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All aboard. Introducing the i̶n̶t̶e̶r̶i̶m̶ Senior Coach of the Carlton Football Club, David Teague. #BoundByBlue.

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Newly appointed Carlton coach David Teague joins Gerard & Robbo from IKON Park. We’ve got a lot of work to do and it’s not going to be easy, but the way the guys are buying in, we think we can become a really strong powerful club again. #AFL360.

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I’m not here for your David Teague negativity. A lot behind the scenes we clearly don’t know about, @CarltonFC always said they’d undertake a thorough search, they’ve done that, and now we’ve got to get behind Teaguey & the club as it won’t get any easier. Come on! #BoundByBlue.

Monster Thursday #AFL360 - Gerard & Robbo have new Carlton Coach David Teague with them, plus the retiring Hawk legend Jarryd Roughead at the desk. And Derm & Dunstall preview a mega Round 22 - up soon LIVE @FOXFOOTY.

@CarltonFC Absolutely the right choice and very impressive - cut through, authentic, got a positive game plan and congrats David Teague @CarltonFC 👍.

Fresh from officially being unveiled as senior coach of the Blues, David Teague will join Gerard and Robbo tonight! LIVE on @FOXFOOTY #AFL360.

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The Blues believe in David Teague, and he believes in the players..

VFL coaches who have gone on to senior AFL coaching roles since 2000: A Clarkson, R Lyon, A Richardson, M Knights, B Bolton and now D Teague. But dashing David is the only playing-coach (Northern Bullants in 2008).....

Had he been carrying his bat, David Teague surely would have raised it. This was the clear sign the Blues have changed for the better, writes @tommorris32..

Ultimately caretakers have a significant advantage. Several people applying for a job, and one of them gets to actually do the job during the decision process. Having said that, you have to take advantage of your chance. Rhyce Shaw and David Teague did that..

David Teague has officially been appointed as the senior coach of @CarltonFC:.

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A beautiful moment during a feel-good presser where David Teague was named as Carlton senior coach. 👏👏👏 MORE:.

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JUST IN: David Teague has signed on to be the senior coach of @CarltonFC for the next three seasons at least..

All aboard. Introducing the i̶n̶t̶e̶r̶i̶m̶ Senior Coach of the Carlton Football Club, David Teague. #BoundByBlue.

Excellent to see Cain Liddle come out and attack Gil at the end of this segment for his comments yesterday. Finally a club with a backbone again..

It’s the first time Carlton have joined the AFL for about 20 years, I reckon. #AFL360.

In August 2014 David Teague was jobless. Now look at him. This is his remarkable, untold story. 👇🏼 @FOXFOOTY.

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Coaching news, yeah, we know that, but watch to the end for Cain Liddle on Coniglio… #BoundByBlue.

This time five years ago he was on the coaching scrap heap. But after a call from the late Phil Walsh, David Teague struck gold, and now he has become arguably the AFL’s most unlikely senior coach, writes @tommorris32..

Proud Katandra boy David Teague making it big is up there with one of the best stories of the year for mine. Will give his all for the blue and white as he has since he was running around for the Kats in the juniors..

Carlton has appointed David Teague as its senior coach. A formal announcement on the reveal will be made tomorrow at Ikon Park. 🚂.

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Well done @CarltonFC and well done David Teague. We’re all with you. Go the Mighty Bluebaggers!#BoundByBlue.

The mood at Carlton right now! #boundbyblue @heraldsunmick.

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Carlton will reportedly appoint David Teague as their head coach tomorrow. READ MORE:.

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BREAKING David Teague has won the Carlton job, reports @tommorris32..

EXCLUSIVE | Carlton choose their man. David Teague lands senior coaching job via @theage.

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