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BREAKING Don Pyke has stepped down as @Adelaide_FC coach..

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[email protected]_FC players and officials have rallied around the departing Don Pyke, with the coach hosting a ‘last supper’ at his home following his shock resignation. @WillCrouch9 #9News.

During the @Adelaide_FC review. Everyone: It’s a boys club, Roo out, Burton out, Pyke out blah blah blah Don Pyke walks from his tenure as coach. Everyone: Let’s chase Rutten, let’s chase Bassett etc 🙄🙄 #weflyasone.

Adelaide hierarchy will form a panel within days to find a replacement for Don Pyke. #AFL.

@RalphyHeraldSun Are you saying Danny Frawley predicted that Don Pyke was going to be sacked on September the 12th 2019, 18 months ago on a Friday night on SEN? WOW 😳😳😳.

Don Pyke: My resignation will be the biggest news story of the day. Willie Rioli: Hold my urine sample. 😂😂😂.

Many will remember the losing grand final and past 2 years. But Don Pyke helped guide the Crows during exceptionally difficult times to the brink of a flag & that needs to be remembered as he departs. My analysis:.

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I think it’s really rude that I left for Sydney (aka the AFL black hole) this morning and we’ve had; Todd Goldstein re-sign, Carl Dilena resign, Don Pyke get the sack and Willie Rioli suspended for allegedly tampering with a urine sample for a drug test. Did I miss anything?.

Big changes in Adelaide have begun as Don Pyke exits the Crows after 4 seasons at the helm..

Im hugely impressed with don pyke. In particular his honesty. Unfortunately, externally, you often learn about these qualities when public figures loosen up in their final press conference. I’m not surprised he’s been so successful away from footy.

Massive news night on semi final eve - Gerard & Robbo have a packed Thursday #AFL360 agenda. -Don Pyke departs -Willie Rioli banned -the teams are in -Garry Lyon & Jason Dunstall remember Danny Frawley -Dermott Brereton & Jordan Lewis preview the footy LIVE @FOXFOOTY.

NOW: Richard Douglas shares his thoughts after Don Pyke announced his resignation from the @Adelaide_FC.

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I’ll be joining @Raf_Epstein shortly to talk about statues (and probably Don Pyke as well). @abcgrandstand.

Wish Mary would have the same respect for the Dragons as Don Pyke has for the Crows.

It’s semi final night at the #AFL360 desk! Gerard and Robbo will go through the Don Pyke news, the big ins and outs, plus Dermott Brereton and Jordan Lewis to preview a massive weekend – LIVE @FOXFOOTY 7:30pm EST.

It’s a tough game. Don Pyke brought great integrity, intelligence and compassion to the task at the Crows. Thanks for giving it your all, Don. All the best. #DonPyke farewell statement -.

I thought it was a sign of mental strength for Don Pyke to play the Richmond club song throughout his press conference..

Pretty good statement from Don Pyke. Found this particularly poignant: CC: MEDIA WANKERS.

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Many thanks to Don Pyke for his time with @Adelaide_FC. By the numbers our best performing coach ever by win-loss. We rolled the dice on an ageing list in the hope of keeping the window open for a flag but it didn’t work out. The fans backed the strategy, so we have to own it..

Don Pyke has started what will be a necessary conversation about aspects of the sport. Look forward to seeing where it goes. #contentment.

Well spoken Don Pyke now Adel get rid of the old boys and bring in outside success.

Few expected Don Pyke to quit the Adelaide Crows coaching job so quickly. But it’s especially shocking when you consider how well his record compares to recent and past coaching greats..

. @kanecornes: Don Pyke never endeared himself to the media, he never endeared himself to the Adelaide supporter base..

[email protected] on Don Pyke: He never endeared himself to the media, he never endeared himself to the Adelaide supporter base. #AFL.

BREAKING Don Pyke has stepped down as @Adelaide_FC coach..

[email protected]_FC coach Don Pyke has decided to step down as Senior Coach of the Adelaide Football Club. The latest in 7NEWS at 4pm and 6pm. #7NEWS.

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