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Fitting that Darius Boyd’s biggest contribution to the Broncos this season is falling over. #NRLBroncosRoosters.

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Darius Boyd giving the boys DAP like he contributed 🤣 Brisbane would of probably put more points on us playing with 12 (no dive-ius Boyd).

Darius Boyd winning the game the only way he knows how: by not making a tackle #NRLBroncosRoosters.

Darius Boyd had his arms up asking for a penalty before he even touched Hargreaves #NRLBroncosRoosters.

Fitting that Darius Boyd’s biggest contribution to the Broncos this season is falling over. #NRLBroncosRoosters.

Why is Darius Boyd always whinging. Cameron Smith as well. Must be a #queensland thing. #NRLBroncosRoosters.

@SportsBFs Darius Boyd doesn’t throw many passes, but when he does, he makes sure THEY GO FORWARD. Fuck me dead..

Darius Boyd has obviously decided to be an active participant tonight. #NRLBroncosRoosters.

I often walk around my neighbourhood which features a huge public park that is great for “lurking”. Amongst the foliage are many sorts of people you might be inclined to describe as “characters”. I often wonder at the most wankerish looking fellas. “Are you Darius Boyd’s father?”.

@JoshieF97 Darius Boyd is easily the best of the bunch, you have no rugby league knowledge you little rat. Show some respect and get off this app before I give you a beating you will never forget. You wouldn’t know greatness if it pissed in your mouth you prick..

Really can’t believe some of the fullbacks we get to witness tonight, James Tedesco, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and the best fullback in the world making his return Dylan Edwards oh and Darius Boyd.

@BecharaRob He is [email protected] darius boyd, his miss on chambers was woeful. He can fuck off.

@v8tiger Religion is like coaching Darius Boyd. It’s been around so long, we know we should end it, but we can’t admit we were wrong.

@FOXNRL #AskKenty On a scale of 1 to a Paul Crawley Burner Account on Twitter, how do you rate Darius Boyd’s form this year ?.

My best play is just out the back and trying to hit the winger. - Darius Boyd. ✏️ via @JoelGould6 #NRL.

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Uh oh! Jimmie coming for the throne for greatest country music artist ever! Currently owned by THE Darius Rucker.

God is good!! As Pastor Darius Darius Pastor Collins Sr. Bless their new home, its is beautiful, Just look at God Bless Ours Son Spiritual, John Quell Boyd & his beautiful Lady Denise Tisdale.

@EelsTCT He was one step away from being within reach and stopped running. Darius Boyd efforts..

Going to the Darius Boyd school of defence while in Brisbane was a baaaaaad choice!!!!.

Fox League last night: Darius Boyd has been under intense media scrutiny, could be damaging Also Fox League:.

Can we call the common sense Why do our halves still take the catches??? ‘15 GF Brisbane’s Best catcher Darius Boyd was under posts where no one kicks it when Hunt dropped it. What am I missing? @AndrewVossy #NRLWarriorsDragons.

I reckon Darius Boyd would DJ like a mad cunt like John Howard. Someone get him on the stage here at Suncorp #NRLMagicRound.

South Sydney coach Wayne Bennett has ruled out signing James Roberts. No word on Darius Boyd. #NRL.

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A very proud Darius Boyd talks to us after our #NRLMagicRound win over the Sea Eagles - thanks to @Arrow_Energy.

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Dunno whether the guy with an assistance dog lining up for Love and Rockets or Darius Boyd running onto the ball for a try was the most unbelievable thing I saw tonight #NRLMagicRound.

@emmalawrence90 @chrislawrence04 Nice pot shot at Darius Boyd at the end of you segment, on your back now to get material and your job obviously.

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