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Dan Tehan on Josh Frydenberg just now on Sky News: “one of the best economic managers this nation’s seen”. I do like Josh, but you have GOT to be joking! The squibbing of reforms to tax, federation and IR by this Coalition government have been breathtaking… #auspol.

absolutely HUGE moves from @AlexDyson in Wannon. His efforts and those of his volunteer team cannot be understated. Wannon is cemented liberal and the fact he is this close to Dan Tehan is a huge credit to him..

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If the Liberals choose Peter Dutton to lead and Ann Ruston as deputy 🐟🍟 or Angus Taylor and Jane Hume 🍸 or Dan Tehan and Sussan Ley 😶🏹 the memes will write #auspol.

You know you’ve got a big rebuild ahead when Dan Tehan’s name is thrown as leader.😳.

Even if he doesn’t win it, Alex has shed some light on the huge crises (housing is a huge one) impacting the electorate to the extent that Dan Tehan must act. That’s the benefit of independents, they can have a huge impact even when they don’t win..

@Peter_Fitz The LNP could have had Julie Bishop 3 yrs & 9 mths ago. Instead they are considering Karen Andrews who has zero warmth or humanity? Dan Tehan ? Seriously? That’s desperate. Jason Clare will have a field day..

Outgoing trade minister Dan Tehan says it’s “absolutely vital” that incoming Prime Minister Anthony Albanese attends the Quad Leader’s meeting in Tokyo on May 24..

If Bennelong goes Labor, the only seat held by a former Liberal PM still in party hands will be Malcolm Fraser’s seat of Wannon, held by Dan Tehan. (The other PM, John Gorton, was the only senator to hold the office and switched to Holt’s former seat of Higgins.) #ausvotes.

‘You wouldn’t send Dan Tehan in to kill a rose’ says @samanthamaiden on choosing the new opposition leader #insiders.

Dan Tehan??? “You wouldn’t send Dan Tehan in to kill a rose….” Thank you @samanthamaiden #Insiders.

Alan Tudge is mystified that he has not been widely suggested for possible leadership. Despite the whirlwind around him, you would be rather astounded that Dan Tehan was being mentioned..

Samantha Maiden on Insiders, I think Peter Dutton would make a perfectly good opposition leader. She sighs in disgust at the thought of Dan Tehan..

There’s nothing wrong with Dan Tehan Says Samantha after an all nighter on Absinthe and crystal meth #insiders #Dutton perfect crash test dummy.

You know the Libs are in big trouble when Dan Tehan is being shopped as Opposition Leader and the empathy vacuums, Jane Hume and Ann Ruston, touted for Deputy..

@Paul_Karp I hope they continue this thinking this go further into irrelevance. I’m Labor, but voted independent, why? Because I saw Alex Dyson as having the best chance to diminish Dan Tehan’s margin in Wannon. Ask them to look at the number of people who voted independent, but Labor 2nd!.

#insiders Alan Tudge kept his seat! 🙄😂🙄😂🙄😂. Enjoyed @samanthamaiden scornful chuckle re Dan Tehan as possible leader. 😂😂😂😂😂 Look forward to Joshie comeback. Are you kidding!.

There’s nothing wrong with Dan Tehan? Just attacks education at every opportunity #insiders.

@albericie David Crowe on #insiders says Dan Tehan could be the new leader 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁🤔 Samantha Maiden nearly fell off the couch.

there is nothing wrong with Dan tehan says Samantha maiden a perfect crash test dummy. Says that frightenedbeg will be back next time ..

@hilife4us @WhteRbbnAdvocat Bottom of the barrel is the truth! Dutton, tax-payer rorting crooked Taylor OR Dan Tehan?! Good grief!.

Dan tehan Photo,Dan tehan Photo by BevP🌏#NIC #FedICAC #NoSafeSeatsAus = 🇦🇺🏛Ethics,BevP🌏#NIC #FedICAC #NoSafeSeatsAus = 🇦🇺🏛Ethics on twitter tweets Dan tehan Photo

@Peter_Fitz Talent pool is thinning but Dan Tehan would be my preferred of the two choices. But I still feel they will go with Dutton to attack and damage and then possibly swing a more palettable candidate in for the election.

@nvisionthing_au @Peter_Fitz Samantha Maiden snorted on live TV at the thought of Dan Tehan as leader She wasn’t even in the conversation and accidentally interrupted with an instinctive reaction.

Because Dan Tehan is a dummy. Pretty obvious. None of Morrison‘s team are the sharpest knives in the drawer..

Ugh @DanTehanWannon “You wouldn’t send Dan Tehan in to kill a rose” says @samanthamaiden #insiders.

Dan Tehan as Opp leader? Says it all for the hopeless LNP! 🤣🤣🤣 #insiders #AusPol2022.

@themarkjacka I think David Speers mentioned Dan Tehan. The panel nearly all.

@DarylTractor From Bottom up: Edwina Jane Hume, Sussssy Ley, Bridget McRorter, Dan Tehan (we need to know why Scott was sacked for TA) OR Alphabetically??.

@vanOnselenP You lost me at ‘Dan Tehan on Sky News’. No serious commentary to be found in that milieu..

@nikkitwiter @Raymartin55 Dan Tehan was also mentioned!! What a line up.😂🤣😅 OMG I could kneck 10 Serepax and still be more engaging than him. All the Charisma of a case of Thrush!.

@dunce_scotus Down in Anglesea recently and was surprised to see Dan Tehan posters. It has moved eastwards over the years, and also now includes Ararat. Kicking out Sir William McDonald was either a last hurrah for old bush ALP, or a precursor of environmental politics. Why not both?.

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