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1. Staines 2. Maumalo 3. Naden 4. Doueihi 5. Tupou 6. Brooks 7. Wakeham For me next week. Must separate the halves..

Adam Doueihi is expected to be named at Fullback for this weeks clash! With Brooks and Wakeham in the halves..

If anything comes from an 0-3 start, it ~has~ to be the last we see of a Brooks/Doueihi combination. Moses offer shows the club sees it moving forward, so why not now..

Who are you more concerned about currently? Brooks or Doueihi? Honestly, think it’s Doueihi for me. Good contest, however.

Next week 1. Staines 2. Tupou 3. Naden 4. Doueihi 5. Ken or To’a 6. Wakeham 7. Brooks 8. Klemmer 9. Api 10. Stef 11. Ipap 12. Bateman 13. Joffa 14. Blore 15. Kepaoa 16. Pole 17. Twal.

Should the Tigers stick with Doueihi at fullback and Wakeham in the halves❓🤔.

Whether you believe it’s a coincidence or not, Wakeham taking over and having Doueihi out of the halves freed the side up. Even Naden and Tupou saw some early ball. Another game against a so-so opponent missed through execution and direction from the spine.

In the 51st minute as the Tigers trailed 20-6, Nofoaluma was pulled from the field in a surprising move 👀.

Doueihi still the one where not sure he has an out and out position. Uses his edge as little or less than Brooks does and his strength is purely running. Defensively an issue wide but also not mobile enough to be #1 probably either..

So really it’s an either/or now in terms of the halves. Through 3 weeks, who do you stick with in the halves? Brooks or Doueihi? (Very clearly not both).

Take always from the game - please keep Junior on the wing - I would die for Kepaoa - Doueihi in the centres - We are a different team with Wakeham.

David Nofoaluma has been hooked, with Adam Doueihi moving to fullback, Charlie Staines wing and Brandon Wakeham at 5/8.

On this: Doueihi averaged 59ppg @ FLB back in 2020 (playing 80 mins) Only kicked goals in 3 of those games though. Take GK off, and it’s So with the 6ppg he’s got from GK so far, he might just be a hold. For now. #NRLSuperCoach.

Adam Doueihi isn’t a 6. Luke Brooks is a broken 7. When will the club accept change is needed in the halves. @WestsTigers management head in the sand (again). #NRLTigersDogs.

Listening to the magic sponge confirms my Adam Doueihi fears! Possible turf toe. Should keep playing but will hinder him, stall most of his training and affect his explosiveness. He didn’t look himself out there and may be a reluctant trade for Mattrix Reloaded #NRLSupercoach.

Sheens team change that just happened Nofa-> Bench Wakeham -> 6 or 7 Doueihi -> Fullback Staines -> Wing.

If Adam Doueihi turf toe is true, surely we sit him. That shit hurts. From memory Nic Cotric missed weeks and weeks a few years ago with it??.

The only correct lineup for next week is the one that doesn’t include Doueihi and Nofa.

It’s hard to put into words, but i think brooks and doueihi complement each other well. Both don’t really wanna organise, both seem manufacture into players there quite not. Like you partner either one with Wakeham i think you get better results..

@FOXNRL Doueihi is NSW cup at best. The tigers have a bad attitude as well so regardless of the changes, if they don’t change their behaviour and mindset there’s no improvement. I feel for their very loyal fans.

I’m just saying, since everyone went back to calling him Dooey after the World Cup, Doueihi hasn’t been the same. I also don’t think he’ll still be a Wests Tigers player by season’s end..

@NBWT__ 1) Laurie 2) Maumalo 3) Naden 4) Doueihi 5) Tupou 6) Brooks 7) Wakeham 8) Klem 9) Api 10) Pole 11) Kepaoa 12) iPap 13) Bateman 14) Twal 15) Stef 16) Ofa 17) Blore.

@FOXNRL Doueihi played just had bad in fullback as he did at five eight. He drop the ball right on the try line and let Burton run straight past him.

Raiders make several last-minute changes as Sharks remain unchanged 🤔 Late Mail 👉.

Doueihi Photo,Doueihi Photo by Fox League,Fox League on twitter tweets Doueihi Photo

BOTH OF OUR HALVES MAN WTF IS GOING ON Brooks can’t land a pass, yet people defend him That being said, Doueihi is testing my patience.

Adam Doueihi claimed they worked on changing the redzone attack but doing 50 hospital passes a set wasnt what i had in mind.

Tigers coaches have got no idea who their best spine is which is concerning. Staines, Laurie, Doueihi have all had a (shit) shot at fullback and the halves swapped mid-game. One thing for certain however Brooks at halfback..

@WestsTigers,Timmy CC; Benji & Robbie MY19 1 Staines 2 Tupou 3 Naden 4 Doueihi 5 Mamaulo 6 Brooks 7 Wakeham 8 Klemmer 9 Koroisau 10 Utoikamanu 11 Papali’i 12 Bateman 13 Ofahengaue 14 Kepaoa 15 Blore 16 Twal 17 Pole 18 Talau 19 Simpkin Ps Dig deeper this week,U have 2 want it.

@SCAdrianasaurus Doueihi to brown in rd6 is something i have pencilled in. Not many great 5/8 options atm imo so just holding doueihi.

Adam Doueihi and Luke Brooks are set for significant backline shifts..

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