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Dockworkers vs. 🇷🇺. Swedish dockers have been refusing to handle 🇷🇺 cargo for weeks. Elsewhere, too, dockworkers are blockading 🇷🇺 goods. That means that - sanctions or no sanctions - 🇷🇺 cargo is stuck. Talk about having an impact. Me @ForeignPolicy.

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Dutch dock workers are refusing to unload a tanker with Russian diesel in Amsterdam, a day after dockers kept the ship from entering Rotterdam port. The tanker set course for the Netherlands after dockworkers in Sweden had turned it away..

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Hate to see it. Switkowski is walked from the field after a knee to the back of the head. 📺 Watch #AFLFreoNorth LIVE on ch. 504 or stream on Kayo: ✍️ BLOG 🔢 MATCH CENTRE.

WINNERS and first goal Feels for Hayden Young 💜⚓🥰💪 6 in a row BABY!!! DOCKERS 102 VS ROOS 24 #foreverfreo #AFLFreoNorth.

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What did you make of the fan holding up the streaker until security arrived, footy fans? #AFLFreoNorth.

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I feel like I see this woman a lot in replays of Dockers games. She’s got flowers. Is she someone’s mum?.

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Fremantle record their second biggest win against North Melbourne as the Kangas register their lowest ever score against the Dockers #AFLFreoNorth.

NOW | Caleb Serong is chatting to the 6PR Football team after the Dockers big win over the Roos! Come join the post match review! 📞1 33 882 Tune in: 📻882AM 📱6PR App #AFLFreoNorth.

dockers cheer squad trying to keep the wave going like the bloke who accidentally yells an extra “freeeeooooooo” after everyone else has stopped.

Freo, way to go! Hit ‘em real hard, send ‘em down below Oh Freo, give ‘em the old heave ho We are the Freo Dockers! 💜⚓️🤍⚓️🟣⚓️.

One more goal, be nice to see Dockers top 100 again just for the novelty of it #AFLFreoNorth.

👀 DOCKERS ALPHA ORIGINAL SLIM 💰 Juste 46,11€ au lieu de 53,98€ (-14%) 🔎.

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Fyfe to the Dockers are looking dangerous. He has options ahead. He kicks it to the well, Clurey looks like a man in a darkened room trying to discover where all the furniture is, @BotBrianTaylor!.

Freo punish ‘self-preserving’ Roos; shining light in North Melbourne horror show: The 3-2-1.

Check out this listing I just added to my #Poshmark closet: Dockers supreme flex size 38. #shopmycloset @poshmarkapp.

The dockers recruitments staff- I take a bow! Clark, asmiss, Brodie,Fredrick,chapman , O’Driscoll and many more! Just incredible!.

@philalvaro great to watch the style of play & the youth coming through your Dockers but that song is a disgrace! Can’t you band the Members together to get a new one; maybe with 2 different verses & some life?.

Fremantle Dockers defeats North Melbourne 102 - 24! Six Wins in a row for Fremantle! #AFL #dockers.

Love these Dockers… They’re building a superstar team & they’re doing it without superstars… #foreverfreo.

Final stat update with #Supercoach scores in for #AFLFreoNorth at.

Well done to the dockers for handling out flowers 💐 to some mothers fir Mother’s Day ..

So friggin proud! UP THE MIGHTY DOCKERS!! FLAGMANTLE 2022 baby! 💜💜💜💜💜 @freodockers @freovnorth #freovsnorth #flagmantle.

Freo vs North Melbourne. To misquote a song title It Must Be Something Scorigamical. #AFLM_Dockers_Roos. #102_To_24..

Watching the Dockers v Nth past my bedtime 9pm and I Live in Perth ....I doubt there would be a audience in Melbourne at this time of night good night my fellow Plebs.

Os Dockers seguem controlando a partida e Hayden Young marcou o goal após um turnover. Fremantle lidera por 73 #AFLFreoNorth.

North player knee to the Dockers player head. 5 weeks suspension. These athletes know where their body parts are. Filthy.

Interesting watching the Dockers in tight is they handball outside of the contest, rather can keep it inside there’s always a player positioned well outside and they hit them up every time. #AFLFreoNorth.

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