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Omg did y’all see this?!! Yes it’s and John come to Netflix on Valentine’s Day!! And now the story will be told around the #DirtyJohn @netflix.

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Comencé a ver #DirtyJohn en Netflix. Primero pensé que Debra era bien pendeja, después recordé todo lo que yo he vivido, he sido bien pendeja por creer en personas mentirosas y manipuladoras, así que todas hemos sido Debra alguna vez..

i swear the acting in #dirtyjohn is so bloody bad, i can barely watch it but i’m still going to because i have no life.

Si Joe de #YouNetflix te daba miedo, te presentamos a #DirtyJohn. Todos los episodios ya disponibles..

#dirtyjohn @NetflixUK hooked!!! Based on a true story! Narcissistic sociopath!! Frightening how these people weave their web controlling their unsuspecting vulnerable victims!.

veronica in #DirtyJohn is the girl who dyed her eyebrows black in wild child what’s she doing in america? i thought they embraced their little village! 🥴.

The fact that this is based on a true story is terrifying. People are CRAZY #DirtyJohn.

Episode4 of #DirtyJohn love makes you crazy and naive !!! 😔 And most of all vulnerable. #Netflix.

Estoy viendo #DirtyJohn y es idéntico al marido de una de mis primas, hasta le pegaba a mi tío de 70 y tantos en ese entonces. El tipejo murió solo como merecía, abandonado en un hospital..

Here I was thinking I miss Tinder, but I’m like 5-6 episodes deep into #DirtyJohn and im happy being single forever 🤷🏻‍♀️🥰 even if he’s as sexy as Eric Bana.

Dear Lord married at eight and a half weeks 😳😞😣😖 #FixItJesus #DirtyJohn.

assistindo #dirtyjohn pq aparentemente aqui a gente gosta de série de namorados surtados.

5 minutes in and im hooked. @conniebritton is a queen. Why am i starting this at 11pm??? I need sleep @NetflixUK got the school run to do in the morning!!! #dirtyjohn.

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Ya disponible en @NetflixES la serie de Connie Britton y Eric Bana, #DirtyJohn !!.

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15mins in and I’m already obsessed with the TV version of #DirtyJohn - wondering if there’s anything Connie Britton can do that I would dislike. Obviously Rayna = 👸.

Ah tiens, une nouvelle série #Netflix avec la belle Connie Britton, Nashville doit être fini. #DirtyJohn.

Yay! #DirtyJohn comes to @NetflixUK today! In your FACE, #ValentinesDay! In your entire and absolute FACE..

Netflix estrena en #SanValentín #DirtyJohn la serie perfecta para dejar de creer en el amor.

He might look nice enough here, but #EricBana will scare the pants off you as sociopath John Meehan in #DirtyJohn ⁦@NetflixANZ⁩.

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#DirtyJohn stars @EricBana67 and @conniebritton tell TV WEEK how the true-crime podcast was turned in to a series:.

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#DirtyJohn : la série phénomène de Netflix va vous faire passer une mortelle Saint-Valentin.

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I’m holding my breath for #DirtyJohn to land on Netflix today. The podcast was incredible, the TV adaptation looks just as good. Great job @EricBana67.

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We spoke to Aussie superstar actor @EricBana67 about playing a real-life con man in chilling new Netflix series #DirtyJohn.

One of our favorite Aussies, @EricBana67 is at Brekky Central to chat all things #DirtyJohn.

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Why Do We Love Scammers So Much? #DirtyJohn @NYTimesArts @AbbyEllin.

Omg did y’all see this?!! Yes it’s and John come to Netflix on Valentine’s Day!! And now the story will be told around the #DirtyJohn @netflix.

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