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“Some people aren’t taking this seriously” - like your ministers when they hired dodgy security gaurds for a quarantine, #dictatordan?

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Kleo ()

This was completely unnecessary #DictatorDan The toll of human suffering is on your Government

Angelis Dania
Angelis Dania ()

Why aren’t Victorians suffering under these Draconian restrictions given any real and public insight into the analysis and deliberations of the AHPPC? Their statements on the government website aren’t nearly sufficient in that regard. #DictatorDan #COVID19Vic

James Newburrie
James Newburrie ()

“In terms of permits, I’ll have more to say soon” - so #DictatorDan plans check points where people will ask “papers please” #springst

William the Conqueror Returned
William the Conqueror Returned ()

@newscomauHQ #DictatorDan did this to us, not only is he destroying businesses and lives, but he wants to make meat a luxury good. @DanielAndrewsMP must be held accountable for his crimes, or it is proof this system is beyond repair.

Les Deplorables
Les Deplorables ()

Not satisfied that #euthanasia laws were killing enough oldies #DictatorDan sentences them to solitary confinement to increase death rate. @realRicBosiLTC

Scott G 🇦🇺
Scott G 🇦🇺 ()

The scariest thing about #DictatorDan supporters - they think this stage four lockdown for six weeks will eliminate the virus. God help us.

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XYZ ()

#DictatorDan is looking for a person of colour who also has a cervix to fulfil the new role. It’s your XYZ.

Slade ()

@RitaPanahi @cherrypieit If #DictatorDan was a lib premier all the labor/green simps would’ve added another emoji in their handles in protest . Ie 💧🔥

James Newburrie
James Newburrie ()

The Lockdown failed because #DictatorDan wouldn’t use police and ADF for hotel quarantine like every other state and territory, and now this government, beset by the corruption of Adam Somyurek, and red shirts, and belt and road, is doubling down on a failed strategy #springst

Slade ()

@RitaPanahi The same people defending #DictatorDan to death despite all his stuff ups, condemned Scomo ad nauseam for being on a holiday.

No longer quiet
No longer quiet ()

The #DictatorDan defense Cult has been out in force lately The man is responsible for the greatest peacetime disaster in our history and you want to defend him #danslaughter

Dyncymraeg ()

@catherine___c Yep, he knew from the start, #DictatorDan was warned but ignored all the advice & warnings.

🇦🇺Take the Red Pill🇦🇺
🇦🇺Take the Red Pill🇦🇺 ()

I just broke the law and went for a walk down the street during curfew. Now I know what the world looks like when all the people are gone. Quiet, still and very spooky. #DictatorDan #resignDanAndrews

Uncle Ben
Uncle Ben ()

@DanielAndrewsMP You have ruined our economy for the next decade because some 80+ year olds have died from the flu. Congrats #DictatorDan

Uncle Ben
Uncle Ben ()

#DictatorDan has ruined Victoria’s economy For the next decade because a bunch of 80+ year olds have died from the flu.

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Tweetermaan ()

75 % of the Population 0 - 69 have had 22 deaths due to Covid 19 in Australia Crossing the road is more dangerous FFS Once you get over 70 death is a natural event caused by breathing oxygen for too long amongst other risk 25,999,792 Australians are doing ok #DictatorDan

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Bforbob172 ()

@OzraeliAvi The only disaster is the socialist tyrant in control of our state. #DictatorDan needs to stand down. Victoria is looking more and more like China every day. No coincidence in my opinion.

AusJAK ()

a quick scroll through reveals that there are some absolute cretins using the #DictatorDan hashtag.

Paramythia ()

#DictatorDan and his new rules for Victoria. At least in prison you don’t pay bills and get fed three times daily.

Richard Davies
Richard Davies ()

Don’t think that they should call Daniel Andrews #DictatorDan as it there is a certain level of competence associated with being a dictator. Better description is #Disasterdan as that is the result of his actions

GilletsBleu ()

bring on the moniker #DictatorDan ppl who take it seriously out themselves as people not to be taken seriously.

Liam ()

If you use the #DictatorDan but at the same time criticise trump you’re a dumb cunt. One of them is literally a dumb cunt and the other is trying to keep people safe, if you want to complain about it a curfew trying to keep you safe go ahead you cunts

Greg ()

@AtThePicnics #DictatorDan is the greatest thing to happen to QLD Real Estate in 50yrs. Vics fleeing the nanny state in droves for the next few years.

Anthony Long
Anthony Long ()

@Adam_Creighton Don’t panic, @vanOnselenP will write a column about the erosion of democracy and specifically call #DictatorDan out.

James Dwarte
James Dwarte ()

Democracy died today in Victoria Dan Andrews really showing everyone why he is #DictatorDan

Dr Camouflage🤦‍♂️
Dr Camouflage🤦‍♂️ ()

Andrews. No need to stock up on food. Yet Im shutting down industry What a fucktard. #DictatorDan

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KV ()

@BaronBlacky @JGademski Yet this feckless politician manages to get re-elected ! What about all the corruption, out of control crime and now, the utter debacle and mismanagement of the Covid19 crisis. Will Victorians hold #DictatorDan to account at next election?



James Newburrie
James Newburrie ()

“Some people aren’t taking this seriously” - like your ministers when they hired dodgy security gaurds for a quarantine, #dictatordan?

James Newburrie
James Newburrie ()

And now #DictatorDan is show for the world to see - he just suspended the human rights charter and even prisoners are entitled to 90 minutes daily exercise. Imagine the screams of fascism if a Liberal went this far because they were “sick of it”. #springst

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