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MV Outfit - Tanabata Festival will be available from ⏰07/31 12:00 PM GMT-5 in Outfit Store! You can purchase the Tanabata Festival MV Outfit Set with 3000 Paid Diamonds. 📝The set includes Tanabata Festival MV Outfits (Ra*bits) and DIA Scout Ticket×10 #EnsembleStarsMusic.

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I was looking around for a bowl of diamonds, but I have not seen it yet. 😂💎 @BrandiGlanville #WWHL.

Another bizarre planet, 55 Cancri e, lies 40 light years away. It’s twice the radius of Earth but nine times as massive. What makes this planet special is it could have mountains made of diamonds..

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#sapsHAWKS North West: A 43yr-old suspect was arrested by the #Hawks in Mahikeng on Thursday, while attempting to sell uncut diamonds. He is facing a charge of dealing in uncut diamonds. ME.

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It’s not the diamonds it’s not the pearls I’m that girl.

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Trading million rhd /diamonds for a15$ visa gift card/giftcard/gc needed asap 😭-.

It’s only on stan tweet that people think diamonds and stones are of the same value ..

Lucy in the sky with Model Megan H with hair and make-up by Jeanerien Barnard, from a recent workshop we hosted at @CameralandCT with @CanonRSA, using the EOS R5..

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MouseHole Season 3! Check out my first episode this season! Thanks @_Scousey_ for making it possible and @acemods for the diamonds 💎💎💎.

Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life. --Ralph Waldo Emerson ---Prajeet SPLENDID KHWAHISH HITS 5M.

Not to be confused with 007 James Bond, whose 7th movie ‘Diamonds are Forever’ was released in 1971, OL-DL James (Jim) Bond was Calgary Stampeders’ 7th pick in the 1971 Canadian College draft from Simon Fraser. Jim played 73 games and won 1971 Grey Cup in 5 years (1971-75)..

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Details: BTS WORLD Originial Soundtrack (Fullset) - RM50 Free Postage #pasarBTS #pasarBTSMY.

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True friends are like diamonds—bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style😇🤝🤝🤗🥰 @thebindumadhavi @varusarath5 #Bindumadhavi.

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oh okay at THE GRAY MAN’s main character spy is named 6. this shit makes DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER look good.

$GHC will be exploding anytime soon and when it does it will rain diamonds to its holders. #GalaxyHeroes.

London-based bespoke jeweller Bobby White made us this unreal one-of-one Lamborghini badge out of rose gold, sterling silver, enamel, VS diamonds and midnight blue sapphires for our Charity Auction on #Toronto2Miami 💎 Check out how they made it 🤯.

Using up all my diamonds, finally… #バウンティラッシュ.

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I’m personally v happy the Diamonds won but there were some absolutely fucking wild coaching decisions made today & I don’t know that I’ll ever understand it.

This UK company is making synthetic diamonds from CO2 emissions 👀.

@mchkzn Yes it is. The ball diamonds face Juanita. The main entrance to the diamonds are at the end of the outdoor rink..

royale high adopt me murder mystery 2 mm2 psx pet sim x looking for trading selling buying godly ancient small set chroma set halo for high tier giraffe frost crow parrot owl shadow dragon mega neon nfr mfr robux psx gems rhd rh diamonds gcash paypal welkin genisis crystals.

Ein neuer Tag, ein neuer Buchstabe. Heute gibt es Prince & the New Power Generation - Diamonds and Pearls #AtoZ.

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@renjun5ft4 right but like . at least sm pretends that you can play and earn enough diamonds (which you can) and the micro transactions are more for specific LE Themes and such.

@CryptoEmdarks Small but strong community! Insane amount of diamond hands. Feel free to check etherscan. Join telegram, and ask/see why have so many diamonds. $TINU #UtilityOverHype.

Hii ✨ Doing free edits. These are my 2 free edits I’ve done so far. My pinned shows more examples. You can do me the photos or comment them under my pinned. Hoping to open comms for diamonds someday! 😊.

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Congratulations to The Australian Diamonds on their victory against Jamaica - including SA’s very own Sarah Klau! Australia has now officially won 1,000 Commonwealth Games Gold Medals! 📸 Mike Egerton//PA via AP.

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when i was in middle school i owned and operated a marina and the diamonds fan account that had over 2k followers.

Himmatramka started Do Amore, which he said was profitable, after going shopping for an engagement ring himself — and being put off by the moral price tag on some of the diamonds he found. #Handmade #Silver--output=.

Details: BTS EXHIBITION IN NEW YORK 24/7=Serendipity - RM100 Free Postage #pasarBTS #pasarBTSMY.

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@KatoriHall Very interested in learning more about Diamonds background next season cuz I’m claiming syndication for the PANK! 😎.

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