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Central problem -if as DC said, he had no symptoms and his wife didn’t have Covid symptoms, why go to Durham in such haste? -if neither were sure they had Covid, it wasn’t an exceptional circumstance- so no travel. - if they suspected Mrs C had Covid-was against rules to travel.

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Gordo ()

@LouiseRawAuthor @metpoliceuk Literally the first thing he did up in County Durham was get daddy to phone the local old bill demanding enhanced

Frances Bell ()

Here’s an idea! How about using Cummings contacts in Durham March/April as test case for the Test, Track and Trace system

Padraic Ryan ()

An anti-malarial treatment is mooted as possible cure for a fatal disease. Though in this case it was disinformation, propaganda spread to damage the population of an enemy during WWII. On @PWEpropagandist blog, James Smith observes modern-day parallels:

Jason Haden ()

The government is announcing plans to lock and unlock by region. This will be trialled starting with Islington, the A1, Durham and Barnard Castle and will retroactively apply from late March The trial has already been declared a complete success.

Steve Bamlett 🌈 🌹 🐕 ()

Still defending the indefensible @RicHolden in North West Durham

Durham Regional Police ()

Police are searching for a missing 36-year-old vulnerable male who was last seen leaving his Ajax residence last Thursday. If VIGNARAJAH or the vehicle are located, please contact local police service, in Durham call 1-888-579-1520. News Release -

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Lewis Goodall ()

Central problem -if as DC said, he had no symptoms and his wife didn’t have Covid symptoms, why go to Durham in such haste? -if neither were sure they had Covid, it wasn’t an exceptional circumstance- so no travel. - if they suspected Mrs C had Covid-was against rules to travel.

Dan Bongino ()

Ex-Whitewater Prosecutor Predicts Durham Probe Will Spark Indictments

Will Black ()

Given that @BorisJohnson is so scared of Dominic Cummings, he is trying to bury the info from the security services that would prove the witnesses right. But one way to force disclosure could be a private class action prosecution by those struck by Covid in County Durham

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Lord Sedge ()

@andy_a_79 @EssexPR Do you live on the way to Durham? Hoping for a lift from a friend 😜

George Papadopoulos ()

In case any disinformation begins to come out regarding my case, remember the simple fact that the Durham probe became criminal in nature ONLY after a meeting with Italian officials about Joseph Mifsud. Focus on the foreign side to the operation now. That’s where the action is.

Ed simons ()

How can travelling to Durham when you have Covid be consistent with the “overwhelming aim of stopping the spread of the virus and saving lives. That doesn’t make sense.

Bernard McEldowney ()

You willing to also defend #DominicCumnings SECOND illegal visit to Durham during the #lockdown ?? Your position is now untenable You must also resign. You have tarnished your reputation and your office

Eater ()

“Don’t sit there and tell me you have a family core concept, and the first thing you do is don’t take care of the family.” — Sara Fearrington, a server at a Waffle House in Durham

S Murphy ()

Should Dominic Cummings resign after allegedly breaking lockdown rules? DEFINITELY NOT

James Ball ()

Just making sure this doesn’t get lost: Number 10 is effectively – during a national emergency caused by a global pandemic – on-the-record accusing a police force of lying. They are directly contradicting Durham Constabulary’s statement.

Chris Austin. #FBPE❤️🇪🇺#staysafe ()

Cummings traveled to Durham breaking lockdown regulations early visit his parents, while he had Covid-19 symptoms. Confirmed by police. HE MUST RESIGN OR BE SACKED IMMEDIATELY! 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

Colin Brazier 🇬🇧🇪🇺🌈 #proeu ()

Anyone else think it odd that Durham Police had to explain the lockdown rules to the bloke who wrote them ?

Groß Liga ()

@CHIZMAGA He offered to resign, but POTUS would not accept. Remember that Sessions put Durham on the case.

David Hallstrom ()

@MannyOnMLB Merkle, Durham, Denkinger. The history of the game is littered with them.

Laurent Dubois ()

Wow. They did a Durham move in Martinique, but with an abolitionist:

The Laird ()

Dominic Cummings journey from London to Durham investigated by Police . The propaganda minister for Johnson has to resign immediately. Less mileage travvelled has caused the CMO in Scotland her job .

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Glyn rugman ()

Government announce that anyone arriving in UK must self-isolate for 2 weeks unless that are going to Durham. #COVIDー19 #DominicCummins

Doddsy ()

@piersmorgan @BorisJohnson I’m in Durham. My parents live in Durham and my dad died on April 28th as a result of COVID19. I didn’t think I could get more angry than I already was. But

Neil Macfarlane ()

[email protected]’s source is Durham Police, and they are on record. Who is @bbclaurak’s source and why are they not on record? Which bit of the guidelines says it’s ok to travel 280 miles with Coronavirus symptoms?

John Bull ()

Why would we be shocked at revelations that Gollum Cummings broke #lockdown rules to travel to Durham? His boss Johnson broke same rules to go from hospital straight to his second home at Chequers. His boss’s dad ran off to his holiday home in Devon. Do as we say; not as we do.

George Papadopoulos ()

It’s my understanding that there are hit pieces about me coming soon trying to say I “made up the story about Mifsud” Fact: the Durham probe became a criminal probe ONLY after a trip to Italy to learn about Mifsud and who was handling him as he met me. Keep focused.

Tom Fitton ()

BREAKING: New Strzok doc opening spy op against @RealDonaldTrump shows Durham and Barr right to question predicate for spying on presidential campaign! This doc was finally declassified, thanks to @JudicialWatch.

Kyle Griffin ()

Almost immediately after Mueller closed his investigation, Barr huddled with the prosecutor he assigned to re-examine the Russia probe — in a series of meetings previously unknown. Barr met at least 6 times with John Durham over a 10-week period in 2019.

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