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Q: What do Chris Scott and Dustin Martin’s father have in common? A: Both can’t make it to a Grand Final..

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Left Quad/thigh injury for Richmond’s Dustin Martin. Blunt trauma/knee to quad. Brings worry for quad contusion (bruise). Able to RTP after treatment. #AFLFinals #AFLTigersCats.

Q: What do Chris Scott and Dustin Martin’s father have in common? A: Both can’t make it to a Grand Final..

AFL finals 2019, Richmond Tigers vs Geelong Cats: Dustin Martin injury #AFL: A fortnight after kicking six goals, Tigers superstar Dustin Martin appears well below his best — and the Cats are the big.

They taught him how to meditate, how to eat properly, how to be an adult. 🙏👏🧠💛🖤 Dustin Martin comes of age but crocodilian menace remains #gotiges.

@bwolpe @USSC Dustin Martin like form with the ball from 27 and 44 - all big occasion players..

Idea: oversized cat carrier at the MCG so that Dustin Martin’s ex-con dad can watch the game in Australia #AFLFinals #AFLCatsTigers.

BT to Dustin Martin #: “Can we have a word, Dusty?” *Dusty shakes head vigorously* 😂 #AFLTigersCats.

Looks like Dustin Martin is in the grand final, after Dusty Martin beat Geelong all by himself . How many times do we need to refer to Dusty Martin #AFLTigersCats.

Not sure what it is, but damn I hate Richmond. Just be cocky Dustin Martin #AFLTigersCats #AFLFinals.

Dustin Martin was more impactful on the bench than Dangerfield has been on the field this half 😂 #AFLFinals.

@GeelongCats Excuse me Chris Scott,but has Dustin Martin got a infectious disease, not allowed to be touched, surely you can asign a tagger to him. Lack of planning make someone wholly responsible for him..

I don’t like it that my woman creams herself over Dustin Martin. He’s mine babe.

If there was a Finals MVP for #afl Dustin Martin would already have it wrapped up #AFLTigersCats.

I’d rather be one on one in open space with Ivan Milat than Dustin Martin #AFLTigersCats.

Hey @7AFL, we don’t give a fuck if Dustin Martin is going off the ground when the ball is still in play #spell #AFLTigersCats.

For a second straight preliminary final, Dustin Martin is clearly sore. This is what happened. #AFLFinals #AFLTigersCats.

How is it I’ve been telling Geelong supporters all week that Dustin Martin would single handedly embarrass their club and here he is playing like shite. Just like last week when I said we would put Geelong to shame at the G. I needa keep my mouth closed.

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The Tigers are banged-up physically - and feeling some pain on the scoreboard too. Are Geelong on the brink of a massive prelim boilover?.

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Dustin Martin = an absolute gutter grub, the spawn of an oxygen thief stain on society. Can admire his footy talents, but otherwise is an A grade flog #AFLTigersCats #AFLFinals.

You know you’re fucked when you’re Dustin Martin and your kick is massively smothered #AFLTigersCats.

Look away now Richmond The Cats have kicked the last five goals and Dustin Martin is hobbling off the ground! 😳 #AFLTigersCats.

Dustin Martin on the bench looking like he could kill a man with a pair of #AFLTigersCats.

Is it just me or is Dustin Martin a protected species from the umpires?? #AFLTigersCats.

I’m sorry. But Dustin Martin looks like a lizard 🦎 #AFLTigersCats #AFLFinals.

Shivers down my spine reading this. Sports journalism of the highest order 👏🏾 #AFLFinals.

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