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Updated: September 19th, 2021 12:37 PM IST

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Hundreds of protesters shouting “sack Dan Andrews” have gathered in Melbourne to stage an illegal Freedom Rally as police close ranks to shut down the anti-lockdown antics.

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dan andrews be like on 5 March 2022 indoor netball will return with a 9ft rule replacing the 3ft rule

@robirdie777 @TheTwilightZon9 Victorian Police behaving like the thugs that Dan Andrews and his Union mates applaud.

@TaniaLe84494434 @robirdie777 Nothing to love about the Victorian State Government and their Premier, Dan Andrews rubber stamping this heavy handed behaviour by the Victorian Police Department

Matthew Guy says he doesn’t like Dan Andrews’ plan to move out of lockdown and that it’s all going to take too long. I for one am absolutely shocked Guy has taken this position and did not see it coming AT ALL. I’m sure you all are too 🙄

@RawsonLana They (we) are expendable. I never expected to be betrayed by Dan Andrews line this. I will never vote for Labor again while he remains leader @JaclynSymes Brett Sutton looked strained and exhausted.

@KazemiAlex @MichaelPlankNZ Victoria have modelled and used public health measures successfully to exit the large 2020 wave. I was incredibly impressed with how bang on they were for their targets! Also Dan Andrews comments today 👇 They’ll tweak it if they need to based on current data ✅

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@RipperJacqthe So sad for #Australia you have a chance, because you are later to the vaccines, to see the complete bull shite mess they are and see the scam and just say “no”. Dan Andrews is about 5 months behind Europe. Wake up and resist the fail clot shots and vax passports now!

Dan Andrews ‘roadmap’: in 3 months if you’re good sheep you can travel more than 25km from home; you can have 30 ppl over for Christmas lunch if u behave. Police state continues in the world’s longest lockdown city #freedomrally #roadmap

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This is a road map to discrimination and a two tear class system. This is a road map to Dan Andrews blame shifting all of Victoria’s issues off his corrupted policies and onto people who don’t want to take an experimental drug.

Australia Covid live news update: Morrison confirms Porter’s resignation; Victoria roadmap revealed; NSW reports 1,083 cases, 13 deaths; western Sydney restrictions to ease

@DaveMilbo I feel totally betrayed. Normalising 2200 preventable deaths is not normal. Delta could and can be suppressed. This is social murder committed to protect profits. Shame on Dan Andrews

Victoria Roadmap To Re Opening Up Released Today By Dan Andrews 19 Sep 2021

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@tigertuffmark @ShitHotSuzy You can say a lot about someone, but saying they look like dan Andrews is an almighty low blow.

@QuinceRasputin I’ve been called out as looking like Dan Andrews too many times, he should be so lucky.🙃 Also some others have criticised my look & thought this might be more fancied. @ShitHotSuzy 😂😂😂

Victorian roadmap unveiled as Geelong region re-enters lockdown

@BJ1198 @DanielAndrewsMP question. are you genuinely a moron. let’s blame dan andrews for the stupidity of people who never followed rules. let’s also forget that there’s a global pandemic that no one knew how to deal with. as someone who went through year 12 in the height of the virus, he’s done well

Hundreds of protesters shouting “sack Dan Andrews” have gathered in Melbourne to stage an illegal Freedom Rally as police close ranks to shut down the anti-lockdown antics.

Melb Hs…ghostbuster Steve Price can’t help taking swipe at Premier Dan Andrews and team and road map…Steve may well be one of many citizens who just can’t handle roadmaps…us oldies/elders got directions from our trusty Melways.🇦🇺👏🤝🕊😁.

What seriously bizarre conduct by Dictator Dan to keep ban on removing masks to drink alcohol outside in Melbourne Does Dictator Dan have some personal vendetta against people drinking alcohol in public ? Or has he lost the plot ?? Or is he just a 🤡 ??

@samanthamaiden @GladysB This time Dan Andrews is not there every day BUT the depth of the team is evident and we just know he has our back.

god bless the gays that work in dan andrews’ office for this content :’)

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@swandane The only way out of this is to give Dan Andrews the boot at the next election be careful they will put in bullshit running candidates something like no more lockdown party. Those votes will go back to the ALP and they will keep us in lockdown for years The ALP can not be trusted.

@MFWitches And yet somehow Dan Andrews and the team, who stay to the end, patently answer every stupid repeat Murdoch gotcha attempt - are the bad guys. Go fucking figure.

@chris_p_hansen Both Dan Andrews and Mark McGowan announced at pressers that NSW would get extra vaxes right then (diverted from other States) because they had the outbreak. When it spread to Vic, they should have quickly been reimbursed. Instead, both States were lambasted for slow vaxing

Why hasn’t Dan Andrews showed up to today’s press conference @murpharoo. Is he hiding?

Dan Andrews fronted the press every day in Victoria’s big lockdown in 2020. He answered every question until there were no more questions, every day without a day off. Gladys Berejiklian is a disgrace. A gutless, prevaricating, mendacious disgrace.

@murpharoo @zerotoground Straight out of the LNP playbook, don’t answer tough questions and/or simply decline to be interviewed. Can you imagine if Dan Andrews did this.

Someone should show the good people of NSW a picture of Dan Andrews who fronted up to every COVID presser until the end of the second wave. That is leadership.

Melb h/s takes another swipe/kick at our Premier Dan Andrews…on a road to nowhere says propagandist journalist😳.

A Petition for those oppressed by Dictator Dan In the end it’s elections that really count The United Australia Party will be running candidates in Reps & Senate in the upcoming Federal election Join us in the fight for our FREEDOMS in Victoria

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