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Only 2 ppl he gotta share that country with is Drake and Beiber and neither are athletes. Fucking jackpot.

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Only 2 ppl he gotta share that country with is Drake and Beiber and neither are athletes. Fucking jackpot.

When Drake do that “is you stupid are you crazy is you dumb” line >>>>>.

@_TerryLee_ If LeBron or harden faced time drake after series lost people would be accusing him of not caring and shit.

Young, Drake really was doing post game interviews. I’m sick of yo 😭😭😭.

2 hal asik buat jd selingan analisis game 6: 1. @Raptors ganti dp sosmed 2. @Drake ngeluarin 2 lagu dalam bentuk album mini, judul EPnya Chip to the 6ix.

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I want an album. @Drake you owe us atleast that bro 🥺.

@xnafie The only good drake songs were his old ones , he’s downgraded so much lmao.

Happy for @Drake, I mean he didn’t do shit, BUT glad the #SixGod got his First Ship! 💍🏀🏆.

@WorkingMoney589 @Crypto_DashXRP I saw u down in Jurassic Park with your #XRP hat was standing next to drake😂😂😂 #knicks win it next year!!!.

de acordo com meu gosto musical, quantos % a gente tem em comum? 10% bob Marley 10% Djonga 10% DRAKE 10% travis scoot 10% MC Davi 10% xxx tentacion 10% seu Jorge 10% Michael Jackson 10% notorius BIG 10% TUPAC.

Drake To Drop Two Songs After Toronto Raptors Win NBA Title.

@stephenasmith @Raptors This fool never gave them credit now he’s jumping on the wagon like drake when a team wins a title.

Drake is an embarrassing cringe lord and always has been..

I’m just thinking about all the songs Drake bout yo release this summer cause of this win.

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@carsonc_5 @Drake Hey it’s the first time in two years that Stephen curry got put in his place because Toronto deserved to win.

I feel like Drake don’t have any real friends. Like no reeeeal homies that’ll be there if he needed them at like 4am.

Os cara coloca o Drake aí quem não conhece acha que é jogador.

hey @Drake what kinda chips are we talking here? tortilla? maybe some ruffles? or are you adventurous and get a flavoured kind to dip? also, what kind of dip?.

Drake used all the power that stole from other athletes losing to help raptors will their first nba title.

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To the stripper that got pregnant by Drake tonight: I hate you, you lucky ass bitch..

I hope Drake is so happy about the Raptors that he decides to retire from public life..

chance the rapper covering drake’s feel no ways (bbc radio 1 live lounge).

Listen if the Raptors can win the NBA Finals with Drake by they side. I know it’s the year for curses to be broken, Messi will win the Copa America 2019. Save this tweet!!.

Not using drake lyrics as captions is like that scene from Bandersnatch when he actively defies your choice lol.

Congrats @Raptors !! We all knew drake was sucking all the luck around the world to give it all to you to win this Championship! #WeTheNorth.

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