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WE NEED YOUR HELP! There was a missed connection at the DBAP at last night’s Bark in the Park. If you know these two doggies, please let us know (sound on). #DBAPDoggies.

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Polls are now closed. Had a great day handing out HTV cards for @_Oliver_Yates in Canterbury. Talking with voters, meeting doggies and chewing the fat with other HTV people. Thanks for the opportunity Oliver and I hope people in #kooyong voted for you. #KooyongVotes.

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We interrupt this #strachevideo with soothing pics of a cutesy family of doggies @TanjaSagt.

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@GeelongCats Doggies are playing much harder than us and are willing to get their hands dirty. Only experience and polish keeping us on top..

A lovely refreshing walk with the doggies. Beautiful blossom and gorgeous scents all around..

⬇️HALFTIME SCORES⬇️ The Cats lead the Doggies by 22 POINTS at the main break✅ #AFLCatsDogs #Supercoach.

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Ffs all that work for the previous goal and then the doggies just give 2 away like Why bother?? #AFLCatsDogs.

Love to the see the Doggies win this one and let the emotion flow Go Doggies #AFLCatsDogs.

BLUE AND BELLE 💗💙 They are settling in well here at SSR but are still looking for a foster/forever home. They will be looking for SEPARATE, PET FREE HOMES. They are very loving doggies and we are so glad we….

Daily devotions usually includes 2 or 3 doggies on my lap. ~.

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@9_Moley @GCTitans Because they were expecting him to drop this week u might Doggies 💙💙💙.

babies and doggies. could it get any better? day is made already.

Yea the Doggies 16-0 down , 22-16 top win 👌🏻 now the #MightyBombers Cmon!!.

@Chappers2013 @PBaloo Dogs love holidays! I love watching their little doggies dream dances when you get home, wondering if they are dreaming about a big of it lol.

Why do the Gold Coast continually keep kicking it to that 7 foot tall Doggies winger 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️ #NRL #NRLTitansBulldogs.

@NRL_Bulldogs great stuff !! So good to see the boys !! #proudtobeabulldog.

Great work on keep this lead and get more ...will be a great comeback here doggies ..Please hold on #proudtobeabulldog.

Keep the pedal to the metal Doggies!!! BRING IT HOME!!! #NRLTitansBulldogs #proudtobeabulldog.

@deniseshrivell Totally beside myself, can’t concentrate, walked Doggies down to local booth , relaxed atmosphere, chatting with volunteers, even one liberal person is very moderate. It’s not in the bag yet, I’m really hoping for a kinder government.

Shall notify all the doggies in my area. When is their Voting Day?.

Both my bad ass doggies decide to retaliate against me and destroyed my living room when I got home, they’re in Time out with supervised meal.

He’ll have lots of doggies in the veg patch then. 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐾🐾🐾🐾.

So had to make a choice today. Go to Elizabeth and watch my Doggies, or stay home and watch the showdown. I chose poorly. 🤦‍♀️.

Spontaneous trip to geelong to watch the number 1 team in the world take on the doggies. Excited/10 Boys/living 🙂.

For the love of Rugby League I hope Penrith don’t have to play the Doggies this year. That game would be commentated by Matt Nable, Blocker, Braith Anasta and Justin Hodges. It’s the abomination we deserve. #NRL #NRLTitansBulldogs.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! There was a missed connection at the DBAP at last night’s Bark in the Park. If you know these two doggies, please let us know (sound on). #DBAPDoggies.

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