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Updated: September 15th, 2021 10:37 AM IST

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Republicans are making a big deal about Biden changing his mind about vaccine mndates, but the ability to change is the clearest sign of an intelligent mind. Biden changed because the situation changed: Delta variant.

Delta Twitter

#ALERTA📣| Delta es una variante del coronavirus que se ha encontrado en más de 80 países desde que la detectaron en India, la misma es 40% más transmisible que la Alfa. ¡Protegerse y proteger a los demás, es nuestra responsabilidad! #YulimarEsVenezuela

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Active-duty soldiers must be fully vaccinated by mid-December, the Army announces in a statement.

Delta Photo,Delta Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Posiblemente una de las razones porque Delta ha estado relativamente contenida aún en 🇨🇱, es porque además de avanzar mucho en la vacunación, seguimos usando mascarilla 😷 (además de lavado 🤲🏻, ventilación y distancia social). Por favor no dejes de usarla 🙏 menos en estos días

Brote de coronavirus en la escuela ORT: suman más casos con Delta y llega a 61 el total de contagios

A vacina está ganhando o cabo de guerra contra a variante Delta no Brasil. Saibamos celebrar a boa noticia, mas com responsabilidade. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

“The delta variant is infecting and hospitalizing young children more than previous variants, and I fear these unregulated super spreader games could harm my child, close his elementary school and lead to further pediatric hospitalizations.”

@FlugschuleE Delta wütet ganz schön gerade unter den Republikanern und Antivaxxers . Jeden Tag sterben da bekannte Gesichter. Wird hier auch bald kommen

Menkes mengakui Indonesia kebobolan varian Delta lewat jalur laut. Kini, hanya tersisa satu provinsi yang tak terdampak COVID-19 varian Delta.

@_AstroGuy_ Matthew was supposed to release the remaster I made, but I guess its my turn to release it 👀

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A CDC investigation of an outbreak in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, between July 6 through July 25, found 74% of those who received a diagnosis of COVID19, and 80% of hospitalizations, were among the fully vaccinated. Most, but not all, had the Delta variant of the virus.

A reminder as we debate and argue about vaccine passports, lockdowns and vaccine take up the reason why we have high infection rates is due to the government allowing the Delta (India) variant to enter into the UK freely. The real reason why we are in this mess. Complete failure.

#Kuching Varian Delta menjadi varian dominan yang menjangkiti pesakit Covid-19 di Sarawak.

COVID-19 Delta variant breaches China again, just weeks after last outbreak

Professor Kazuhiro Tateta of Toho University, said, The Delta strain has a very large amount of virus and is found in the throat and in saliva. It is thought that there is a considerable amount that comes out even in casual conversation.

Passando para lembrar que ainda temos estoque de PFF2 nas seguintes marcas e cores: Aura s/ válvula Branca; Aura c/ válvula Branca; Ledan Azul; Delta Plus Azul; Supersafety Azul; PFF2 infantil Rosa e Branca; Vamos continuar nossa proteção? Venha conosco @estoque_pff #pff2 #covid

There were stories about people turning down Moderna back in the day for reasons I never learned. Maybe they should have not been divas after all.

“The average hospital stay for COVID-19 has cost Delta $50,000 per person … Every Delta employee who had been hospitalized with COVID-19 had been unvaccinated.”

La variante Delta está circulando, solo que en algunos lugares no se hacen testeos suficientes. El porcentaje de vacunación es bajo aún en el país ( 40/50) dependiendo donde se mida.

Delta variant: The Delta variant is highly contagious, about twice as contagious as previous variants. However, the same precautions, such as avoiding crowded spaces, keeping distance from others, and wearing a mask, still work against the Delta variant #AfricaCOVIDChampions.

Delta Photo,Delta Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

La variante Delta del SARS-CoV2 causa devastación en el mundo y ha sustituido a otras en los países donde ataca. Escuchamos de otras variedades como Mu o , pero no se le comparan y no van a sustituirla. La variante Delta viene por los que faltan. Vacúnate!

“Meanwhile, epidemiologists say Victoria could be within weeks of turning the third wave around, if vaccinations continue to increase and if most continue to abide by COVID restrictions. The alternative could be daily cases in their thousands.”

Önemli!.. Dr. Ümit Aktaş; Ne Delta’sı, ne Mu’su? Pandeminin başından bu yana virüs yüzlerce kez mutasyon geçirdi. Wuhan’daki virüs mü kaldı? Mutasyonları adlandırmak için alfabe yetmez! Aklımızla oynuyorlar. Mutasyon geçiren virüse karşı aşı üretemezsiniz. Açın gözlerinizi!..

@katcrazee @ArmyVet831 I have heard that. Seriously though? How the hell are we supposed to tell who has Covid, Delta, Mu…..? And if we don’t know, how can we even ask anyone to vaccinate (let alone force them to do so)?

@_DougAnderson Ehhhhhh. (Makes cringy face over large crowds). Thanks for the offer but even if I had use for a second ticket, that’s too much for me with Delta, I think. Still taking baby steps. Plus I haven’t been around more than 4 people at a time in 2 years lol

@ricky81121142 @lsferguson Yes, total politispeak. Facts are that Delta spreads regardless of vaccinated status. Look at : Israel, UK, Iceland, US. All highly vaccinated countries. Then look at Australia, an unvaccinated, locked down country. Curves are the same.

SARS-CoV-2 Variante Delta Resumen de lo que sabemos hasta estos momentos sobre esta variante. #Vacúnate

Delta Photo,Delta Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Mag-tatagalog na ako. Delta kayo ng delta, warning kayo ng warning. Pa granular granular lockdown pa. Pasaway lahat pwera ang mga tao ni Duterte. Meltdown at till: Do you think we want people to die? Heto ang nangyayari sa labas ng Palasyo. (Thread)

Republicans are making a big deal about Biden changing his mind about vaccine mndates, but the ability to change is the clearest sign of an intelligent mind. Biden changed because the situation changed: Delta variant.

BREAKING: In a bold move to aggressively fight the Delta variant pandemic, President Biden will mandate the Covid-19 vaccine for 80 million private sector employees.

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