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Fantastic! A very happy birthday to the Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston! 🎂 #DoctorWho

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#DoctorWho series 13 to begin filming later this year

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Again, another amazing #gallifreyone convention. A big thanks to Shaun and all the other staff that have made the worlds greats #doctorwho convention. The fans were so kind and so much fun as always. Hosting Mark Mcqoiud’s panel was such a blast! @gallifreyone

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The @DoctorWho_BBCA deleting tweets which show an ounce of gay 🥴

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The ascension shall 🤖This Sunday at on @BBCOne! #DoctorWho

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10th, 11th, 12th & 13th Doctors Cybermen 2006-2020 #DoctorWho

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Leaked from the BBC America trailer for ‘Ascension of the Cybermen’. It looks like the David Tennant era Cybermen are returning in the finale! 💫 #DoctorWho

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The master stole my heart ()

Я просто здесь, чтобы напомнить, что в новой серии #DoctorWho было целых две отсылочки на эру Девятого ЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫ

Who-Time ()

What are the Tennant era Cybermen doing there? really, since it’s the end of the Cyber War, we should be seeing some ‘Revenge’ style ones, no? #DoctorWho #DoctorWhoSeries12

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OTD 1968: #DoctorWho The Web of Fear 3 Introducing Nicholas Courtney as Colonel – soon to be Brigadier – Lethbridge-Stewart Initially a suspect, he’ll become one of the series’ longest-running and most beloved characters

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Bafflegabs! ()

Gah, #DoctorWho was so good tonight. I love everything about Jodie Whittaker’s performance, she’s seriously up there with my favorites.

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#DoctorWho Que vaut le gothique et terrifiant The Haunting of Villa Diodati ? On décortique tout ça dans notre nouvelle critique A Chaud ! ➡️

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Ahzam. ()

There are times when Doctor Who does horror perfectly. Today was one of those. Brilliant #DoctorWho

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Doctor Who: The Majestic Tale Trailer via @YouTube #DoctorWho

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Jodie is such an incredible doctor! I hope she remains on the show for at least a couple more seasons after this one. #doctorwhoَ

Amy ()

I love haunted house stories, so I liked that creepy aspect of the story. The Lone Cybermen looked like a roided out rent-a Borg. The scene between Claire and Yaz was reminiscent of Clara and Maisie in MOTOE. A call-back to Bill, I think 👍 #DoctorWho

The Doctor ()

So Percey, who’s been consumed by the Cyberim, was in the house but the perception filter kept him hidden, causing the changes in the house. But the Cyberim holds the history and instructions for the Cybermen. And the lone Cyberman is after it. Oooh this is brilliant. #DoctorWho

ConStar, Hufflestunting Into #BlackWizardHistory ()

Ryan is so funny. Just consistently funny. Without being annoying or slapstick or overdone. Perfect. @TosinCole #DoctorWho #TARBIS

ILeonD ()

Great episode but I thought of poor Bill as soon as she said I felt the pain in the line. #DoctorWho

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jack harkness: LET ME SEE WHAT YOU HAVE the doctor: A CYBERIUM jack harkness: NO! #DoctorWho

TardisMonkey @GallyOne2020 ()

Being proud of @The66Ramblers on stage with somebody called @twilightstreets showcasing the amazing colourisation work on #DoctorWho ‘The Daleks Master plan’ #Gally1 ❤️✨

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WhoHats ()

The house guests are safely stowed in their sleeping quarters at Who Hats Towers. It’s finally time for #TheHauntingOfVillaDiodati! #DoctorWho

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MeticulousBroadcast ()

Also surely the cybermen have to beat the doctor this finale in order for Jacks stuff to mean anything. Why would the alliance send the cybrium back or whatever it is. If The Doctor had always won in the first place? #DoctorWho

James Woods ()

Tonight’s #DoctorWho was pretty great, probably my favourite of the series, loved it!

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Who knew you’d bump into the Mayor of Cardiff at #Gally1 🤷‍♂️ #DoctorWho

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ParaDoxic ()

Really solid episode of Doctor Who there, nice work with the horror factor, as well as that Cybertwist! #DoctorWho

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Это должно быть написано в одной строке! #doctorwhoَ

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The Companions of Who 💫 ()

Just want to appreciate how strong and dark the dialogue was for the Cyberman ! Definitely made them scary and as they should be ! Just can’t express enough how much I loved every aspect of the story 😍 #DoctorWho

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James McDonald stans The Tsuranga Conundrum ()

HOW FITTING that tonight’s #DoctorWho episode was about Mary Shelley and Frankenstein and just now the MOTHER of all lightning bolts hits Bristol and thunder echoes around the city. This is one insane storm I’m genuinely a bit scared. #sendhelp

Doctor Who on BBC America ()

Wishing a very happy #DoctorWho birthday to the fantastic Christopher Eccleston aka the Ninth Doctor!

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Fantastic! A very happy birthday to the Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston! 🎂 #DoctorWho

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