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Couldn’t love Joe Daniher’s decision to fly home this morning and miss his sides elimination final any more. He’ll be by his partners side for the birth of his child. I don’t know Joe but would have been an incredibly hard decision to make. I hope Brisbane wins..

The Lions have always said family comes first for their players. That they’ve let Joe Daniher go home hours before such a huge game without batting an eye says everything about how senior people like Chris Fagan, Greg Swann and Danny Daly operate at the club. #AFL #AFLFinals.

Greg Swann had no idea of whether a boy or girl but message from Joe Daniher was Bub good see you next week.

Joe Daniher would shit me to tears if he played for Carlton. Just goes missing and looks disinterested..

Bit of symmetry in this game for Daniher. He has kicked as many goals tonight as Essendon has finals wins since 2004 #AFLCatsLions.

Daniher plays like a self entitled brat. Give eme a free kick or else! Imagine being that tall, with that talent and zero work ethic. Enjoy him Brisbane..

Daniher continuing on from his form last week against Melbourne, it’s very good to see..

@MichaelWhiting Maybe a forward who can take a contested mark or at least crash a pack if he can’t mark it also. Daniher most over paid and over rated player in the league.

Neale Daniher is preparing to take his fight against MND on the road. 80 cars will travel in convoy around regional Victoria next month hoping to raise millions for medical research. @emma_os #7NEWS.

Brisbane. Awful F50 entries. No pressure. Daniher? Stand up! Also it’s becoming clear they need better mids.

Wait, Joe Daniher’s been playing this whole time? Can’t see him anywhere. #AFLCatsLions #GEEERRLONG.

@DanielCherny I’m visibly frustrated at Daniher not getting to contests and actually competing..

@rohancct Daniher now flopping for free kicks. Lions looked better last week without him..

Danger 🔥 McStay 🥶 Daniher 😱 The player ratings from #AFLCatsLions are in:.

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@Mike_TGSC Daniher goes missing in big games. Maybe him leaving was a blessing. Wright has been outstanding too.


@7AFL Is that Daniher, didn’t realise he was playing, done absolutely nothing 🫣🫣.

My radical plan on how the Lions can get back into this starts with Daniher getting rid of that fucking moustache.

As a Swans fan, would it be possible to send a bottle of Grange to Adrian Dodoro? Because boy did we dodge a bullet with Joe Daniher #AFLCatsLions.

Fuck I love seeing Joe Daniher not getting to grand Overated praying mantis.

@DonCaldwelll He should be happy and proud that he even made it this far! Some teams didn’t even get past the first round. Look at Melbourne, they won the flag last year and got knocked out and Daniher is upset bc they lost the prelim. Calm down mate, only 4 teams make it. Be proud!.

@AFL @RileyBev No chance with Hipwood and Daniher up front, the 2 most overrated players in the comp, found out last night with a cracking defence.

@brisbanelions Anyone hearing Hird wants Daniher back at the bummers just asking for a friend 🦁.

@AndrewKirbyGolf @rohancct Help but I’d be leaving Daniher out. They are used to the greasy conditions of the humidity of Brisbane. Also it pours there..

@crowey_crowe Was just saying if his surname wasn’t Daniher he wouldn’t get a game.

daniher stats 7 touches. score. Brisbane will NEVER win a GF while he is the number 1 target. At best he is a number 3 forward in a team. Brisbane should of not played him. #AFLCatsLions.

@brisbanelions On one hand, very proud of the boys to win over Tiges & Demons. On the other, they went back to that predictable play of trying to hit targets in the forward line against a formidable defence. Daniher, liability? All kudos to the Cats though, they were unbelievably good.

@Mike_TGSC Daniher couldn’t kick and still won a B&F Perkins has potential Let’s not overcook it’s.

@nickdillo02 @MichaelWhiting Gunston a good player but doesn’t help or fix the lack of a tall who will actually compete. If Daniher spent as much time competing as he does pretending he’s been illegally impeded he’d be Brereton/Brown/Carey combined..

@DonCaldwelll Rather him than the other two gumboots they have (Daniher & Hipwood) at least this bloke has some heart.

The three talls up forward for the @brisbanelions has made them play dumb long bomb footy. Error bringing Daniher back..

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