29. Admission is always free. @CraftHouston

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AW ()

Mateusz Borkowski wins the #AITGrandPrix 600m in 1 ahead of Zak Curran 1 and Guy Learmonth 1 Live results ➡️

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Kevin Egan ()

No joy for Mark English in the 600m, got caught out the back after the early stages and found it too hard to make his way through the traffic. Good run from Zak Curran, takes 2nd just behind Mateusz Borkowski, who took him on the final stretch. #AITGrandPrix @MidlandsSport


Shocking game management from England. Morgan, Ali and Curran all to blame for playing brainless shots when a run a ball was needed.

ᴘʀɪɴᴄɪᴘɪᴀɴᴛᴇsᴀ🌻 ()

Que, por cierto, estoy más a favor de los low cost/no tan conocidos que los fichajazos. Esos son los que se lo curran y luchan, la gran mayoría de personajazos van a ver los días pasar mientras suman dinero

Adam Merrifield ()

@JoshPrknsn We need 7 from 6, Curran came in and dabbed one away and got two runs, 5 from 5 same massive gap in the field and he tried to go for glory and spank it for 6, just dab it away again to the same area and get the two, no need for the glory shots.

David Taylor ()

My daughter Blythe listened to the Vertical Worship song “Real Thing,” featuring Sean Curran, on the radio this morning, and remarked from the back carseat, “He sounds like Piglet from Winnie-the-Pooh, daddy.” And she meant it as a compliment. That girl.

Graham Eva 🇬🇧 ()

@FlashCric A lot of poor shot selection throughout; one result of poor cricketing brains (hopefully a glitch and lessons will be learned - although Curran didn’t learn from his last innings ... ) We go again ...

B.A ()

@wozaboxa Fair play to the bowler 7 off 6 should be a forgone conclusion; not convinced Morgan should have been given out! But even so poor shots, Curran should get a bollocking

James Coatsworth ()

@DanielHarris I think it’s the combination that matters: for Morgan, then Curran and then Moeen to make poor decisions in quick succession suggests an issue

Ali Bell ()

What was Curran doing trying to hit it for a 6, surely you take a couple of 1’s and 2’s to finish it off?

John Gwynne ()

@ColR69 Curran middles the first, scores two, then tries to hit the second ball out of the ground. Deep mid-wkt swallows ;c!

Joe ()

@CurtisJR48 Good point, but still no need for Curran to go for the glory by himself, sometimes you need to think of the team and not your own numbers, Curran hits it along the ground, we get at least 1 and we win the game imo

James ()

@Harrison101HD Yeah was a poor game all round for Curran tbh. Reckon it might’ve been a better idea to bring in Wood for the last ball instead of Rashid tho

Robster ()

@BumbleCricket Irrelevant if it should have been a no ball, we shouldn’t be losing when we need 7 of 7. Terrible shot by Curran could of easily dabbed it for two but instead hit high into the wind trying for the glory shot.

Mufc1991 ()

@englandcricket Needin singles to and Curran swinging across the line on a dying pitch. How are these international players. Brain dead!!

Patrick Scott🇬🇧 ()

@Matty1879 Read the previous replies, you’d have thought even Curran would’ve gone for 2s! Learning process I suppose.

Karl Garcia ()

@barriebeaver Morgan did brilliantly to put us in that position! Then plays that shot!! As for Curran what a twat of a shot💩

Michael Mueller ()

#bbccricket Morgan, Curran and Ali should all face heavy criticism for the way in which they got out, going for personal glory instead of playing for the team. They could have easily just knocked the ball around

Bip Keeping ()

@jasonplom @afcstu1978 An IPL club or franchise paid Sam Curran £800,000 for his services the other year.

Sir Brandon Sann ()

@nqabamatshazi Wow it was a nerve wrecking match bra. Curran could have chillled a bit too than taking that risky shot. What a beautiful game of cricket

God ()

Swindon top of the league, we win last night, England need 7 off 7 balls. Looks to be the perfect couple of days. Step forward Moron Morgan, Coward Curran and Arsehole Ali to ruin it all. Well done you fucking idiots.

Dre Harrison ()

@F1Maestro26 That was the adrenaline spike. He gets that over the rope, scores are level and the game is over. I get it. Curran’s glory Lordy.

Cricbuzz ()

Okay, 7 balls. 7 runs. Match done, surely? SURELY! Ball 1: Morgan miscues one to long-on Ball 2: Slower ball, Curran whips away to fine leg, 2 runs Ball 3: Curran mis-slogs to a waiting deep mid-wicket Ball 4: Slower one, Moeen swings and misses So, 3 balls. 5 runs .. #SAvENG

Surrey Cricket ()

Yes, Foakesy! 🙌 He joins Sam Curran & Ollie Pope in the Test squad for the tour of Sri Lanka.

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