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🚀PUPWEISER TO THE MOON 🚀 Wag your tail for this doggone DOGE cryptocan. @SlimJim please share with #DogeArmy🚨 #PupweiserContest

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Crypto DonJuan
Crypto DonJuan ()

Elon Musk, DOGE market maker? Meme currency pumps as SNL skit looms

Nyame Dua
Nyame Dua ()

@spiritual_bitch @iJaadee Trust wallet, Atomic wallet, metamask wallet, ledger wallet, valud, donut, brave browser. Cash app is best to purchase BTC. I purchase ETH on Trust. You can purchase, almost any coin, BNB on Atomic & exchange for DOGE. The coin comes down to reading the white paper.

May I Be
May I Be ()

Wow #DOGE is gonna crazy !!!🎉🎉 To $1 dollar is coming 😍 To the moon! 🚀🚀🚀 1. Retweet + Like #CTBot Adrop Ram 5 TATM 12

Nishant Jaiswal
Nishant Jaiswal ()

@WazirXIndia Not able to buy Or sell doge Worst Every time it glitches when volumes are high @NischalShetty

Ganjarino ()

@TheCryptoLark @TimmyTimX2 Im gonna wait until saturday and gonna sell most of my doge, I think it will crash soon

Manny Lyon
Manny Lyon ()

@Sophie_newton Ladies and gentlemen our guy just reached another million Never underestimate the power of #doge

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Syra. ()


JustaStranger ()

@CryptoStaceyB @JustinC_ATX Right? If there was ever a time when the pump was predictable it would be this coming week until the SNL and if Elon plugs doge while on UP UP UP.

Kylie ()

$DOGE 600%+ PROFIT😍✅🚀 Checkout the link in bio for crypto signals $DASH #bitcoin #DOGECOIN $IOTA $WRX $TRX $XMR $SOL $CAKE 46373

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Budweiser ()

🚀PUPWEISER TO THE MOON 🚀 Wag your tail for this doggone DOGE cryptocan. @SlimJim please share with #DogeArmy🚨 #PupweiserContest

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Rony Roy Crypto 🇮🇳
Rony Roy Crypto 🇮🇳 ()

I had 10K $DOGE yesterday. Now I have around 21k #DOGE all by playing the small corrections. Literally, low-risk moves here. Multiply those tokens bro! #IndiaWantsCrypto

茉莉♂ ()


𝗸𝗮𝘆𝗹𝗮 ()

@NekronVS haha yeah I bought in at sold it because it dipped, literally a week later it spiked. I bought in at .10 at 4K shares. doge will never go anywhere if people keep pulling. if you buy into doge be into it for the long run or it’s not going anywhere. 🥺

dietrick ∞ hardwick
Dietrick ∞ hardwick ()

@radiokevin Funny, maybe 1% of climate change and criminality is from crypto. Why is he not talking about the 99% of that and fiat currency? Meanwhile, #Doge is at .40… where is your goD now, Maher?

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@elonmusk The dogefather can you send me some doge on my wallet plz DRYSPi3T3WHRUg9w2bA1GsH2EBV7uhsywb

#1 ()

. 🌕 $ 🚀 . $ . . . $ . . . . $ . ⏳$ 💥$ 🌏 $DOGE #DogecoinRise #dogearmy

falcão na pista
Falcão na pista ()

@lucasperesstore Eu ia comprar essa semana, mas ai acabou que fui no Bitcoin. Essa semana do doge tava 1,1 reais quando vi e hj batendo 2,2 reais. Era melhor ter feito um trader no doge que valorizou 100 %

Doge&Elon saves the world ! DOGE USA
Doge&Elon saves the world ! DOGE USA ()

@dogecoinfacts 1TR marketcap is nothing on the longrun , over 100TR in fiat money worldwide , at least 20% will flow in the space by the end of next cycle and what do you think regular folks are buying ? the most Funny and HONEST coin in the world ! with the nicest ,strongest community !#DOGE!

💣🐰OXT BUNNY🐰💣 ()

@JRNYcrypto People in #crypto soon! $OXT $ADA $LINK $DOGE $BNB #SmallCaps ...... $BTC 👀

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David Gokhshtein
David Gokhshtein ()

I ain’t going to give price prediction on $DOGE - but it’s spreading hard. People are jumping on the wagon now. When I said people, those who are important in this world who can make things happen.

Krypto Kyle ✌🏼
Krypto Kyle ✌🏼 ()

Our Happiness is greatest when we contribute most to the Happiness of others. #doge ✌🏼

Preston Blankenship
Preston Blankenship ()

$DOGE traders. I have some charting done from way before and these lines have been solid! Use at your own risk!

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Rakesh Kumar Jena
Rakesh Kumar Jena ()

@elonmusk Its absolutely precious day if doge will grow I hope doge will grow 1000 rupees

WhaleTrades 🐳
WhaleTrades 🐳 ()

📈💶$713,414 $DOGE LONGED @$ [28/04/21 07:09:28] 🏪FTX | DOGE-PERP 🗣️When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro - Hunter S. Thompson

Franck Kasperek
Franck Kasperek ()

@pierrebasss il tweet une fois sur doge, un projet débile, dcp ça monte en faisant baisser le reste

Self-Aware 🤫🚀💎💎
Self-Aware 🤫🚀💎💎 ()

Translation: we need crypto for the poor! Why do you think their are unlimited dollars! Poor people need to feel empowered. Hence why doge is a two dollar coin!

WorldOfCrypto ()

elonTweet = fetchElonTweet(); if ((Doge)) { buyDoge(); }

Zello_57Alay ()

@TurkElit #Doge nin babasi, 8 Mayista SNL komedi showunu sunacak. Tweet bu. Adam kendinin tv ye cikacagini soyluyor. Coinle alakasi yok. Bizim cahil cuheyla atladi yine doge diye.

Pangeran⚜ ()

Babi Ngepet is a solid name for a new crypto coin, tbh. Same meta too. $BABI should be up there with $DOGE. Not a financial advice.

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban ()

When was the last time you looked at your bank account and felt like you had more money to spend and things got cheaper? Doge might not go up , but I’m saying there is a chance. That’s why

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