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Frank not performing is exactly what a crowd who would boo Drake deserves.

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@dishooomm @mjawandz11 yeah I feel like Tyler should’ve known his crowd would do that lmao. Also it was extra funny because Tyler kept bringing out people like Rocky and Uzi to do 2 songs each in that set and then Drake severely misunderstood the crowd and asked them if they wanted more from him.

Drake such a professional , this why he’s one of the 🐐’s fr.

I thought we collectively loved Drake, wat y’all doing?🤦🏽‍♂️.

Drake is still the biggest artist in the world and everyone in that crowd is gonna continue to dress like shit for the next 3 years so who really won..

Frank not performing is exactly what a crowd who would boo Drake deserves.

I wasn’t at Camp Flog Gnaw but that’s some Un grateful sh*t from an crowd. Drake one of the biggest artist in the world and ya’ll gotta have more respect for both him and TYLER. Ya’ll have any idea how hard that is to make happen?.

When @nfl and @nba seasons overlap and you can’t decide which one to mix it up! Play both! 미식 축구 랑 농구 시즌겹쳐서 어떤거 할지 모를때... 섞어! 둘다 해! Song: Drake - Gyalchester.

kevin o chris >>>>> n consigo ouvir a versao do drake, odeio qnd americanizam o funk kkkkk.

drake acabou com a musica mas eh feat drake.

Kevin O Chris lança remix de Ela É do Tipo com Drake ….

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@johntbrown95 Those two would be a very unpopular opinion but one thing I appreciate about Drake is that he’s around every year and gives us bangers. Gets hella boring waiting 3 years for some of these artists..

“VAI NOVINA VAI” kkkk muito bom Kevin o Cris feat. Drake e a Tradutora do Google.

🎵 Nouvelle apparition de Drake en feat avec le remix de Ela e do tipo de Kevin o Chris.

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alright if drake is at astroworld you can bet i’ll be showing up by myself idc.

Perfeito Drake cantando em português completamente poliglota.

Bitches will go to Toronto and try to get backstage at a show like “OMG DRAKE”, bitch he don’t want you to go backstage cause your breath OMG STANK!.

Drake performed at Kylie Jenner’s Sweet 16. Now they’re dating? - The Mercury News.

Drake vem pro Brasil, não deixa televisionarem o show dele, só come batata frita trazida de fora e agora vocês vêm me dizer vai lançar remix de funk ???? O desrespeito, é fazer a gente de trouxa.

Wendy Williams Says Kylie Jenner And Drake Dating Was ‘Inevitable’ – ‘It Was Only A Matter Of Time!’ -.

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@mevlut7_ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂(mon gateau c’était vrmt drake en plus oops).

Drake is officially in the weed business with his new company ⬇️.

Kevin o Chris “Ela É do Tipo Remix” ft. @Drake @KevinOChris.

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“People talking to me like I’m slowing down. OPINIONS over STATISTICS of course”-Drake.

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