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Haaaaaa! I love when a headline is pre-written in Debbie Downer speak 😂.

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I’m not trying to be a downer but dead ass I’ve been feeling so ugly lately especially without make up, I just wanna feel good about my appearance :/.

Columbia Boys Soccer-Congratulations to Edward Downer on his Suburban Council Boys Soccer All-Star Recognition at today’s Section 2 All-Star Banquet. Great honor for all his hard work this season! @ColumbiaDevils.

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ive finished Bojack ages ago but i still keep going back to “Downer Ending” in szn 1- such a fucking well-written episode.

EPICA - Unleashed オランダのシンフォニックメタルバンド.

Dungeons on the whole are a downer. Due to the seting, you will get absolutely pig sick of places based on stone style buildings. #Ys9Jeff.

Hate to be Debbie Downer, but advancing the ball down the field solely by penalties isn’t “hanging with” anybody in a way that any fan should be proud of. The Bills were outclassed today. On to Pittsburgh..

@MikeFullerwrite @GeorgePapa19 Downer is loser, no one pays him money..

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A lot of people will take my time of me opening up about my addiction to bring me down but to be honest their is nothing more you can say or do to bring me downer than I already am so say whatever the fuck you please because I’m use to it..

Alexander Downer, I never knew you thought so much of me. For the many, not the fishnetted few..

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Haaaaaa! I love when a headline is pre-written in Debbie Downer speak 😂.

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