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Reminder: a VONC is not going to pass unless enough Tory rebels actually…rebel. So I’m not holding my breath. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but I’ll believe it when I see it..

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I know it’s Friday and everyone’s getting off work and ready to party, but I’ll be the Debby Downer and remind you that until our immigration POLICY changes, there will be people in those concentration camps. They’re STILL there even though the news cycle has moved on..

Being single is hard. Coming home to an empty house, no one to cook for or cock to worship is a downer. #singlelife.

Real downer to be told Friday afternoon that you missed a few spots when you shaved your summer beard three days ago..

@Antagoniste_net Steve lors de la 2e Guerre: “Les communistes sont aussi pires que les Nazis! Oui les Nazis sont en train d’exterminer les juifs, les handicappés, les homosexuels, etc., mais on doit aussi combattre le communisme!” *Les Nazis gagnent la Guerre* “Je suis un centriste illuminé”.

Reminder: a VONC is not going to pass unless enough Tory rebels actually…rebel. So I’m not holding my breath. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but I’ll believe it when I see it..

Can people shut the fuck up about the pisstaking now? I mean ffs all the whinging is just putting a downer on the whole fucking thread. You can never outlaw peoples right to speak whatever they want no matter how much you may not agree. #TheChase.

▪︎(金) 新宿NINE SPICES▪︎ NOT FOR SALE 2.疾走 3.三番線、もう見えない 4.ハッピーエンド🎥 5.アウトサイダー.

@tracybeanz I get it, but after this length of time there have been no indictments, no arrests, and we’ve been fed a steady diet of tic toc with no following “boom”. Epstein’s death seems to be a show of Deep State reach. I’m not trying to be a downer, just fed up..

Another Debbie Downer.🙄.....must be related to David Morant..


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@JohnOSullivan36 @AlexanderDowner Ok that’s it. Anyone who uses the vacuous, meaningless, lazy, sanctimonious, but mostly meaningless, term ‘virtue signaller’ in any post is now blocked. Good excuse to get rid of that ridiculous FRWNJ Downer anyway..

@kelvinfiji Also Australia’s former foreign minister, Alexander Downer attacks PM Ardern on Twitter. It’s awful..

Easy. Simon Downer away at Torquay, 25 Feb 2017. Keeper goes off injured & no sub so defender Downer takes the gloves. He only let in one as we came from 2-1 down to win 3-2. 😄.

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@MikeCarlton01 @AlexanderDowner has been hammered since he arrived on Twitter. Patronising elitist thinly veiled self interest and nonsense doesn’t float well. Downer you’re no longer foreign minister or 🇦🇺 diplomat, thank goodness. Go away..

@MikeCarlton01 Lord Downer of Downturn Manor has Relevance Deprivation Syndrome .... and perhaps early Dementia ?.

Sad to see Downer (and Morrison) have never understood what ‘real’ people live their lives for - a living wage, equality, justice and clean air, a future for our grandkids. @jacindaardern #auspol..

I installed a shower screen with the incorrect trim. Had murder getting the screen out to re-install correctly. Litterally on a massive downer until @ClearChoiceCF came and gave me a hand. A bit of muscle and some swearing and it’s fine! Many many thanks Jo. #topMan.

@AlexanderDowner Shut up Downer. You have no place commenting on this. You are irrelevant and have retired. Go away and by the way learn to spell. It is bare, not bear. You idiot..

@firstdogonmoon Alexander Downer must have provided McCormack with the sage advice that the key to international diplomacy was to be patronising to those you consider of a lesser rank in.

@kfullagar Forget them every ANZAC Day for most of 20thC, constantly claim their inventions/celebrities/cultural outputs as our own, radicalise bogans + send them to slaughter NZ citizens, leaders slag their pollies out of jealousy. When has Aus even been a best friend? Downer the dropkick.

Credit where it’s due, it’s remarkable how Downer *always* gets himself ratioed. Even the likeable, faintly self-deprecating tweets still get ratioed. It’s a gift..

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The first successful thing Downer has ever done: build an impressive ratio.

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We are literally talking about the survival of entire countries, yet Downer describes the (inevitable) switch to a low-carbon economy a ’huge cost’ for the richest and most powerful country in the region. Axiomatic I know, but he’s hopelessly out of touch..

“The Howard and Downer government, they were shills for the corporations.” Great read on Timor and Witness K by @knausc..

Downer saying he didn’t spy on Trump campaign as high commissioner — why he couldn’t have! — because he’s actually a reactionary right wing culture warrior is some of the best telling on yourself I’ve seen..

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