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Batten down the hatches, Cyclone Cyrell will hit the dinner party tonight ! #MAFS.

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• I feel bad 4 Tamara & Mick. • I want to be as good a judge of character as Cyrell. That bitch can sniff bullshit from a mile away. • I love Jules & Cam • Also fuck Martha, ugly bitch. #MAFSAU.

#mafsau Martha youse is not a word Cyrell should have replied Plastic is not a face.

MAFS is cancelled. No point watching without Cyrell. Who’s going to do the truth bombs now? 😭 #MAFS #MAFSAU @Channel9 @MarriedAU.

Hmmm, John telling Cyrell that no one else would have where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, every abusive partner ever 😡 #MAFS.

@MarriedAU now we shall see what the experts have to say about the behaviour of Jess & Dan .......but no they will probably carry on at Cyrell & call her rant inappropriate !!!!.

The saddest thing is Cyrell seemed to honestly want to change from her anger issues and not only have the experts given her no real help the producers have clearly egged her on to go off at Jess for ratings This is just horrible #mafsau #mafs.

cyrell is the best thing to ever happen to this shit show seriously #MAFS #MAFSAU.

Jessika is so self absorbed, she doesn’t care about anyone but herself and her own feelings. Typical of the me, me, me generation. I might not agree with everything she says and does, but well done Cyrell on calling her out. Something that the experts should’ve #MAFS.

Jessika: These people have no idea who I am.....oh I think they do, so do we, Mick does, Cyrell certainly does! #MAFS.

@MarriedAU Cyrell is the only one who calls a spade a Big Cantaloupe! The 3 experts could learn from her and stop the emotional abuse of unaware spouses☝ Watching the mental torture of Billy is truly aweful 😕.

Batten down the hatches, Cyclone Cyrell will hit the dinner party tonight ! #MAFS.

What we’ve learnt so 1. Susie & Ines are a disgrace to the female population 2. Ivan’s protectiveness over Cyrell is bordering on creepy 3. Mike will still be a bachelor at 72 4. Jules & Cam are the only adults on the show 5. The experts are an absolute joke #MAFS.

Dear Cyrell, please stop taking relationship advice from your brother. You would get better advice from an 🎱 #mafs #MAFSAU.

I’m kinda happy Nic left, now Cyrell can get back to the crazy entertainingbitch she is. Game on moles #MAFS.

Cyrell isn’t single because she’s a whack job. It’s because her brother is certifiably a fuck wit. #Mafs.

So cyrell blows up about the leg thing but doesn’t blow up about her brother telling her husband to I was waiting for her to throw #MAFS.

Cyrell should be waayyyyyy more pissed off at Ivan. If one of my family members did that, I would go ballistic at them. #mafs.

I’m actually offended by the fact that Cyrell’s mum is periodically subtitled. Funny how the viewers can understand her perfectly #MAFS.

@MarriedAU My wonderful fiancee is an extremely lovely filipino Filipino community in Australia are a very great supportive respectful community. Cyrell and particularly her brother are not representative of the Filipino community..

So instead of telling the full story, Cyrell fuels her brothers anger & tells half a story. U lost me there. #MAFS.

Is anyone going to address the fact that Cyrell is 29 still living at home and on P plates??? 🤔 #MAFS #MAFSAU.

Ivan and Cyrell doing the Filipino community proud. Just like Rose Hancock Porteous did. #eyeroll #MAFS.

Enjoy your single life, Cyrell, cos no decent bloke is gonna want an interfering meat-headed gangster like Ivan for a brother-in-law. #mafs #mafsau.

Oh gosh. I loved Nic’s response to Cyrell’s mum’s separate bedroom rule. So respectful and drama free, well done. Her house, her rules. @NicccJ #MAFS.

Cyrell’s mum is right. If you are going to be married for 40 years you are going to argue. These days people jump ship as soon as you find out her sister is a vegan. #mafs #mafsau.

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