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Opposition immigration spokesman Dan Tehan wants Victoria’s Premier to explain the reason for his latest trip to China, saying he’s visited the Middle Kingdom ‘more than Warrnambool’. Read more:.

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I’m watching Chris Kenny on SKY Wingnut TV and what a load of shit it is . So far they’ve had Dan Tehan, Pauline Hanson, Sophie Ellsworth and after the ad they’ve got Old Koala Head Howard on . I can’t believe how out of touch these gronks are #auspol.

@australian Dan Tehan is a dill, corrupted by his association with theNewsCorpse LNP Crime Syndicate..

@SkyNewsAust Wasn’t it just Dan Tehan having a whinge? And we all know how well he went negotiating trade with China..

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@australian Dan Tehan needs to buy a subscription to the #Guardian if he wants to know what’s happening in the world instead of making flaccid false statements!.

Dan Tehan unloading on Dan re his trip to China. What a muppet he is. Does he think we have forgotten that the Chinese wouldn’t even talk to him ?.

@australian Hi Dan Tehan, Dan Andrews is going to China to buy a new flag pole for the Federal Parliament. #auspol.

@australian Dan the man of victoria, makes this puerile little shit look like the loser he truly is, andrews is trying to repair some of the anti china crap this moron an his govt did for nine long yrs, Piss of tehan, go an fly ur aussie flag, dork,.

@australian “ Dan Tehan demands” LMFAO….call me a doctor…my sides are splitting.

@australian Dan Tehan is nobody. He can go ….. himself. If he was important, he’d be in the loop..

@australian @RBJRON Sorry. Not listening to Dan Tehan, unless he’s playing his banjo..

@australian Dan Tehan knows Dan the Man from Victoria will probably be checking we have continuing cheaper supplies of staples available to our needs. The supply of which assisted in lifting 700 million Chinese out of poverty..

@Qldaah Sky News and Tehan attacking Dan Andrews trip to China - how dare he try to improve relations with China or get more trade or more students to Melbourne? How dare he..

@australian Mmmm, and who actually is Dan Tehan 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️.

@australian Something to do with trade perhaps? Agricultural commodities sure to be high on the list. Dan Tehan is beyond belief. Jesus wept..

@australian Who is Dan Tehan, why is he demanding, and why does he look chronically constipated? So many questions that need answering first..

@australian Dopey Dan Tehan is a Fed, right? And Dan is a state premier. Fuck off Dopey..

@australian Tehan? Just another in the conga line of corrupt lying liberal grubs and crabs. Dan runs a small country of seven million people. You helped faarrkk the lives and futures of 26 million so sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up..

@normboy562 Tehan really is a dope … Dan IS going to China but it’s not a secret … & the other Premiers have plans to visit China too to drum up business opportunities which will benefit both countries … education, trade & cultural issues..

@australian taxpayers are paying for it so why can’t tax payers know the Everything should ALL be recorded Every time they open their mouths really!! Onya Dan Tehan 👍.

@Picketer Dan Tehan is a nobody, wait your turn to be in government again if you want to screw over the middle to lower classes like last time which is hopefully never. We would be better off under Chinese rule than the LNP 😂.

@australian Well, Dan Tehan isn’t in the government so he can stick his demand where the sun doesn’t shine because no one gives a rats arse what he wants!.

@SkyNewsAust Jealousy is a curse with everyone in the liberal party now that they are in power virtually nowhere, no more so than Dan Tehan who was so used to the spotlight, and now has to get used to the shadows..

Dan Tehan was reminded that he hadn’t filled his quota of Labor negativity for the week. Poor Dan , forgot to do his homework , distracted by NSW votes ?.

@Russputin2 @australian He was never too bright - Dan Tehan, I was referring to 🤪😜😜.

@australian Tehan, your party is down to the toilet. Have you forgotten your boss (stupid Morrison) was the worst PM ever? Why bother asking for something when you know Dan is trying his best and you guys just trying to con the Australian public to believe in something that is not true. Bye.

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