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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 14:03 PM IST

Daily Mail Top Tweets On Twitter

  • Jamie Redknapp: "Manchester United have won 20 league titles and City have long been in their shadow but the boys in sky blue now have the biggest pull for players. If you want history, go to United. If you want the future, go to City." [Daily Mail].

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  • Not the most important thing happening today but @heraldscotland contains apology to me for yesterday’s false headline - just 3 months after Daily Mail had to do same. Apologies welcome - but better still if they didn’t engage in baseless smears in first place..

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  • This is awful - Daily Mail throws reporter under the bus for what was probably the best paragraph the Mail has ever published. What about the editors who created the appalling lack of editorial controls?.

  • Like the stupid kid who goes way too far to try and impress the school bully, the Tories have even left the Daily Mail behind with their brutality on immigration..

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  • Daily Mail today vs Daily Mail every other day #windrush #dailymail h/t @mrjamesob.

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  • Refreshing honesty from the Daily Mail this morning.

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  • Every Daily Mail story takes 30 minutes off your life.

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  • Destroyed himself, according to Oliver Holt from Daily Mail. I am sure Buffon will not sleep tonight..

  • [#PL🇬🇧] Selon le Daily Mail, Man City pourrait être sanctionné, lors des deux prochains mercatos pour avoir recruter un jeune argentin âgé de 15 ans en 2017.

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  • The coup de grace from Junkee.

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  • why are we surprised by literally anything dumb the daily mail does when these are the sorts of captions they put on their pictures.

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  • Daily Mail reporter accidentally publishes mean words about white celebrities: immediate sacking [] Daily Mail photographer manufactures racial violence by provoking and abusing kids: no response [] 🤔🤔🤔.

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  • The Daily Mail reports that Playboy model Barbara Moore claims she had a six-month affair with Trump and had sex with him in front of her friend. It happened while Trump’s then-fiance Marla Maples was pregnant with his daughter Tiffany. #TrumpFamilyValues.

  • What a way to go..

  • Breitbart, infowars, the Daily Mail, Russia Today. The Kremlin. Are you a toxic racist? 03456060973.

  • And you think you’ve had a bad day at work ....

  • The daily mail is now a source of credibility. The same site that lets Pi**s Mo***n write for them. Dope..

  • This quote, from the Bachelor contestant in question, is actually fucking perfect. “I’m not shallow, or materialistic, which is what the journalist is suggesting,” she insisted. "I didn’t even know what vapid meant.".

  • @realchamalet I work for the daily mail, I’ll credit you!.

  • Gosh. Eight and a half years ago I was writing about Dan Hannan and Enoch Powell. Sadly more relevant now than then..

  • Former Playboy Playmate, Barbara Moore, has come forward claiming she had a 6 month affair with Donald Trump. Trump was engaged to Marla Maples while she was pregnant with his daughter, Tiffany Trump, during the affair. Moore has provided evidence and pictures to Daily Mail..

  • "Se a Marvel ou a DC ligasse e perguntasse se eu queria ser uma super-heroína, eu diria sim em um piscar de olhos!" Josephine conta ao Daily Mail, saiba mais em:.

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  • When the daily mail Snapchat puts up your tweet in their article. Give me my pesos..

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  • @Stillberto @Jon_Mackenzie @EveryTeam_Mark Yeah, a few of us have a running joke about that basic Daily Mail piece: Call of into the Championship.”.

  • @emlybkr How do you tell them from the vapid cunts that make a living schlocking copy for the Daily Mail? I guess the VC ladder has several rungs.

  • Эксперт Daily Mail заявил о "проигранной войне" Терезы Мэй.

  • Years ago at @nzherald a young student uploading stories used the slug name on photos to pass comment. Twats was her favourite photo slug for pics of reality TV stars. But the file name was visible. Thankfully she was intercepted before anyone discovered..

  • Good to hear the Daily Mail has rewarded the journo who wrote the truth about Bachelor contestants with never having to write for the Daily Mail again..

  • THE DAILY MAIL said this #film offered "a phoney, sanitised version" of its main subject -.

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  • Comey says Trump is morally unfit to be president - Daily Mail.

  • 【噂】ポグバいらん…モウリーニョ、数名を売却へ モウリーニョが数名を補強資金に還元へ。ポグバの他に、マルシャル、ダルミアン、ブリントを放出候補に挙げている。[Daily Mail] #モウリーニョ #マンチェスター・ユナイテッド #ポグバ #マルシャル #ダルミアン #ブリント.

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  • @LBC ...... How many readers does James n’Obrain think the Daily Mail has? It’s not mandatory you muppet jimmy!.

  • Philadelphia Starbucks manager claims loitering was ongoing problem | Daily Mail Online.

  • Some Labour MPs are so right wing they have Daily Mail readers supporting them, look at the comments underneath. #antiSemitism via @MailOnline.