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If they’re not going to do $2k a month and they’re not going to do student loan debt cancellation and they’re not going to do an immediate $15 minimum wage hike, how do Democrats expect to get enough people to vote for them in ‘22? We’re on a disastrous path

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Noah Finneburgh
Noah Finneburgh ()

If folks like Charlie Kirk could get away with literally just banning Democrats from voting, they would do it.

Steve Scalise
Steve Scalise ()

🚨 Total disgrace. → Tonight some House Democrats voted against honoring a United States veteran who spent 8 years in the Hanoi Hilton. This is a new low—even for them.

Pennsylvania Paleocon 🇻🇦
Pennsylvania Paleocon 🇻🇦 ()

When the Democrats actually cared about white working class voters

Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr. ()

Trump was apparently really bad at being a democrats, on the other hand, seem to be running with the dictator playbook BIGLY and it should scare the hell out of us all.

Rick Hasen
Rick Hasen ()

Do I think Democrats are going to be insufficiently bold on judges during the window that the Biden Administration has to be bold? Yes, yes I do.

Cody J.
Cody J. ()

Can we all just admit now that it’s clear that the Democrats can’t govern. We’re a month into this administration and the only thing they’re focused on is how bad Trump and the GOP are, and how they don’t care about people or the climate.

Stugots ()

WTF, Seriously. All of the perils facing Americans right now and this is what Democrats are spending their time


@atensnut The SCIENCE says kids can safely go back to TEACHERS UNIONS say obey the Teachers dont listen to the SCIENCE.

Democrats Photo,Democrats Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Charlotte Pitre
Charlotte Pitre ()

@ksorbs Addressing 2020 election fraud MUST be the premier issue, despite the Democrats’ 24/7 attempt at distraction & claiming that any who question the integrity of the election is stupid, insane or in need of reprogramming! Fingerprint or retina or fraud will continue. 🇺🇸KAG!🇺🇸

Robert Perry
Robert Perry ()

@ryanlcooper So the once in a decade (or much more in this case) storm and power/water issues facing Texans are the fault exclusively of the Republican Party, but the annual fires, rolling black outs and mudslides in California have nothing to do with Democrats? You are a hack

LadyFreedom ()

Democrats, this is exactly the opposite of America. She just wants to stay in the headlines. Lower IQ than the Wig Maxine.

PoliticusUSA ()

Donald Trump Jr. tried to defend Ted Cruz by blaming the “Democrat governor” when the governor of Texas is a Republican. via @politicususa

Susan1234 ()

Not to optimistic because FBI only seems to do well when it’s Republican but Democrats another story

Victoria Brownworth
Victoria Brownworth ()

I did predict that the GOP would defend Ted Cruz by attacking the Democrats. They really do have such a limited playbook.

Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson ()

The lockdowns prolonged the virus, I wonder if democrats know this?

Bonanza Sturgeon
Bonanza Sturgeon ()

@cit_uprising Right now the Democrats have got exactly what they want, 50 seats in the senate is just enough that they can have power without the expectations they will wield it. Unless something incredible happens though they are in for a rude awakening at the midterms.

PerseveranceIsKey ()

What the Democrats are trying to pull against #PresidentTrump with this No Glory for Hate Bill 484 by @RepLindaSanchez is exactly what Ramses tried to pull against Moses! Not going to happen @SpeakerPelosi ! Heard this great comment on the radio today!

Hampton ()

@TheRightMelissa Melissa, I just want to say to the idiot that keeps calling u black girl. I’m proud that u are not like most blacks and listen to the democrats lies about all the free stuff. You think on your own and don’t let democrats lead you. They never deliver on promises to blacks

sandra ROLDAN
Sandra ROLDAN ()

@seanhannity If we educate our children we will not have to deal with criminals in our society. is why the communist mr joe Biden/Kamala want our schools close no Bible .so the kids get in drugs and attack the parents perfect people to vote for satan democRats

Luke Russell
Luke Russell ()

If Ted Cruz were a Democrat he would have already resigned and been launched into the by other Democrats. And we would be right to do it.

Mike Adams
Mike Adams ()

The “Liberal Democrats” don’t think free speech is important 😩🤔 I’d suggest maybe changing their name? 🤡

Navy2003 ()

Happy Friday to All!!!!! 🙏🏻 send blessing and prayers for all the needy and suffering Americans. Because the Democrats are just going to give our money to organization and illegal aliens that don’t pay taxes.

Rob ()

@jbouie An excellent column on Cruz and the fuc×ed-up GOP. The question is how are democrats going to increase their clout in Congress in 2022?

Norman Firebaugh
Norman Firebaugh ()

BREAKING: Federal Investigation Opened Into Governor Cuomo- All The Democrats Are Turning On Him, Even de BLASIO via @AFF_PATRIOTS

Bunnyrun102 ()

@davidwebbshow @tedcruz For the global climate change Chinese socialist democrats Marxist leaning Antifa loving Austinites Vultures circling Texas to turn it blue over Chinese windmills ... not

AmericanPatriot ()

@lanele123 Obama always liked Harris and I believe he handpicked her. Democrats are so naïve to think they actually get to choose their Presidential candidate.

Jim Eatock (@JimEatock on Gab)
Jim Eatock (@JimEatock on Gab) ()

@ScottAdamsSays .@TedCruz spent as much time climbing power poles, fixing solar panels, patching pipes and increasing the temperature in Texas as did the Democrats calling for his resignation.

Susan J Walker
Susan J Walker ()

@SheilaGOP @RealMattCouch No Democrats will be impeached for Biden I have a feeling they will use the 25th amendment against him because he looks like he’s already suffering from dementia and Camilla will be our president and 966

MaryA ()

@JackPosobiec Jack are you trying to impress Democrats? Just so you know they returned from Bahamas and never told anything to anyone yeah they’re good that way😡

Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson ()

If they’re not going to do $2k a month and they’re not going to do student loan debt cancellation and they’re not going to do an immediate $15 minimum wage hike, how do Democrats expect to get enough people to vote for them in ‘22? We’re on a disastrous path

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