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Updated: October 21st, 2021 11:38 AM IST

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Dolphins’ deal with the Texans for Deshaun Watson “could go down this week,” per @McClain_on_NFL The NFL trade deadline is on Nov. 2

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Dolphins’ deal with the Texans for Deshaun Watson “could go down this week,” per @McClain_on_NFL The NFL trade deadline is on Nov. 2

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#Texans are working toward a potential deal that would send Deshaun Watson to the Miami Dolphins that could get done this week. If not this week they still hope they can get it done before the Nov 2 trade deadline.

Texans, Dolphins could have Deshaun Watson deal done this week via @houstonchron

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it would be so satisfying to be on a pristine white sailing boat speeding through the tropical sea, a pod of dolphins swimming alongside, and then when one leaps out of the water beside me I ding it hard with a baseball bat

2 things killed the Dolphins today. Shitty coaching & shitty officiating. Tua ain’t had shit to do with it.

The Dolphins have lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars. People need to lose jobs, people.

Tua Tagovailoa is 33-47, 329 yards, 2 TD, 1 bad INT and 22 yards rushing coming off broken ribs. Today taught us what most of us already knew. The Dolphins have much bigger issues than Tua.

#Dolphins CB Byron Jones (Achilles/groin) has been ruled out for today’s game vs. Jacksonville. Miami will be down Xavien Howard and Jones in the secondary. Kickoff at 9:30 EST.

Ever wonder where MarineLand’s dolphins live throughout the winter when the park is closed to the public? These pics were taken behind the scenes at MarineLand. This cruelty must end. #FreeKiska #SaveSmooshi

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The #Dolphins have activated QB Tua Tagovailoa off injured reserve and he’ll start. They also elevated WR Isaiah Ford and WR Kirk Merritt for Sunday’s game vs the #Jaguars.

Did you guys know that god made dolphins kind & friendly & jumps up because they can feel danger before it comes so remember when they swim close too you & tilt they head & fan that’ means grab on… dolphins saved over a thousand ppl from🦈 attacks. 🐬

Thank Goodness the Dolphins are flying to London tonight because they’d probably have to watch their lowlights against Tom Brady all night long since the Bucs are playing tonight

Last week: Jets-Falcons This week: Jaguars-Dolphins All of England:

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Rudy ji was actually right. We saw some 50 dolphins today in the Ganges. We should promote this place. It has the potential to turn out into a tourist place.

Fewest receptions allowed among all Safeties with 100+ coverage snaps played this season 1). Jevon Holland, MIA - 1 🐬 2). Marcus Williams, NO - 2 3). Devin McCourty, NE - 3

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#Dolphins starting QB Tua Tagovailoa in action in his road back from broken ribs. Ribs have rested for three weeks.

Positivity Day Dolphins - 38 Jaguars - 17 Tua: 308, 24/31, 4 TDs Waddle: 12 REC, 165, 2 TDs Gaskin: 126 total yards, 1 TD

The Dolphins need offensive playmakers. Myles Gaskin should be extremely busy every single week.

I was struggling on the ‘How To Communicate With Dolphins’ course, but then suddenly everything clicked. #LunchPun #RateMyPun

Teams with best remaining TE strength of schedule 1. Falcons (Pitts living on the 🌝) 2. Bills (Dawson Knox 📈) 3. Eagles 4. Dolphins 5. Colts 6. Texans 7. Saints 8. Rams 9. Jets 10. Broncos

Tua Tagovailoa back on the practice field! #FinsUp Watched by The King Of The Dolphins! 🐬👑

The Bills are currently No. 1 in scoring offense ( PPG) and scoring defense ( PPG Allowed). There have been only two teams to ever finish first in both categories -- the 1996 Packers and 1972 Dolphins. Both of those teams won the Super Bowl.

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From @GMFB: The hope is that #Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa (ribs) comes off IR and plays this week, while #AZCardinals pass-rusher Chandler Jones lands on the COVID-19 list.

Week 5 Video Mailbag @spox ! 🥇Wer wird Rookie des Jahres? 💪Top 5 Offensive Lines 😬Was ist los mit OBJ? 🚨Die Dolphins-Klatsche als Trend-Hinweis? 👇👇

If the ‘The Dolphins’ motto isn’t “Alcohol and Night Swimming” then I’m out. #NRL

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Reminder: Now that MarineLand is closed to the public, performing whales and dolphins will be moved indoors and to different pools. As pictured below, this often causes injuries. #FreeKiska #SaveSmooshi

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Let me say this & put it in the universe. Brian Flores was in the discussion for coach of the year in 2019 (head scratcher for me) & 2020 (10-6). Yet Dolphins fans now want him fired for the team’s 1-4 start. Where is the grace? Has he not earned your trust, respect, patience?

The Eagles are currently on pace to receive an extra top three pick from the Dolphins this Spring and all it cost them was trading down six spots last year to draft a receiver that is currently outproducing the receiver that Miami drafted with their pick anyway.

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